Saturday 22 September 2012

Adults Corner #5

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

[A warning that this has not been edited, had any one check it for grammar mistakes or even read threw by me more than once]
These are all written by me, Bronwyn Heeley

This is the work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are solely the product of the author’s imagination and/or are used fictitiously.

Body of Darkness
(Warrior Brethren #1)

Adelaide & Joachim’s story

[This is a promised posting from my ‘in motion’#6. This is a first drafting and its cut. There is a lot more to this scene that I didn’t think needed to put there, but you know, it’s also because I’m not giving away it all when I’m getting the ready to finish the book]

Addy’s breath caught making Jo take not for the fact that she obviously liked what she saw, and if that wasn’t a turn on. Hell, the heated looked she was burning into him had his hips shift forward, his cock looking for something to hold it. His hips needing something to press against.
     “Grab it,” Ad whispered, her breath a moan of need, her voice solid and back to what she originally was, a woman who knew and got what she wanted.
     The order got him moving, there wasn’t anything hesitant in him, if she wanted to watch he would give her a show. He would pull and twist and play until she screamed her own orgasm and then he would allow himself to spill. He would make sure she got off; it was the only thing he could think of. No matter how painful he was, how hard it was going to be, she needed to get off, and he was going to be the stimulation, the eye candy to get her there and then he would be able to sleep.
     Just not the way he wanted to.
     Grabbing himself he let his hand lightly run down the length of him to his aching balls, with a lift and fumble—he wanted more liquid, was going to need it or he was going to get palm burn, something that sucked more than blue balls, at least the next day it would.
     He groaned and pushed himself into his wrist, needed the firm press, the quick roll, the moisture that flowed. He lost himself in the play until he let his hand come up his length again, rolling his palm over the head, letting the hot seed spread, he got a little clarity and looked over at Addy.
     Her face was in rapture, looking at his dick like it was a religious experience she couldn’t look away from. Her hands had been busy even if she seemed as if she hadn’t noticed. Her hand gripped her breasts as if it needed something to hold onto, it looked painful, but the rapped puffs from her chest proved it all wrong, Addy was ready, she just needed some help.
     A downward stroke, her eyes glued to his cock, his to her face.
     “Addy, I’m not going to last long, you need to start,” he said, his tone gruff.
     Her eyes flashed up to his and he saw her understanding and the fact that she seemed lost in the lust. The blanket moved as she went under her panties. At least that’s what he was seeing while he watched her. the first stroke, he knew would be exploring, would consist of her running a finger or two down to her whole, getting some moisture, most likely not enough, but that didn’t matter, she’d learn, and then running them up the inside of her lips, that’s where the need would be.
     “Play with your clit,” Jo panted, realising what he was thinking was probably wrong. But it’s what he knew she would need, maybe she wouldn’t. “It’ll get you off quicker, no need to get inside when the outside will work faster.”
     “Sure?” she panted, that unsureness back in her tone, he liked it there. Preferred the powerful woman, but this one seemed to be only for him, and something just for him was better than what the rest of the world saw. And he was more than sure wasn’t going to stay with her much longer.
     “Yes,” he breathed as his hand took over from his mind and pumped him with perfection. His hips started to shift, his legs opening up, though not enough, too much constriction. “This time.....oh,’s time just outside, next time...” I’ll fuck you with my fingers, show you how much better that will be.
     She nearly shuttered further away from him as she complied. Her mind lost to lust, as much as his was. The hand that was gripping her breast lost all interest, instead pushing down the blanket so that it sat at her hips gripping until her fingers were white, like she was gripping his head as he licked her senseless.
     He liked that thought, and new more than anything that he was going to get her to do that to him. He was going to lick her. He’d wanted to now, tasting her would be beautiful. He knew it would be. His mouth was watering at the thought of going down on her, of tasting her, of licking screams out of her throat.
     Jo’s body shuttered, trying to hold onto himself as he pumped harder into his hands, his hips already needing more than his hand could give him.
     The pleasure was consuming him, and looking into Adelaide’s face as she watched him in awe. The session went on, it was taking too long, he thought at one point, he was going to spill soon, and even though her breathing hitched up a notch she didn’t seem like she was going to get there, he wasn’t sure why.
     “Addy,” he grunted a pea in the tone, a need to her to hurry.
     She looked up at him and until he hadn’t realised that she was in trouble.
     “What’s wrong,” he seemed to get out, the pain in her eyes as she looked into his eyes, a plea that she couldn’t get out, a need she couldn’t release. Why couldn’t she let go?
     It didn’t take him long to come to concussion that he was going to have to come first. She needed to see him come, needed that to show her how it was done. He wasn’t sure why, but it seemed like a good idea and he wasn’t sure he could keep on pumping and not let go.
     Quickening his pace, he noted she did the same, his breath came faster, rougher, and her body was already at a breaking point. so was his and when the spark at the base of his spin, the one he’d been holding so long he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to let go at all, went haywire he let it. Squeezing himself a little more with each pump until his mind blacked out and in the distance of his thoughts he heard himself yell out Addy’s name.

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