Friday 9 March 2012

REVIEW, Guardian Wolf

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Guardian Wolf
Series: Alpha Force
Pub: 2011, Mills & Boon
Author: Jennifer O. Johnston
Cat: paranormal romance
Format: paperback (sma); 281pp w/ 18 chapters
Whose: Simon & Grace
Age Range: adult                                             

Spying his former lover shifting from wolf to woman provoked strong feelings in Simon Parran. And it seemed Dr Grace Andreas had a few other secrets, including membership in the elite shape-shifting unit, Alpha Force.

Having hidden his true nature from Grace for so long, Simon is unprepared to work side by side with her. But with biological weapons going missing and a suspected terrorist plot in the works, Simon must turn to Grace for help. Even if being with her would ignite all the passion he’d long repressed...

THIS IS NOT A REVIEW at least it’s not going to be one that has me talkin’ about the reason you should read this. It’s actually the first book since Personal Demons that I absolutely disliked, though unlike Personal Demons I won’t in any way tell you, you might like it. It’s just....

Well, repetitive, really, really, really, really, really, really—now imagine that done for three quarters of a book) repetitive. The same sentence or thought was thought by both of them at pretty much the same time for all the book, until, BAM!!!  one of them tells the truth and then everything is....
Just another thing to think of that’s not going to happen.
I’m really sorry, but the love life between them both was the most horrid train wreck I have ever read, and it was like that, you just couldn’t stop yourself, it was crap, I hated every minute of it, but for the good of the author and this review I actually read the whole thing (also I believe that I couldn’t say anything unpleasant about the book if I didn’t finish it. and I wanted to)

Okay, the main plot, it’s about theft and those trying to find out who had stole it. That was okay, I guess, but the whole thing was ruined by the fact that all they could ever think about was the other person and that two lines over and over and over.
The writing style, which was actually good, I felt like I was in the head of the different characters and I think if she was writing something else that didn’t have this set to it, I might actually really enjoy it. Honestly it was the writing that had me no liking it, it was the characters, the....

The worst thing, and really, the one that has me talking about it like this, and I’m sorry to Johnston but it’s got to be said, and I only believe it’s this book, really, people this book was the worst I have ever read.
I liked the set, the whole Alpha Force, I think that’s cool, and I wouldn’t mind seeing what happens with the others in the group, but.....
It was just a really badly love lifed plotted book that made you learn nothing but the same thing about each character and that both are willing to give the other all the time in the world ever after....yeah, I just didn’t like it.

The worst was the sex, not even that the scene wasn’t that great, didn’t make you forget how bad the rest of it is. but there was tension, no build up that made them coming together something important, and that I think is what I really didn’t like about it. it’s a romance that missed the most important part of romance, the Lust.

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