Moonlit Wolves #6

Finally free, can Dan make the right decision, not only to keep himself alive, but to keep the man he loves?

Running for his life, in the literal sense, Daniel never thought he’d run into his ex-lover, the one he’d walked away from, forever, but that’s exactly what happens—or is it more Gene running into him?
As Gene tries to catch Dan and get him to realise they are better together rather than apart, he’s got to battle a very real enemy—one that’s been chasing them from the beginning.
Maybe it’s time to end this. Maybe it’s the time to show Dan what he needs to see by standing beside him and showing him he’s willing to do anything for the man he loves.
But this is only the start. Let’s just hope they’re pointing themselves in the right direction.

Note: it’s highly recommended that you read this series in order

The Rub of My Werewolf by Bronwyn Heeley
(Moonlit Wolves #6)
Published 15th of June 2014 by extasybooks
Paranormal Romance, 4 heat, m/m
Cover Art by Cameron Waters
Gene & Dan’s story ǀ word count: 13,799

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(these are designed to be read by an 18+ ordinance)

Official Excerpt

 Dan’s heart stilled as he came to an abrupt stop at the road. His head was spinning so fast, he wasn’t sure if what he was seeing was truth or if he thought he needed another challenge to end his fucked up night.
    His head hurt from exhaustion and his lungs burnt. He needed water in the worst way and thought this was where he was going to be able to get it.
    What he realised, now was how fucked the idea was, but more so, how he hadn’t known that this house had suddenly and vibrantly became occupied.
    The last Dan had seen of the area was a dull heap of concrete and bricks, but was now something to live in—something to show off and it seemed that’s exactly what the occupants were doing.
    People stood around the front of the house, loud words ringing in the air, making a mockery of Dan’s solitude. His heart ached a little, wanting to be up there, among those people, which was odd, since he’d never cared for large crowds in the first place.
    There was just something seductive about the group as if they would take Dan into their arms and accept him for whom he was, and not for what he could bring to the table. He’d only felt like that once before, when Gene had pulled him up close and kissed him like he was just a person, someone he wanted up close and personal for no other reason than because it was a nice place for him to be.
    Pulling himself away from his own stupidity, Dan looked behind him, knowing he wasn’t going to be able to see anyone even if Marty’s men were there. He just had to hope the last hour of the tour, that the guide had detoured them enough that Dan would be able to cut across the property, with a short break, and then into the cabin without them coming close.
    Dan knew once he was in his gran’s cabin, as long as no one saw him, he’d be safe and that no one would know he was there.
    This was before the house became a welcome home spot and Dan was left with the thought that he’d have to get to the cabin and pray to everything in the universe and beyond that, that there was actually working facilities. He wasn’t hopeful.
    Taking in a deep breath, Dan took a step forward, looked both ways, noticing a car, but it didn’t seem to have anyone in it, most likely because they were up at the house. A slice of relief settled in his gut at the one good thing that happened all day.
    Crossing the road, he quickly stumbled under the wired fence, getting caught slightly, a puff of noise coming out of him when he hit the ground hard. He lay there silently for a moment. He wanted to say he stayed there because he thought someone might have heard him, but he knew he was lying. He just couldn’t get his limbs moving again this quickly.
    Untangling his pants he was stupidly thinking about the fact that someone really needed to look into the fencing around the property, not only because of the hazard, but also because of how easily he’d gained access.
    Dan shook off the thought since he could end up thinking himself around the bends just to have words echo through his head. Fuck, he missed Gene. The man would talk underwater with a cock blocking his throat. Dan smiled, as he turned himself around to look everywhere just to make absolutely sure no one saw him.
    He nodded as he crouched down. No one was looking, and no one was going to look. It wasn’t as if they were expecting anything scary to be crawling their way through the yard. These people were most likely, normal, and normal people went about their lives with a smile and a cheer because they were able to look at a shadow and be sure it was just that, and not something to get chills over, because even if it wasn’t where it was before, it meant someone was watching.
    It took Dan a long while to start moving again, or at least that’s what it felt like as his muscles locked down hard refusing to allow him to get up. Physically shaking was what finally got him in motion again. Fast and low, he made his way around the hill on which the house stood.
    Hair rose up along his back. Dan wasn’t sure where to look for the source of unease that tingled his fingers and made his heart beat up against his eardrums. The feelings of unease sort of swirled around him as he made himself move faster, more efficiently across the clipped grass, wishing for those days when it was overgrown to give him some place to hide. In this darkness, he felt unsafe, exposed, like a live wire waiting to be noticed.
    Maybe that was where everything was coming from, the fact that walls weren’t surrounding him, hiding out. Instead, he was knee deep in someone else’s shit just painted in his colours. Everything ached as Dan pushed himself forward, over the grass, against the soft hill, with cooling air ripping apart his throat, and the chill as if something ominous waited on the horizon.
    Suddenly, something hit him coming out of the darkness and running straight into him. It didn’t take long for Dan to know it wasn’t a bullet, but rather a man tackling him off to one side. The heat and smell covered him as his attacker’s thick arms twisted them so Dan ended up landing on a thick chest.
    Alarm bells went off inside him, trying to get his attention, trying to tell him something important, but Dan didn’t have time to listen.
    Curling his leg around a thick thigh, he turned himself over, taking his attacker with him, pulling him off guard, or at least giving himself an advantage. One of Dan’s arms fought for freedom, feeling for the knife from inside his boot.
    They fought, each trying to take control as voices and noises battled just outside his hearing. Dan kept chanting one thing—fight. Fight or your dead.

Foot Notes
Hmm.. what can I say about this one.

I hated Gene and Dan, they spent so much time telling me they’d be such an easy book to writing that I wasn’t able to see the downside with it.

Gene hold a mouth like mine. He is more of that talker in me, and I say this in the same way that he talks – you’ll get it, not a lot of on the page dialogue because most of the shit coming outta his mouth is just that, lol

I struggled for so long with this book, easily getting it up to 10k and then coming to a complete stop. I wasn’t sure why it was happening, why it wasn’t working.
It wasn’t until I decided to scrap it all and start over again that I realised Dan in the first time round was the Dan he wished he could be, not the one he was. Or maybe that’s not fair, maybe it was more the Dan we would have seen that first time they were together if he hadn’t had to rush home to his gran.
So what I’m basically saying is that Dan was a fantasy he wanted in reality, only reality is that none of what was happening, happened.

So I scrap it and within a week, I believe, this book came to light.
Not all the info is there, that people might like, but I have plan for later in the series that will need Dan and will need that little cottage he has. Though if you have read them small conclusion will come from the end of this series arc in book 7, if not 9, we’ll see…

Now, I have a lovely woman who reviews my work and might help you decide if you want to continue with this series or move on.

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