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REVIEW, Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon

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Devil May Cry
Series: Dark-Hunter Universe #12: Dark-Hunter #11
Pub: 2007, Piatkus (imprint of Little, brown Book Group)
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon      
Cat: paranormal romance
Format: paperback (small); 307 pp w/ 22 chapters
Whose: Sin & Katra
Age Range: adult

Ever since that moment his status as a god was revoked by Artemis, Sin has done nothing but plot his revenge on her. He kidnaps a woman he believes to be the goddess, but she is Artemis’ servant, Katra. And instead of imprisoning her, Katra captures hi and refuses to release him until he promises not to seek vengeance on her mistress. Despite himself, Sin finds himself intrigued by Katra, who is nothing like the goddess she serves. Granted she’s fierce, but she’s also compassionate and loyal. However, Sin is not the only enemy Artemis has and it quickly becomes apparent that he must help Katra save her mistress or the world as we know it will end.

I love this one, so much information about Ash, about Artemis.

But more importantly, it’s about a god no more and his regain to power—or maybe just happiness since it’s a romance and all, there about happiness more than anything else, aren’t they.

Anyway, it’s actually a basic story, with bad guys that lose, and yet there story isn’t over yet. Okay, so I’m not doing a good job at this, am I? It’s about Sin, who use to be a god before Artemis stole his powers and threw him to earth, ever since then he’s been fighting off demons, ones that turn their victims into zombie demons like themselves.

He is always along, not that it’s anything different for a Dark-Hunter, but still, he was betrayed by everyone he ever cared for, and all that other good stuff.

Then Katra walks in, a very old lass that has a good natured mind, and all that with secrets that could see her feelings for Sin smashed into the ground.

Anyway, they fight the upcoming evil, and Sin fights his growing love with a woman that looks so much like her mother—and the one that hurt him the most.

It’s a great book, I really like it, and it’s one that I go back to the most.    

This read: it’s a little unfair for me to do this as just a re-read, mostly because I’ve read the shit out of the book—it’s one of my favourite—and it’s the reason that I left the information above, I just don’t know what else to say. Hell, what I can say that won’t give anything away.

This one is like most. A perky mostly happy woman and an anguished sad, and afraid of love male who come together and end with a life.
This one introduces us more into the Gods world, and Acherons, which is always good because you can’t read this series and not be a fan of his. There’s a few others that come along, but as it is he is our ‘series’ love.
I really don’t know what more to say, but that I have like top five list for this series and it’s in there, though I’m not sure if it’s before Raven’s book or after—yeah, there tossing up for place 3 or 4.
You should read it though, even if you’re only going to pick a few and not get into the whole series. This one is up there are THE BEST (and I said that in that sing song voice)

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