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REVIEW, When Dogs Cry

Prod dets
When Dogs Cry
Series: --
Pub: 2001, Pan Macmillan Australia
Author: Markus Zusak
Cat: fiction
Format: paperback (mid); 204 pp w/ 20 chapters
Age Range: YA                                                   

‘You’re a bit of a lonely bastard, aren’t you?’ said Rube.
‘Yeah,’ I answered, ‘I guess I am’
 But Cameron Wolfe is hungry.
He’s sick of being the filthy, torn, half-smiling, half-scrowling underdog.
He’s finally met a girl.
He’s got words in his spirit.
And now he’s out to prove that there’s nothing more beautiful than an underdog who’s willing to stand up.

     my Thoughts (review)
First thought? Man, he talks a lot! Even though he says nothing out loud.  The next? That it’s very ladish Australian. And if you’re not sure what that is, it’s when guys and girls talk as if they don’t know how to put a word together proper (And I say it this was on purpose).

It’s written fully—I think—from memory of a past event. Him, Cam, looking back at a huge part of his life, the change maybe. He has this fantasy, to fall into some chicks soul.

I guess that’s it. It’s a long time to get to the point but then from what others have told me is a Zusak thing.  Its deeply meaningful, heartfelt, and so moving in so many different ways that if it was faster paced would be like a rollercoaster.

It was actually nice to read a ‘boy’ book written by a male, it’s the second time for me, the first being the Vampire Beach series (and I really liked that). It’s just nice to have that full look, that it’s not that much different than females, and yet....

It’s written in the first person. Cameron. And its centre around him, his two brothers Steve and Rube thought the latter more so. And Octavia, he’s girl who changes everything for him. Or maybe, just opened him to be what he’s always been. There’s notes about what happened I think there meant to be the ones he actually wrote and speaks about throughout the story.

It’s a really good book, if I didn’t make this clear. It was like...I don’t quite know, but though it was slow it’s so worth the read—like I’ve heard all his books are like.
Truly beautiful.

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On a quick note: it seems he has a series called, Wolfe Brothers, two of those stories seem to be the same, this book, really, or at least Cameron, so I’m not really sure what to expect, or what you should expect, maybe this one is a different name for the last book, in that trilogy, or the last, maybe it’s not. I don’t know.  but then I got into another one, and I see that there’s published the same shit and I’m confused, I’m not sure what’s going on, or where it’s sits.

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