Saturday, 8 September 2012

Adults Corner #4

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

[A warning that this has not been edited, had any one check it for grammar mistakes or even read threw by me more than once]
These are all written by me, Bronwyn Heeley

This is the work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are solely the product of the author’s imagination and/or are used fictitiously.

Betrayal and War
(Warrior Brethren #3)

Donahue & Narises story
This is just one of their sex scenes. It’s actually one of the only scenes I have from the book so far.

She licked lightly up the hot shaft. The tangy heated meat throbbed under her tongue.
     mmmm. She loved the taste, loved that deep jolt as his dick hardened for her.
     He shifted under her making her chuckle under her breath it came with a sleep driven moans. It didn’t help that he comply shifting, opening his thighs more by cocking out his leg. The same time his arm came down to wrap around that thickening length.
     Groaning deeply he lit his hand slide down the length, shifting his hips sideways—getting comfortable?—he let that hand slide back up to the head. Clasping fingers over the head.
     She couldn’t help but watch. Man, it was hot. Those thick calloused fingers, ones that felt so perfectly delicious on her own skin, threw her wet folds.
     He threw his head back into the pillow, didn’t really get far but it added nicely to the show she settled onto her elbow to watch. This was way too good to miss.
     Teeth gritted, hand moved in a slow slide up and down, brushing the top of his balls with his little finger when they reached. He didn’t seem, to her, that he was in a rush at all. Must be a wickedly fantast rocking in that head of his.
     Muscles crunch onto bone, a hitch in his lungs got harder and harder. Breath sawing out as his head concentrated more on a constant pumping of his cock.
     A deep moan, almost a word, not that she could understand it, rolled out of his throat.
     Sliver gathered at the back of her throat, causing her to swallow. She craved that meaty goodness, wanting it on top of her tongue.
     “Fuck,” he grunted curling into himself slightly; sweat broke out on his stomach.
     Groaning, not able to help herself, she shifted forward letting her tongue run along the skin closest, that just off softness just above his hip, and under his ribs.
     mmmmm, he tasted so good. And the contrast from baby smooth sides to hardened stomach, still soft, but yet slightly harder, somehow.
     Gods, she loved the taste of males, especially this one, mostly when they are deep into coming. There sweet was just a little more....potent. A little more....them.
     “Oh, fuck,” he said his chest coming off the bed, his eyes glazed, seeing her without vision.
     His body grunted, heat radiated off him in waves as everything seemed to snap and he came in jets of pearly cum, that saturated the air in the smell of his taste just before and sex.
     She swallowed hard, still unable to get rid of the need to have him in her mouth. But its better when there awake, funner that way. Hotter.
     Eyes turn to see him collapse back into the bed. A heated glint in his eyes that had a mellowed glaze.
     She shuddered, realising how hot she was. How heat bundled low and wetness on the curves of her thighs made her more concuss of the fact that she needed sex, badly.
     ‘Fuck, babe, that was hot,” she nearly chuckled watching the slow recovery of the man lying next to her. “Better if I could have joined, but hot all the same.”
     Hue chuckled, that turned into coughing. He’d never had a quick recovery time. Added to the fact that he was a big man probably didn’t help the fact. Narises had fun teasing him about the fact.
     “Give me a sec, babe....” Hue puffed as his chest settled down. “It may take a bit for my body to turn over, but when it does everything’s always up and running again.”
     Narises couldn’t help it, she laughed. Who could hold her against it? Her beast of a man might need a repertory system just after sex but he could sure as hell laugh about it.

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