Sunday, 14 August 2011

book review (burning wild)

(read: 14/Aug/11)
      Burning Wild

    Prod dets
Leopard People series, book 2
Pub: 2009, the Berkely Publishing group US
Author: Christine Feehan
Cat: paranormal romance (shapeshifters)
Format: paperback (mid); 472 pp w/ 20 chapters
Whose: Jake & Emma
Age Range: adults

Bred by capricious parents for his innate leopard-shifting ability, billionaire Jake Bannaconni has spent his life in an emotional vacuum—especially after a tragic twist of fate has left him to raise his infant son alone. But when his path crosses that of an enigmatic woman, Jake’s life takes a detour he could never have predicted.
There is something irresistible about Emma Reynolds—something Jake can’t live without. She’s the first human to stir something in him he’s never felt before, so he hires her as his son’s nanny to keep her close. It soon becomes apparent that she may not be all that she seems, yet what’s raging between them is pure animal instinct—out of control, burning wild and as hot as the lick of a flame.

      my Thoughts (review)
This book has it all, a lost man who’s never been a boy. A woman who lost everything but a man she never new, or does she...?  Children. Hot body rubbing against body. Crushing that was never going anywhere and animal natures that win out no matter how hard you hit them.
It’s a great book, not only in the two main characters, or the humans around, the drama that is living with him, but we also meet three other leopard people, one that was injured in a previous book, so we get to learn a little more about them, which is always good when the next book comes out—or at least I like the ones that give you more history about people before their books come into play, but then I’m more about the people, and reading because of them, then I ever really am about the book.
So this one was nice, longer history threw it, or history, starting from his birth and working his way through until the man he is, the weeks it takes him to get what he really wants, and to see the type of man he really is, rather than what he thinks himself to be.
Anyway, this book wasn’t all that bad, something chase in the side of child abuse, I thought, even though he held that hate for himself, I have read a lot worse books. This one at least focused more about him as a man waking up, than him as he was. But yes, this book is more about him, Jake, honestly he’s the book, Emma, is just the woman that opened him up.

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