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REVIEW, Adian & Ethan by CAmeron Dane

Redemption, Maine. Never had the name of a town been more apt or mocked a person more.

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Aidan and Ethan
Series: Seeking Redemption #1
Pub: 2008, Liquid Silver
Author: Cameron Dane
Genre: contemporary romance
Format: ebook; 200pp w/ 14 chapters
Whose: Ethan & Aidan
Age Range: adult

Aidan Morgan made many mistakes in his young life, but moving to Redemption gave him a chance to wash away his poor choices and repair his relationship with his siblings.
Ethan Ashworth had the blond good looks of a hometown football star, but the picture didn’t match the heart and mind of the young man living inside.

The new kid in town with a history of getting into trouble and an unlikely geek don’t often make a match, but a unique friendship forms. With on searing kiss on graduation day, promises of a future are made. One day later Aidan is gone, and Ethan’s heart is left broken.

Redemption, Maine. Never had the name of a town been more apt or mocked a person more...twice.

Thirteen years ago Aidan disappeared in the dead of night, but he is home now. Aidan has come home to take the job of chief of the fire department and to reconnect with his brother and sister. He wants Ethan back too. Unable to forget their kiss, Aidan wants to explain why he went away, and he wants a second chance to win Ethan’s heart.

Too bad for Aidan, Ethan isn’t so quick to forgive and forget. He dealt with a life-changing crises after Aidan went away. His hurt and anger at how Aidan left him alone had resurfaced, bringing the controlled man back to life. Ethan will listen to Aidan’s reasons for leaving when he’s damn good and ready ... and not a minute before.

Redemption, Maine. A place for second chances. Will the town—and Ethan Ashworth—give Aidan Morgan another shot to get it right?

Isn’t it nice when the blurb of a book is actually the book rolled in one?
Though when push comes to shove there’s a lot more happening, and yet....

Hurt, anger, pain, misunderstandings, pain, frustration, need, want, pain, fear, love, loss, unbearable anguish, passion, pain, forgiveness, understanding, explanations and a happily-ever-after after too much time, and to many tears.
That’s this book, that’s the story. And man, is it worth everything you go through while reading it.

I’m actually a little...pissed at myself, I suppose, that I didn’t get this one first, because of the fact that some of the things that would have been more surprising was handed to me with book 2.
Another reason I wish I got this’s so fucking good. So much better. The story is rolled out from the start to the end. You got to see them as the teens they were, and then it jumping into the time of the book.
Most of it played out around Ethan and though held a lot more voice of Aidan, Ethan was the plot, storyline and the climax threw the book.
It was his pain that we felt, not only from him himself but also from Aidan as the guilt about what should have been and his content needed to validate his reasoning’s in leaving. Which to me were a very teen reason. And was also an adult reason when you’re not an adult yet.

But that doesn’t matter. It’s all about getting Ethan back, while Ethan held his head high and tried to be pissed and hard when his life was crumbling in on him—or more so his emotions.
It had some of the best fucking cry scenes that I have read for a long time. One rolled into the other, leaving you just enough time to settle yourself before something else pulls at your heart.

It’s a book to read, one that’s quick, easy to follow and makes you feel happy at the end that everything worked its’ way out.

One thing that did annoy me was that nether men could really figure out the height and size of the other one. it was confusing in a way that shouldn’t have been but it was all threw the book and it annoyed me enough that I can remember it now, and felt like the bitch needed putting out there.
Other than that, it’s a good book. And it defiantly has put Dane in a new light that will have me picking up the books just because I liked these that muck. Her writing style was good and she didn’t fall into repeating itself or overly describing the characters to you. Which I liked even more.

Aidan and Ethan, Devlin and Garrick,

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