Tuesday 12 April 2016

Everything’s in Catch-Up

Got first word of the McGee novel, which was that the start worked. Which I’m over the moon about. I just hope the ending matches it. I would love to be able to just do a read through to tighten everything up before sending it off to edits. Though I’m not really sure when this will actually get to, but the sooner its with her the more likely I am to get it out  in time.

This week I’m getting over my “finish book” mode. I’m going to be writing out my Birthday Shorts. This will also come with an ebook giveaway a day and will end with my next book coming out

I need to do a gallery read of An Alphas World: Taking A Stand.

And then we need to get the website details ready, making sure we have all the information we need and want up for our opening. Along with all the pre-made art. So I’m dealing with all that stuff too. Which is fun as I get to make some new cover art. Mostly because nothing old is going up on the site, not unless I’ve had another shot. I’m also watermarking it all as well as putting them in collections. I think it would work better that way. but who knows, maybe not. Really I’m just reorganising the whole pre-made cover fold.

Basically a whole lot of little things. Plus an anthology paperback is one story away from getting put for sale which is going to be awesome and a giveaway for the site I believe.

And that’s what’s going on in my week, what about you??

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