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REVIEW, Lover Unleashed

In the darkest corners of the night in Caldwell, New York, and conflict like no other rages. The city is home to a band of brothers born to defend their race: the warrior vampires of
 The Black Dagger Brotherhood

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Lover Unleashed
Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood series, book 9
Pub: 2011, Piatkus
Author: J. R. Ward
Cat: paranormal romance
Format: paperback (full); 489pp w/ 59 chapters
Whose: Payne & Manny
Age Range: adult

Payne, twin sister of the Vishous, is cut from the same dark, seductive cloth as her vampire brother. Imprisoned for eons by their mother, the Scribe Virgin, she finally frees herself – only to face a devastating injury.
Manuel Manello, MD, is drafted by the Brotherhood to save Payne – but when the human surgeon and the vampire warrior meet; their two worlds collide in the face of their undeniable passion. With so much working against them, can love prove stronger than the birthright and the biology that separate them?

(Written March, when came out) To me this story was at least four in one, but unlike Phury’s it didn’t feel like so much. it was more in house with an outside threat that has just arrived, so really this book, to me, was the beginning of another chapter into the war, or more so, just the story line that it will head down in the next books, though unless she’s doing Qhuinn’s story next, I have no idea’s who it will be.
So it had Qhuinn giving up his wish to be what he isn’t. And Payne recovering from her spinal injury from the last book and her love for Manny, who in turn is scared of his love for her, though even though this story was obviously the main, it didn’t feel that way to me.
Vishous though, now his story, the one that gets him to open up and realise that he is actually screwed up more then he thought, and that he didn’t deserve it. And his relationship with Jane, even when it’s clearer to even him that he has a better one with Butch.
Even though, out of them all, this story seemed the lightest, even though there was some heavy emotional crap in it, it was light in the way of information and maybe the afterwards of it. Like... ‘Yes, finally Vishous’s story has a finish’, like finally he can be pushed aside and someone else can come forward.

(Second read threw), most of what I said above still applies, but I think my thoughts on the book, the way I look at it is a little different since I have read a few other reviews on the series and the view points of them has opened my eyes and let me see so much more.
Or maybe it was more for the fact that when I read it this time, my focus went to a different character, mostly, the two it was meant to be in the first place.

I really like Payne and Manny are like the two most perfect coples that have ever graced this series. And I’m saying this more for the fact that they are great, strong, independent people who happened to find that quality attractive.
They are also family strong, and they are willing to give up everything for someone they love.
But it also shows the heartbreak and the softness to them. Though saying this, yes, this is what all the characters beforehand have done. But both Payne and Manny aren’t afraid to show the world these qualities, it’s not just something that they themselves see with the other.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still all for John and Xhex, but I think, unlike the rest of the brothers, unlike them, this is the first time, since the very first book, that the romance is coming from two characters we don’t know anything about. Not really. We seen them slightly in other, hell, Payne we didn’t see at all until the last chapter in the last book.
So that’s what threw me off the most, that two and Ward has this thing of putting three or four story lines in one book and they all have to be read separately for you to really digest all that it is she wants us to say (I do, really, it’s confusing and you forget certain things and mostly, it makes you forces more of your thoughts and energy on characters you like and story lines you enjoy rather than on the one that’s meant to be said, even though you read that as well.
Now, I’ll stop, because I’m doing nothing but babble on and on, and who wants that?

So, as it goes, this isn’t one of my favourite, but generally I have three stops and then the rest sit at one place, and as it is, I don’t believe that any story she can write from here on out will shove aside my top three.

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