Wednesday 11 July 2012

REVIEW, Seize the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark-Hunter: an immortal warrior who has traded his soul to Artemis for one moment of vengeance on his enemies. In return, they swear to spend eternity protecting mankind from the daimons and vampires that prey on them.

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Seize the Night
Series: Dark-Hunter, book 6
Pub: 2004, Piatkus (imprint of Little, brown Book Group)
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon    
Cat: paranormal romance
Format: paperback (small); 325 pp w/ 19 chapters
Whose: Valerius & Tabitha
Age Range: adult

Valerius isn’t a popular Dark-hunter – he’s a Roman, which means that the largely Greek Hunters have a major grudge against him and his civilization for superseding them. To make things worse, he’s very conscious of his aristocratic background and breeding. So it serves him right when he runs into Tabitha Devereaux. She’s sassy, sexy, and completely unwilling to take him seriously. (Not to mention Tabitha is also the sister-in-law of Kyrian, a former Dark-Hunter and Vals’ mortal enemy.)
What Tabitha does take seriously is hunting and killing vampires, and soon she and Val have to grapple with the deadliest of all daimons – on who’s managed to come back from the dead, and one who holds a serious grudge against both of them. To win against evil, Val will have to loosen up, learn to trust, and put everything on the line to protect a man he hates and a woman who drives him nuts.

This is another one of those stories that makes you really see why you shouldn’t judge someone by the fa├žade they show the world.
It’s also a book so filled with not only the storyline of the two lovers but the storyline from past books and books to come. This is a break point in the series. And one of the reasons I recon you should read it that way you get the full information. But it’s not....necessary.

The two main characters are perfect for each other. A man who has never seemed to be able to help anyone no matter how hard he tried and a woman whose so full of energy people generally can’t keep up. But the compassion and I think Tabitha’s gifts help open Val up to possibilities he’d forgotten in the world. Things he’s never truly been able to hold.

This story is every bit as full on as Dance with the Devil and though not as scarring for the ones involved, though they are there too.
Though I don’t remember crying as much as I did with that one the first time I read this. but it defiantly makes your heart melt and you can’t help but fall for both characters and the compassion that ties them together.

I would like to go on and on about the book, honestly I would but I’m not reading these for the first time and I’m a little afraid that I will give shit away for books to come. I’m afraid that I know too much information and I can’t read this book without remembering it.
But it’s a great beginning and a sad end that has anger—misplaced or rightly so—, guilt and love that will carry on for all of forever.

Though there’s a sweet chill to the tone it’s very much a fast pace story of a proper man falling in love with a scrabber (though she’s not really that, at all. just compared to him).

And one again, if you haven’t picked up one of these books you should. Just check it out, and if you don’t fall in love, then at least you’ll know. but I can’t see that happening, not if paranormal romance with a great action cast and power that’s linked threw the lines but not used as an instant fix (99% of the time), then you can’t really go wrong. Kenyon is a great writer and though her character take paragraph to paragraph turns threw the story, you never get lost or have to double read to see who was actually talking, each individual threw the books have their own tone that’s translated without you having to think it threw.
And that’s truly something few people can manage.

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