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REVIEW, Lone Wolfe

Jacob....Master. Untamed. Protector.

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Lone Wolfe
Series: Bad Blood/Notorious Wolfes series
Pub: 2011, Mills & Boon (Harlequin) publishing
Author: Kate Hewitt
Cat: romance
Format: paperback (sma); 254 pp w/ 12 chapters
Whose: Jacob & Molly
Age Range: Adult                                            

After years of lying neglected, the walls of Wolfe Manor tremble as the master returns. Reputation in tatters, Jacob Wolfe licks his wounds alone.

When Molly Parker takes her tentative steps across the threshold, she brings with her the light missing from his darkened soul. The lone Wolfe will never be tamed—but she knows that once he loves, he loves for life.

     my Thoughts (review)
I don’t feel as if I can do a full review of this book. Mostly because I didn’t read the whole thing. hell, I picked up the book, flipped threw it a little and came up with a page—funny thing was, it was the sex scene and the way it was written it seemed that it was there first, though there had to have been some heavy sexual tension before it.

Well, instead of stopping my reading I read the book threw to the end so I got the whole, ‘oh shit, that’s the best I’ve ever had’, and the running, hiding, a show of softness and acceptance. This was mostly from him. Her, was all about making him love her when he doesn’t want to. You know, the normal shit when it comes to the main character being a male and the female who saves him.

What I got was it was about Jacob fixing up there family home (and it’s a fucked up family) and he hired the old gardeners daughter (maybe that wasn’t meant to happen, but that’s who she was) and she hates him from running away, because she’s friends with his sister, or maybe it was more because of her own family problems, I didn’t read this, only got it from what I did read. His full of grief and regret and disappointment in himself and she fixes that.

It seemed to me that this one was the last book, or the last brother to come from that family, but I could be wrong, what is it I really know, though I found that the lack of context in this book fucked around with it a little and made me not want to read the rest unless I read the first ones first. Or maybe more so because from the one book I have read Jacob isn’t the family member that I was interested in learning more about, so.... I think that I will pick it up again when I have more of them, because I like that shortness of the stories and the full body story that links all the authors together, though this might take a bit and I will update it when it comes.

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