Thursday 11 August 2016

Unread But Over Represented

This is a book chat thingy from a vlogger I follow and I thought it might be fun to see what mine was like. I went with 5 books plus and came away with 38 authors

So I’ll start with the most and work my way down

1.      Andrew Grey, he has a whopping 29 books on my shelf. Mostly it’s because he writes novels and I generally don’t read them, but I love his work and therefore buy everything he releases and am slowly working on his backlist

2.      Amy Lane, who again, love what I’ve read of hers and keep on buying her new releases. However like Andrew, she writes novels, she also has a habit of writing angst which, even though I wouldn’t mind reading, I tend to just skip because I don’t want to read something that heavy (27 books)

3.      Silvia Violet, who has 21 books, which honestly was a surprise to me, and makes me think that I truly need to get into a Violet mood and read a bunch of them. because I can’t see why I’ve got that many waiting

4.      At 19 is Mary Calmes, mostly this has gotten large do to sales and such which has me buying a lot of her books, however though I’ve liked what I’ve read so far I don’t know how rushed I man to get this backlist down

5.      TA Chase is another like the above, I’ve gotten her books on a whim or through sales though I’ve only read what’s in anthologies and though I have plans on reading them all I’m not sure how rushed I am to get there

6.      Is a shared spot with KC Wells and slightly Parker Williams & Shannon West.  The first is a series, the Cuff and Collar if I’m not mistaken, I have it all sitting there waiting. I’m constantly told to hurry and read them but haven’t been able to find the time to get into a full obsession – there are a few more that’s added to the total from KC Wells which hold the same value. Shannon on the other hand is because I’ve bought a couple of bundles by her (12 books)

7.      Talia Carmichael, this is because a friend thinks I’d love her, and I have read 1 series, however I went on a bit of a spree which upped the total (11 books)

8.      Another shared on with Mercy Celeste & BG Thomas, honestly for most of the same reason, and not so. BG’s I got through sales mostly and just having been able to get the time to read, Mercy’s is because until recently if she put a book into ARe you bought it or lose the opportunity (10) – oh I missed on, SA Welsh, but I’d be repeating myself as her’s is due to her books being awesome and me not having time

9.      This is the number of books and has a few, most, again, though sales such as Charlie Cochet, Kim Fielding & SJD Peterson, this isn’t to say I don’t like them, or having read them, just that the reason it’s so large is from sales mostly. Rick R Reed is because I just can’t seem to stop myself

10.  Keri Author & Jamie Cox is mostly that there books have piled up and I’ve always decided to read something else (8 books)

11.  These are ones I don’t believe I’ve actually read anything by them but I want to, apparently a lot, lol John Goode, John Inman & AC Katt (7 books)

12.  And this one is the same, as I know I’ve only read one of these authors before. Jamie Fessenden, Brenda Cothern, Jordan L Hawk, Erin M Leaf, TJ Klune, Victoria Sue, Lou Sylvre, Brandon Witt & the one who read Meredith Russell (6 books)
13.  Lastly these ones are more about the months piling up and I’ve just not gotten to them yet, Posy Roberts, Kira Stone, Damon Suede, Shira Anthony, Charley Descoteaux, Eli Easton & Jacob Z Flores – ok, some of those I haven’t even read 1 books from (5 books)

And that’s it’s with my over represented what’s yours??

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