Thursday 28 April 2016

Pick Me A Book

so this is the first attempt at what I want this blog to look like. the angle isn't the best, the quality worse but honestly with the second it probably wont change until after July when I can afford myself a new computer. though I do hope you enjoy
Quick Note: I was going to have this uploaded to YouTube but...haven't and so it's done in the event that you'd watch it over there more then here for the first time :)
I'll do better next time, but enjoy

  • Comment on the book you think I should read
  • The one with the most comments win
  • On Thursday, I’ll do something with the book in question. A review. An impression. Something a big different but about the book – I feel this might not be the same thing ever week (am trying to talk myself into doing a video chat about it)


  1. I'm in two minds which book to choose, more so because I know you don't care for cowboys.... I'm going to have to pick Upside Down by Andrew Grey....

    1. Lol. I was hoping for this one so I'm not going to complain ;)