Friday 10 June 2016

Happy Birthday to Me ǀ April’s Day

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Surprises are not my Friend

Yes, you heard that right. I’m not good with surprises even those that aren’t for me. I’ve heard people say, “I love surprise”. To those people I say, “Shut up!” Just recently, Bronwyn and I had this conversation:

Bronwyn: My family says they have a surprise for my birthday. It’s got to be something big because they all went in together.
Me: What do you think it is? (What I’m thinking: A surprise! I must know immediately or it’s going to drive me crazy.)
Bronwyn: No clue.
Me:….(Well shit)

A lifetime goes by before she tells me what it is. And I want to add something here. Bronwyn might be on the other side of the world from me but distance isn’t an obstacle for either one of us. Neither is the 14 hour time difference. We find a way to talk at least 4 times a week, usually more than that. We also skype on a regular basis.

But I digress. It did seem like sssooooo long before she finally told me what the surprise was. (It was probably just a week or two). I get this picture, when I wake up, of a card type thing that says Bronwyn is going on a trip. By the time I finally know, I’m as excited as she is and I’m making weird faces at the computer screen. I demanded pictures almost immediately.

My response to any surprise whether for me or someone else, is why I dislike Christmas. Even when I’m the one giving a surprise, especially to my children, I just cannot do it.

It always goes something like this:
Me: I got you something
The Kidlet: What?
Me: Not gonna tell you. You’re gonna have to wait. Five minutes later (By this time I’m holding my breath with pent up anxiety/excitement): Okay, it’s that game/xbox/computer/pretty dress/etc you’ve been wanting.

I think you get my point. Anyone else have this problem with surprises? Or am I the only weirdo in the world.

Seriously though, Bronwyn, I enjoyed pictures from your trip very much. Thank you for satisfying my need to live vicariously through you. And I’m so very glad you had a good time. Happy Birthday!

Crash by April Kelley
(Demon Elite #1)
Published 1st of January 2016 with eXtasy Books
120 pages ǀ heat 4
Contemporary Action Romance

Love and danger aren’t supposed to go hand in hand.

Elijah wants to go back to his old life. He never realized just how well his mother kept the rest of his crazy family out of his life until she was gone. His extended family has descended on him like the plague, and now he’s in some deep trouble—trouble he can’t get out of, no matter how hard he tries.

Crash Morgan is the guy his boss sends when someone needs to get assassinated. Sometimes the best thing for society is to eliminate the worst that humanity has to offer, and Crash is very good at doing that. When he’s sent to interrogate Elijah Spade, he’s a bit out of his element. Talking to the suspect isn’t exactly where he excels. Even worse, Crash feels protective of Elijah.


How to Enter

TITLE ©2016 by April Kelley

TAKING A STAND by Bronwyn Heeley
A Paranormal Erotic BDSM Romance, release date 21st of June 2016


  1. I actually LOVE surprises! lol


  2. LOL! I do not have any problem with surprises, but I do have the same problem with you when I have a present for someone... I just can't keep it a secret for more than two minutes...