Friday, 26 August 2011

Planning Sept

(and the week or so I have left of August)

Okay, so if you haven't already figured out I have like 15 books waiting to be read. which is a lot, I've also have an order coming in with two books (that will be delivered to me) and one that I've just sent off to get a book shop to order than in for me. plus I - just today (because I have no impulse control) got 5 more books
they are: 
  • Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers. which happens to be book two in her Personal Demon series, (so obviously I have just sent a email to get that one ordered), YA
  • Siren's Storm by Lisa Papademetrious, which is a stand alone, and YA
  • Night's Edge. this is adults (I think) and has three short stories by Charlaine Harris, Maggie Shayne & Barbara Hambly
  • Dark of the Moon & Come the Night by Susan Kriard, adults, these are of the same series, book 2 & 3, I have book one already.
so I have 24 books to read, and so I'm dedicating September to reading books. why the hell  not it's not like I'm doing all that great in writing anything, seriously I was writing one book and I got two pages more done and than an idea came into my head on how I can fix up any other book I'm writing and I tried to ignore it, but instead I started writing that book in the book I was writing, a page of shit, that's what happened.

so, it's Sept about reading, and so... a lot of book reviews will come threw, maybe not as much as like one after ever book, but there will be a shit load of them, and so... when you read this again, just look in the BOOK SHELF, at the list of books I'm about the give you and that's where the review will be. at least it will be easier than flipping threw all my latest post, since I do a lot and have this set this way.
  though saying this, Sept will also have a short story, and a proposal, so look forward to them as well, I'm actually thinking about putting them in together because... no, the Short Story will be posted on the 3rd, the proposal, I'm thinking the 12th or something.

the list of books for September: Nightshade & Wolfsbane, Zombie vs. Unicorns, Beauty Queens, Forsaken, Vampire blood, Born at Midnight, the Dead Girl's Dance, Spellbound,Siren's Storm, Original Sins, Penguin's Vamp stories, Savage Nature, A Vampire Penance, Dark needs at night's edge, Kiss of a Demon King, Demon from the Dark, Night's Edge, Dark of the Moon, Come the Night
waiting on: Claire De Lune & Nocturne by Christine Johnson
ordering: Wild Fire by Christine Feehan & Personal Demon by Lisa (see above)

oh, and by the way, its Daffodil day today! buy something from them and help.
talk like this at the end of my read-a-thon.

by the by, my clean-up post is what got pushed off the shelf when these ones came along, click here to see more.

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