Friday 16 November 2012

MANGA REVIEW, Loveless 1&2 by Yun Kouga

Loveless vol. 1 & 2 by Yun Kouga
Older Teens (16+) Fantasy, Romance

When 12-year-old Ritsuka discovers a posthumous message from his brother Seimei indicating he was murdered, he becomes involved in a shadowy world of spell battles and secret names. Together with the mysterious Soubi, the search to find Seimei’s killer and uncover the truth begins!

But in a world where mere words have unbelievable power, how can you find true friendship and happiness when your very name is Loveless?

We start here….
I got these two books on an impulse buy when I was in my local book shop. It helped that I had been looking into manga’s and this on happened to be high on the list in GoodReads and obviously interested me enough that I remembered it to have the strong urge I had that had me buying them. I’m even luckier that they had both 1&2 because I don’t know if I would have gotten into it as much. Or if I would have wanted to continue it if I only had the first one.
But I did enjoy it, and it may not be on the top of my ‘to buy’ list but I defiantly want to know what happens next. I want the next couple of books, it’s just got that feeling that it could tumble down too bad in any moment.

First off it’s a weird story, and I’m not sure I will be able to tell you it right. But basically it’s about words. They fight with words. It’s like psychic powers, only they use words instead. But it’s the same in a way that some people are faster, more powerful than others.
There are two people, who have the same name, and with that it makes them stronger. One is the fighter Unit the other the Sacrifice. The sacrifice seems to be the one that calls the shorts, but they are also the ones that suffer from the attacks. Though if they die so do there fighters.
That’s it.

They are people with ears and tales, only they lose these points when they are grown up. Or more importantly when they have sex. It’s an adult thing not to have ears. I’ve seen this somewhere else, but I’m not sure of where, most likely an anime, but though it’s very familiar where it’s actually come from is alluding me.

Then the weird factor.
It’s about a kid, Ritsuka. His brother had been murdered and that said brother leaves his fighter Soubi to Ritsuka.
This could be very wrong. A twenty year old in love with a 12 year old. But they do it well, making it more an emotional love then a physical one. Not saying it couldn’t move that way, but as it sits it’s mostly about making the other happy, and safe. Though it’s defiantly not a brotherly thing.
It’s also, in a way, good, because the people around him (or at least Soubi’s best friend, calls him a perv all the time. Though like I said, it’s not a physical thing, though in these two volumes they kiss twice. It’s not much, but still there. I thought it would be my ick factor because I’m really strongly voiced about that sort of thing, but it’s the way they did it, that makes it seem okay, when it’s not really. Though with the way Ritsuka thinks, maybe it helps that he isn’t in love with the old dude.

Anyway, the story and plot point is good, I enjoyed it, I found it easy to follow, even when some of the words where nearly too little to read. Funny though, it works well to show how it’s been said.
The drawing is pretty, though sometimes it’s a double look at times to see if that’s the same person, but it’s a flow that it’s only when the page is turned and the urupt change in tones that’s difficult. Though mostly it’s easy. (I found it much easier to read the Vampire Knight, along with understand who was talking; I knew that one, all the time)
The people look different from each other. They are all their own person (again, isn’t something that happens in Vampire Knight) and the way its set is…it’s just a simple, easy manga to follow, and the story line pulls you in and captivates you.

I really liked it. it was a quick enjoyable read and I want to continue it, but like I’ve said before I’m not sure when that will be. It’s not made me giddy like Bleach or One Piece, though it’s much more girly, and it’s lovely. I want more. I hope I can continue this one soon. And it helps, in my view that there are 10 out already. (I’m not sure if that’s the end, being as the last was released in 2011)

When we continues...
After a gruelling battle against the powerful Zero, Soubi is badly injured, and in spite of his training, the pain almost too much to bear. He goes to see Ritsuka, but Soubi’s erratic behaviour and unpredictable emotions take over, and he abruptly storms away before Ritsuka can care for him. Ritsuka is left tormented and confused…but the mystery behind the death of his older brother is about to take an unbelievable turn. Ritsuka finally decodes the message left by Sleepless and goes to meet one of the members of Septimal Moon!
Loveless vol.3 available October 2006

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