Monday, 30 July 2012

Recently Read, but can’t be Bothered

Or maybe it’s more because I just don’t feel like it’s worth it, even though they weren’t bad books, just not really something I could be bothered with.
With what? Yeah, I can be vague and air-headedness

I have read a lot of books (short stories) and for the most part I have put a lot up. But it’s getting to a point that if no one’s reading them, then why am I bothering, especially when they were just breaching the 100 page mark. 
But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t like them, or that I don’t want you guys to check them out if they something you’d be interesting in.
So I thought... well, let’s do this, maybe I’ll make it a monthly thing, but then I know that at some point ebooks are going to get boring until Christmas when I’m getting (fingers crossed) a Kindle and a hole nother side of ebooks come up, all just up to 100 (to 200) I actually can’t stand longer books in this format, though I’ll read them they just don’t like it as much.
But it’s convenient and new so at the moment I’m in heaven, but its shit ‘cause I’m Australian and... a bitch for another time.
Still—still nothing, shut’it please, and get on with this. Yeah okay, let’s move on.

So here are the books that I have read in the months of July but haven’t posted reviews (they are all ebooks and are either categorised as Erotica or Gay)
The title has a link to their GoodReads page if you want to check out the blurb.


(Knights #2)
[Andy, Paul & Zach]

This one was.... shit, I don’t know, it was a little confusing, though clearly not. It made my heart squeeze at time, mostly when it was Zach’s time as main character. What he went through, emotionally and physically. Hell, it was nice how it ended up together, but still, there was something missing.
But a great story, that’s worth reading.


(Holland Brother series) by Toni Griffin
[Marcus & Brian, Alex & Jason, Simon & Zack, Rick & Jake]

This was the funniest series I have read in a long time, and it was awesome, though I don’t think it was intended—actually I know it wasn’t, but some of her fuckups where funny, the way that her mates come together is hilarious and make me chuckle after every sex scene though it’s a shake the head and laugh because I just can’t see how it can happen, not really.
The way that the whole book seemed VERY put together, like she had to think real hard for each word she put down.
It also seemed a little fakely Australian (oh, that’s where the series is set by the way), but she’s from here, and I think maybe it was because she was trying, or editing, for a national audience, but it just came across, very....I don’t know, fake, scripted, cut and paste.
She also seemed to want to put as many....anyway, it was made me laugh nearly the whole way threw, and that made me love the series.
But they are short and sweet and seemingly okay, though you can tell she wanted you to take it seriously though I couldn’t, it was just that, well, sorry, but hilarious and something that should read if you’re getting  a little sick of your everyday m/m paranormal erotica, this we’ll lighten your head a little. 
oh...oh, she also cleaverly puts the tital into quip at the end of each book--see? so good!


[Cameron & Jason]

Sweetly lovely with an ending that makes you tear up a little.


[Eden & Drew]

Like all Brazil books that I have read (okay, so this is my fifth) it was a sweet love story that was sorta lost on me. I didn’t care. Not really.
It was jumbled a little, and most of the book was the build up to them breaking up. Though at least there wasn’t a confessed love when they finally got back together, that was a relief.
The sad thing is that I really liked this book even though I can’t particularly think of why.


[Brom & John]

To be honest I can’t wait to read the sequel to this one, Haunted Passions, it gets a lady, and that seems funer than just the two of men.
I’ll add this is historical, and I’m always a little iffy of that, but it’s short and it gets to the point. 


(The Lost Shifter series #10)
[Shane & Trevor]

It wasn’t as good as it should have been. Really, all I see was the climax that should have been attached to the last book rather than a separate book.
All I see is a money maker for her, and that sucks, but it’s because of them being separate when they could have just been one.
It was good though and if you’ve read An Assasins Touch then you need to read this one.

(The Lost Shifters # 15)
This book was nice and made me itch for book 16 but other than that it was odd, mostly because I didn’t really know a lot of the characters and their back story, there story that had them falling in love, and because of that it made things harder for me to really get engaged into the tale. I’m still not sure why I got it, I’m pretty sure it was a fuck up.
But still, it was sweet and it made me want my hands of one book in particular—the one that followers this one, I want to read about the runts!

[Glenn & Joey]

I actually liked this book, hell I’m recommending it for a read. But it’s not a erotica, not that it was ever mentioned at one, it’s very much a romance and a sweet romance one that’s all wrapped in blood and lies.
I really liked it, though I wished there was a bit more, I can’t completely complain about the way it went.


(Wolves of Stone Ridge #6)
[Jared & Carson]

Hum......defiantly a thumbs up, and the book being forced into your hands as I make you sit the fuck down and read it.

(Wolves of Stone Ridge # 7)
[Dangus & Brad]

The dudes a Polar Bears—can I say anymore (probably, but let’s sum it up I’m a HUGE, HUGE bear fan, with Polar Bears as my number one, followed closely by Brown, Grizzles...well, you get the drift. HUGE bear fan)
Man I think I’m falling in love with this series.

(Wolves of Stone Ridge #8)
[Nick & Miach]

And there I am, in LOVE with this fucking series. Really people, it’s great!!!
2 more and I’m at the end of what’s available, and all I have to do is back read. Which, trust me, I’ll be doing.


(Blue Line Hockey # 5)
[Aldrich & Nobel]

This was sweet and I give it a mega thumbs up. It’s defiantly worth reading

[Adam & Ben]

This is another sweet one with a warm sex scene on a bear skin rug (nar, but it does start there).


(Moon Lake Wolves #1)
[Darius & Ash]

This one was weirdly good. The sex weird and confusing at time, the story like sorta okayly good.

This is a short story only having 60 pages but it’s bitter sweet and I got it free
And I think you should check it out

And there you have it. What I read this month that I didn’t review.
What’da’ya think? anything you’d be interested in?

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