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REVIEW, With Caution

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With Caution
Series: With or Without, book 2
Pub: 2008, Samhain publishing, ltd.
Author: J. L. Langley
Genre: paranormal gay romance
Format: paperback (mid); 278pp w/ 22 chapters
Whose: Remi & Jake
Age Range: Adult

A brother’s vow. A lover’s promise. Both could put them all at deadly risk.

Remington Lassiter is trying his best to stay out of trouble while he learns the ropes of being a werewolf. When his little brother turns up covered in bruises, he is driven to finally bring their abusive father to justice. To do it, he must face a past he hides behind his cocky, trouble-making attitude. A past so dark it haunts him only in dreams.
Jake Romero, a crack private investigator with a bad-boy biker image, realizes he has his work cut out for him when Remi asks for his help. From the first moment he turned Remi into a werewolf in order to save his life, Jack has been fighting to keep his inner demons at bay. He’s torn between the desire to tell Remi they are destined to be mates, and the need to first let Remi get used to the werewolf life.
Jake will do anything to protect Remi and help him break the cycle of abuse he has endured all his life, but his investigation is about to uncover something far more sinister and deadly then they ever imagined.
A past that could put all their lives at risk.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, violence, hot makkid man-love.

Okay, so I have read this book so many times in the short time that I read it I feel a little lost in reviewing it. normally I try and get what I thought out and up after my first read, letting you guys have my first thoughts and the ideas that I got out of the book strait away, I’m not sure if this is a good why or not, but it’s what I have started and it’s hard to get out of the old habits. But I also fell there something in that first read, something that makes it....I don’t know, more, or what’s raw about your thoughts and ideas. That first glimpse, that first read tells you what the face value of the book is, and most of the time that’s what people get, it’s what you see.
Though if your anything like me, the books like this, the ones that get under your skin (and I have this habit with all the books that I buy) the more you need to read them and the more you see about the characters, about the content.

Which is why it’s hard for me to write this book. though I will say this, I loved it the first time I read it, and I’m still in love with it, when I’ve read it like once a day since then (though not all the way through. Well, you get what I mean or you don’t)
I actually am a fan of the series, even though I have only read one book before this, and the short stories (which you can find on her website for free)

You know the one this I love most about this series, and I’m not sure if it’s a thing that Langley does, or something others have and I just haven’t read them yet, but she manages to get them to fall in love with each other more so then just because they are mates.
The mate idea is something that everyone does threw shifter books, it’s how to make them fall in love or want to when they just meet someone, it works and it doesn’t depending on how the story plays out.
In both this one and the previous book in the series, they are found as mates, though in this one Jake has known what he is to Remi since he meet and then changed Remi into a wolf, and yet it’s the play out between the two of them, that slow and yet lustful need for each other plays well threw it, slowly and uneasily and even though Remi ends up giving in to Jake, the love that grows between them still shows and develops by means for Remi’s past and the sub (I think that’s what you would call the story line to a romance, right? since the love is the main plot, isn’t it?) threw the book.

I also liked seeing what Remi really was, it was a little weird though, because as we were in his mind and also he was himself around Jake and his brother, so that cockiness that he’d been in the last book wasn’t really there, which was a shame, but also made so much sense it wasn’t funny.

Still, the way she plays the whole mate shit as well as having them falling in love, is one of the reason that I’m in love with her series. It’s so easy to just skip over so much when you make them fall because it’s what destiny says, rather than because they were perfect for you.
Sorry, I’m probably not saying this right, but its’ like she gets that there mates and meant to be together and because of that need, that lust, they want to get to know the other, want to fall in love. they make the effort of falling in love with their mate, rather than assuming that they are just because.
Though that’s there to, and much more of the face value I think, really, the whole way I see the book, and the shit that I’m talking about is coming from re-reads after re-reads, and the reason I’m focusing on this point is because if I get into the other reason why this is by far one of my favourite books of the year, I’ll end up spilling the whole story to you, and that would suck balls.  And not the nice clean ones.

Anyway, it’s defiantly a series that you should check out if gay werewolves are your thing; it’s defiantly become one of mine especially if Langley is writing it.

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