Tuesday 10 July 2012

REVIEW, Faith & Fidelity

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Faith & Fidelity
Series: Faith & Fidelity, # 1
Pub: Looseld
Author: Tere Michaels
Genre: contemporary erotic romance
Format: paperback (lar); 329pp w/ 15 chapters
Whose: Evan & Matt
Age Range: adult

New York City Vise Detective Evan Cerelli has lost his wife, the only person he ever loved and slept with. He’s trying to get on with his life, build a life for his children. Former Homicide Detective Matt Haight is a ladies’ man, all sex/no commitment. He’s depressed, having a midlife crisis, and not sure where his life is headed.

The two find friendship in the bottom of a shared bottle. When the friendship turns to love, it shakes two straight men to the core and flips their lives inside out. Kids, families, careers that are not gay-friendly—can all the love in the world overcome the obstacles to faith and fidelity?

Not only did this book hold my fav parts of men falling in lust/love with each other it’s that both men are straight until this point.
It’s a pace that could be both greatly written and can go horribly wrong.
This one went.....

Well, this book, to me, was heartbreaking and lovely and you should read it (the petting and... lovemaking between the men is light), it’s about Evan waking up and smelling the air after a long year of morning his wife.
It’s also about Matt finally settling down.

What I really liked about this book was the fact that the men coming to terms with their feelings for each other was nothing.
—Matt just giving up when the dreams got hotter and hotter by the week. And Even who had fallen deeply in love with his wife at 16 gave a inward shrug and figured, well, what did he know about his sexuality? He hadn’t really given it all that much thought—
Yeah, the facts of it were pushed into the front of Evan’s mind, mostly surrounding his children, but it was more a way for him to destroy himself. And to run from feelings of love that he couldn’t be having for someone other than his dead wife.
Even the people around them didn’t care, and to be honest with you, it was refreshing that it wasn’t the point of the story when it could very well have been.

My eyes welled up in a number of points throughout but I never full on cried, though the welling went a paragraph, not so bad, a paragraph. (But this is me, and I’m a crier). I also think that this would have hit harder if this hadn’t been my third emotionally ridden book in the same amount of days.
I really want that as a factor to what I said before....really.
I also hope that the author was just brilliant in the emotional torment and rollercoaster that went on threw this book, because it was awesome to read but it would have been hard to write, even harder if it brought back memories.

It’s a heavy book about the destruction one can do to their life when grief hits hard. And if it wasn’t for loved ones, and or family, you can never come out of its destruction. But this is an erotica romance (heavy on the romance) and everything comes together at the end, leavening you feeling light and freer than something this emotionally heavy read does.
And yet, it’s choppy enough that you don’t have to send a lot of time in the destruction, just enough to understand, sympathise and GET where he’s coming from, his thoughts that come out as his words.
Matt was a great character that was perfect match for Evan and his family, I absolutely fell in love with him from the moment he stepped into that bar surround by cops and looked at Evan wondering what was so special about him.

And if I haven’t mentioned it. GREAT FUCKING READ. You should try it for yourself.

Faith & Fidelity, Love & Loyalty, Duty & Devotion,

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