Thursday 10 March 2016

Flashback Thursday

A unedited excerpt from my Christmas story that is coming out this year

Christmas At Home ǀ ©2015 Bronwyn Heeley

“Fu—ank’s Hell!” Jessy threw out his hands as the lights flickered off. Everything was coming up peered shaped and he really wished there weren’t little cubs running around so that he could blow off some steam in the traditional holiday way of swearing up a storm.
“What’s up now?” Amber sighed as she settled herself heavily into the lounge. Jessy lost himself in watching as she shifted and tried to settle herself. The further into the pregnancy the longer it took her to get comfortable.
“The effing storm. What the hell are we meant to do with turkey without electricity?”
“Not have turkey. Really Jessy it’s not like it’s our guy’s favourite meat.”
“And we’re bears, wouldn’t a nice roasted Salmon have been better?”
“Where’s Teddy?”
Jessy rolled his eyes, “God I hate that you call him that.” and that you disregarded everything he ever said, because he was in a swing on this Christmas stress.
“Outside,” Tommy said as he ran around the house naked. It wasn’t unexpected, the kid was among family and that meant that he was allowed to be in whatever form he wanted. At least for the time being.
“Wait-What? What the hell’s he doing outside?” Jessy rushed to the window, the snow coming out looked more like a sheet covering up the window then snow.
Tommy shrugged.
“He’s gone to get some more wood, honey.” Ted’s mother said from Jessy’s left.
“Oh, don’t worry ‘bout him, Jess, I’m sure he’ll be home in a moment. It’s not like he’s never been out in a snow storm before.”
“Yeah,” he nodded, his sister was probably right, there was nothing to worry about.
The lights flickered again and something in Jessy’s head went with it, heat ticked along with it and didn’t got away when the lights settled, on.
“Urgh!” good fucking riddance. If he drowns himself in snow at least it will leave the kids with only one person they could love the most. “Urgh!” maybe he should go out and get him. There was too much to risk in being out in the snow, bear or no bear.
Though the worse was the bastard would find himself a hole and go to sleep. It wasn’t like the big lug would fight his bear’s body to hibernate. Not in that type of situation.
So even if he didn’t come back, it wouldn’t be too bad, he’ll roll up and let it pass and then come home.
Which means the arse would have missed Christmas. Bet he did it on purpose just so he wouldn’t have to be here. Wished up a fucking snow storm so Jessy would have to deal with everything on his own while he gets to have a lovely nap.
Jessy picked up knife and started chopping the vegetables again, his arm was strong and clearly taking out his aggression on the root vegetable rather than hitting, anything, really.
Why did everything have to fall on his shoulders? Why did he have to be the one that did everything while everyone just puttered around thinking everything was okay? What would they be like if nothing happened, if he just picked his shit up and went for a lie down?

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