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REVIEW, Succubus Blues

Something wicked is at work in Seattle’s demon underground...

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Succubus Blues
Series: Georgina Kincaid series, book 1
Pub: 2007, Transworld publishing, a random house group
Author: Richelle Mead
Cat: paranormal mystery
Format: paperback (s); 477pp w/ 27 chapters
Age Range: adult

Succubus (n.) An alluring, shape-shifting 
demon who seduces and pleasures mortal men.
Pathetic (adj.) A succubus with great shoes 
and no social life. See: Georgina Kincaid

When it comes to jobs in hell, being a succubus seems pretty glamorous. A girl can be anything she wants, the wardrobe is killer, and mortal men will do anything just for a touch. Granted, they can often pay with their souls, but why get technical?

But Seattle succubus Georgina Kincaid’s life is far less exotic. Her boss is a middle-management demon with a thing for John Cusack movies, and she can’t get a decent date without sucking away part of the guy’s life. At least there’s her day job at a local bookstore—free books: all the white chocolate mochas she can drink: and easy access to bestselling, sexy writer, Seth Mortensen, aka He Whom She Would Give Anything to Touch but Can’t.

But dreaming about Seth will have to wait. Something wicked is at work in Seattle’s demon underground. And for once, all her hot charms and drop-dead one-liners won’t help because Georgina’s about to discover there are some creatures out there that both heaven and hell want to deny....

This isn’t a review, I can’t give a review because I haven’t finished the book, it was only a little thing, you know, most of the middle that I didn’t read, but the end caught me up. it does that, no matter what book you read, the end always tells you the middle, especially when it comes more into mystery because the ends all about connecting the dots.
I feel that I gave this an unfair chance, I picked up this book while in a slum, which is normally when I read smut, since it’s fun, let’s you read something without having anything in—yeah, let’s head back to this book.

So it’s about Georgina who is a succubus who wants nothing more than love, family and, well, a mortal life, worst of all, she had all this, and still sold her soul.
Anyway, she meets her fav author and it’s embarrassing and fun and odd, but the feeling she feels for him are nothing to what she feels for Roman, a man out of the blue, and more important to anything in this story than the series I think.
Still, Seth is important to everything in the end, and Roman is a key in understanding. I think.

See, what I mean, I missed the meat of the story, mostly because I just couldn’t be bothered reading the book at that moment, it was something heavy that needed a lot more interest than I could ever give it at the moment. And I’m afraid to say that I probably won’t ever again. It wasn’t really a series that I particularly like and I knew this going into the whole show, but the book only cost me like 3 bucks (cheep as shit, if you don’t understand) and so I thought, why not? I just wish I read it in a time that I would have actually enjoyed it...fully.
I do think that if that you think, that snazzy woman who has a mouth that will put a smile of your face in horrid situation even when we all know it’s not going to make anything better, and a love story with nowhere to go, that’s coupled with a mystery only she wants to work out while the rest are happy to do what the big bosses tell them. though, in her defence, the bad guy didn’t really give her a chose in the matter. Then this is a book, hell, series for you. its’ not like Mead is a bad writer—hell, if she didn’t always put her character in first person I would probably like her books better, as it is, I like reading her work. She’s a great author with a spark that livens up all her work and make you know it’s hers your reading.

The added bonus in this book is that Seth is an author and I absolutely loved him and they type of person he is, out loud and then on keyboard, I liked that you got to see them both work their way through the book (at least what I read, there was a part that was mentioned at the end there that I wouldn’t have minded reading, and it’s to a point that I might read the rest, just for this part, but don’t hold your breath. Really, it’s not like thoughts really matter all that much).

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