Wednesday 22 February 2012

REVIEW, VAmpire Knight 1

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Vampire Knight vol 1
Pub: 2007, Chuang Yi
Story & Art: Matsuri Hino
Cat: *think about it*
Format: graphic novel, paperback; 1st Night to 5th Night
Age Range: YA
*english translation*

Her very first memory is filled with now, terror, blood and vampires. Menaced by a vampire and saved by another, she is an orphan who has been adopted by the chairman of a prestigious boarding school called Cross Academy. Meet Yuki, a spirited girl who adores her saviour, the dashing vampire called Kaname. Yuki’s friend, Zero, on the other hand, suffers from a bitter past and hates vampires to the core. What secrets lie behind his tortured eyes...?

   About the book......
A private boarding school, Cross Academy, has an elite batch of students called the Night Class...who are actually vampires!! Two Day Class students, Yuki and Zero, shoulder the burden of being ‘Academy Guardians’ that guard the Night Class secret. Yuki, a spirited girl, strived to do her best every day despite not having any memories of her life before she was five...Zero possesses a deep hatred for vampires but keeps his bitter past a secret from everyone around him...

What happens....we meet Yuki, Zero and Kananme, along with the history of why they were there and what bad crap happened.
We learn about the guardians (Yuki and Zero), it’s their job to keep the secret of the Night Class from the Day Class, and what really happened to Zero.

...okay, since this is the first in the series I think I should talk a little about it, though I really want to read the next one, and will probably get into the series BIG time, I’m still not fully sure about it yet. It’s more for the fact that I just....

First well talk about the drawing style. It’s fun, cute and detailed enough in the scene’s that needed it, that you got a good feel of it. it’s also dark, or maybe more so, it’s got that catch your throat type of feel to it, that makes you read it with more detail than you would normally read something. Like its heavy, even though it’s not go all that much in it. It’s the type of writing that’s laden with emotion even when there really isn’t many—or maybe that was just me.

It has light moment in it, and...just some things in it would make a lot more sense if you knew what age there meant to be. and I’m not talking about the vampires, since vampires are ever living, but Zero is....that’s where I find certain things odd, and I have this feeling that there meant to be the same age, and yet....I can’t put them like that, I feel like Zero is meant to be older than Yuki, but....?! I really don’t know. and it’s confusing, though I’m sure it will work itself out. Like I have said, it’s not really the type of thing you can really go off one volume with. So you will all have to bear with me (mostly ‘cause I suck at this shit), but also, I haven’t got enough information to go on at the moment, and unlike the last lot I read, I’m not reading this one with my sister. but I'll most likly be getting the next this week, maybe next, so it wont be long (there are 14 out in Australia at the moment, it won't take me long to catch up, just have to wait on money)

   When we continues....Tune in next time for the adventures coming up in volume two! Presenting ‘master Kaname and the buckets’ Crackle...ZRRR....fade out....

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