Thursday 14 April 2016

Pick Me A Book ǀ Guarding January

What’s this? This is me realising I’ve not really done any reading in the last six months. this is me realising, though I’m not a novel reader I have over 3 hundred sitting in my TBR pile, and that’s just in one part on my iPad not mentioning the two others places they sit or those on my book shelves.

I want to read more and not just novels, because as many of those I have, I have about doubled that of novellas and short stories. But this isn’t about them, this is about the fact that I can only really expect myself to be able to read 1 novel a week, and that’s where you come in.

Since I have so many I want you guys to be a part of the fun. I’ll give you five and you can pick which one you want me to read, and then next week I’ll do a review. This week it’ll be written, but if you wish for me to record my review just tell me and I’ll brave it out for you guys

Please have fun with my review (fair warning, I’m not great at them) and at the end, you’ll see the books and rules.
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The one thing I love about a Sean Michael books is the…predictability to them. I’m not talking about the plot, because to me Sean does that well it’s just that they aren’t a huge worked up thing, it’s about….The plot isn’t what I find is predictable, I’m not saying it in a snide way. I love Sean books; they are my comfort reads, why? Because
  1. You are always going to get two people (or more) who will mesh well, and who have steamy chemistry. 
  2. You know they will find their stride. That they will change, mesh, and work out what’s needed in order to get them to couple hood 
  3. It is all about the characters 
  4. Sex – I know, but it’s a thing
One of the things I love about the sex in a Sean book is that it’s not important. And it is. But it’s written in a way that it’s needed but just say you can’t be bothered reading the 5th session for whatever reason you know you can skip to the end and nothing major will have happened between that time. It means you can pick and choice how to read a Sean book at any given moment. And I love that.

And yeah more a history in the author than anything else, but these are the things I love and am looking for every time I pick up a Sean book or re-read one. And I do it a lot (remember comfort read). There has only been 1 set of books that I have not been to read and that’s because I wanted to punch the MC in the face (and have told Sean as much, lol)

This book is no exception to what I spoke of first.

Guarding January is about, well, the relationship between Jeff and LJ (who is one and the same). It’s slow where the relationship is concerned with Rye. I say this because we were just under half way when the first sex scene happened, and it wasn’t penetrative. It’s a love story where Rye and Jeff are concerned and a discovering who you are as opposed to who you’ve always been for Jeff.

(There might be a reason I stopped doing reviews)

The story is about Rye going to be a 24/7 bodyguard to LJ aka Lord January who had just come out of rehab for drug use. he’s meant to keep him safe from himself which isn’t an easy thing to do. it’s about all the things that I said above. About finding himself. And finding love. He also is one kid who has a whole lot of crap landing on him. I thought, for so many reasons, it was a little too much. I get it. It made sense. But it also would have worked if at least one of those things didn’t happened. I know I know, but it just seemed a lot of crap.

I really enjoyed the book, giving it 5 stars on goodreads. It’s got good side characters, to a point, which you see enough, but not all that much. I wasn’t upset when I learnt news about one of the characters that I know if written by someone else I would have been in tears right along with the MC. However, like I’ve said, though Sean is very MC driven. It’s not a bad thing, I’m not sure my heart would have dealt well with that much shared heartache. But another reason I love Sean’s book is that even though there is a little angst it’s not a type of story that will make you want to rip out your heart and hand it over.

It’s was definitely worth the read and made me want to get back into reading.

SIDE NOTE: one of my friends, who is also my reading buddy, isn’t as much a Sean Michael fan as I am. A few reason as the same as why I love reading Sean. She actually told me, months ago, that this was a MUST READ. She said she loved it. Was one the better Sean stories and that I HAD to drop everything and read it!

Of course this meant that I couldn’t, I’m not sure why but whenever she gives me a MUST read I tend to just have it sitting there, waiting for the moment that I need an awesome book to read.

Anyway, just a titbit I thought might help the people who don’t love the same things I do about Sean’s books. This one is good. It’s worth it.


  • Comment on the book you think I should read 
  • The one with the most comments wins 
  • On Thursday, I’ll do something with the book in question. A review. An impression. A video review, if you have a preference then please add that in your comments

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