Saturday 11 June 2016

Happy Birthday to Me ǀ Day 5

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Little Steps
John and Mita from Outside Sanity

John stepped out of the corridor he’d been standing in for longer than he’d admit. He kept telling himself it wasn’t scary but his feet wouldn’t move. Until they did.
The space was huge. Clean. Minimal. He wasn’t sure what he was expecting but this wasn’t it.
He lingered, not sure of his welcome, even after his mate assured him again and again.
John stepped forward, bring Mita in view. He stood still, staring at the big alien filling out a large chair that seemed to sit above the stars. He couldn’t get over how beautiful it all was. How he could see it now for the beauty it was.
Mita’s chair swirled around and it took everything in John not to step back.
His eyes scanning the area, did he know John was there? Possible. Because he found him. Found him and smiled a smile that was only for John. It lit up his face. Made John’s heart beat and his own lips pull up in a smile to match.
It was natural. Real. Home.

 (Encounter Space #2)
Published 11th of January 2016 with BonyDee Press
8,822 words ǀ heat 1
Science Fictions Romance

Trading one master for another or that’s what it seems to John but can there be more to this space ship than meets the eye?

John life was nothing but masters and pain. He couldn’t remember life any other way and didn’t believe it was ever going to change. Mita, however, has other plans, if only he can get the human to believe he’s truly free.

Warning: No Sexual Penetration


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Little Steps ©2016 by Bronwyn Heeley

TAKING A STAND by Bronwyn Heeley
A Paranormal Erotic BDSM Romance, release date 21st of June 2016


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