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REVIEW, Dreams of a Dark Warrior

An ancient tale of obsession and betrayal. And a powerful love that echoes throughout time...

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Dreams of a Dark Warrior
Series: Immortal After Dark series, book 9
Pub: 2011, Simon & Schuster
Author: Kresley Cole
Cat: Paranormal Romance
Format: paperback (mid); 515 pp w/ 59 chapters
Whose: Regin & Declan
Age Range: Adult

A millennium ago, Northman Aidan the Fierce lost his heart to the Valkyrie Regin the Radiant, but he was murdered before they could wed. Since then, he has been reborn again and again into different bodies, with no memory of the past, only an endless yearning...
But this time Aidan has returned as the brutal Declan Chase, a human soldier bent on exterminating all immortals – including Regin, the newest captive in his supernatural prison. Regin recognises her once-proud warrior lover, but he has become a twisted madman who tortured immortals to fulfil his vendetta against them.
Declan fixates on Regin, and her only hope of survival is to make him remember her – for his reincarnation comes at a terrible price: in every lifetime, each time her lover remembers his true self, he dies.
To save herself from Declan’s torture, can Regin rekindle the memories of the passion they shared, knowing that history will repeat itself, and he’ll be lost to her one more?

Wrote this 5/June/11
So first up, this... well I think it would have been different if I hadn’t chosen this book, the last of the already available to read. Being that she would have become better in her skill and her characters, this story even could have been a long time coming. So...yeah. It was really good though, something about a tortured man finding out how wrong he is... just, yeah. Love these kind of tormented character, ones that have more than one thing they have to work threw to get the girl. Not that in this story he hasn’t, it’s just another journey on their merry-go-round of life.
Regin the Radiant, god she’s a great character, seriously, even with all the crap that goes on threw this book. The punk she has inside her, and finding this reincarnation of her lover, being him an evil version on the man she may or may not love. though all in all, I do believe, with all the information that comes from this book, that he is a perfect half that she is missing, but then they have been through this all before, just ‘cause he’s different doesn’t mean she gets to keep him.
But both the main characters are great, there’s even a little bit of mystery that, well, I guess will come out in the next book, ‘cause it’d be weird if it didn’t. And some laughs even when in trouble. It’s a great book, and makes me want to backtrack threw the series, see what the others are like, ‘cause there all in that same world, and that world is friggen great. With lots of creatures all hidden in the world, all living like they must, while fighting to stay alive. The bad guys with no agenda but to study and whip out all they feel is evil (it’s actually very human of them, and like all the series like this there’s got to be human that are out to kill), these guys are monster, and know it. What they do, even if they see the otherworlders as animals, they know they are more monster then the monsters, now they have to be. And that makes it a refreshing change to the ones that think they are good by doing evil.
Oh and the glossary up front is needed, more than in most books, especially in this book, like you either read the series from the beginning or you miss out on what’s what in the world. That too is something that I love, really, why this late in a series should you have to re-write what’s what? So the glossary, (which I’m grateful for, really, I am one of those dicks that hasn’t started in up front) is a great addition and makes the read good, not to have things explain though both now that’s going on.
All in all, the world, the characters, the set for this book, its plot, and semi plot, all worked really well, and had me hooked to each page as I went through. She’s a beautiful writing with strong characters and a way of writing that makes the surroundings pop off the page.

Now today, the re-read
I have nothing more to say, this isn’t my fav, but damn it’s close. It’s also one of those books that has the be read from beginning to end and therefore wanting to pick it up without having to sit through that much time again is hard, though when you do, I found that I loved it as much as the first time. Maybe even more so because I had a better look at Ragin threw the eyes of all that were around her.

A hunger like no other, no rest for the wicked, wicked deeds on a winter’s night, dark needs at night’s edge, dark desire after dark, kiss of a demon king, pleasure of a dark prince, demon from the dark, [tb], Lothaire,

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