Wednesday 3 February 2016

Guest Gino Algonso with Thinking Straight Movie

Gino Algonso is asking for help to raise money so he can make Robin Reardon’s book Thinking Straight into a movie.

I am raising funds to help finance a very important film based on the popular gay teen novel by Robin Reardon. We need money to hire an award winning group of actors and crew alike. Find out more about Taylor Adams and his quest to hold onto his faith and be himself at and

Thinking Straight by Robin Reardon
Published 1st May 2008 by Kensington
Young Adults, Coming of Age, Romance

When he is shipped off to Straight to God, an institution devoted to ''deprogramming'' troubled teenagers, Taylor Adams learns valuable lessons in love, courage, rebellion, and betrayal in a place where piety is a mask for cruelty and the greatest crimes go.

Writer producer director Gino Algonso also has this …. 

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