Sunday 17 July 2016

Sorta Read Last Week

There is a hope that I will soon be able to make up for the lost time and show you the books I’ve read and or bought through the spear time. but honestly it’s just too much hard work for a computer that isn’t wanting to be working, but I feel I need to start blogging again and so here I am, trying my best to start again.

Mostly in the break, I’ve read 90% of the Hammer series by Sean Michael, yep all those novels, which isn’t the best as I have a whole heap but instead of reading them, I bought new ones and read those instead.

I have also caught up on the Wolves of Stone Ridge and all spin-offs by Charlie Richards, which was 5 books, some I liked more than most. Now I’m heading into a slow re-read of the rest of the series while I try and catch up on the huge amounts of stuff I’ve got to do. Honestly I don’t have time for recreational reading, which is makes re-reading a much easier option

I know there must be a few random books in between and I also know I’ve done some beta reading, but I can’t truly remember them.

Anyway, that’s all I have for today, I’ll try my best to get either a new version or to just continue with the old way. I’m not sure yet but honestly with my computer how it is now I’m not able to do that type of thing.

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