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Adults Corner #10

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

[A warning that this has not been edited, had any one check it for grammar mistakes or even read threw by me more than once].

This is the work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are solely the product of the author’s imagination and/or are used fictitiously.

I decided I’m going to give you a book, fortnight at a time. It’s a short story, 12,000 or less words, a Christmas special.

Wish You a Wolfy Christmas

(Moonlit Wolves #4.5)
LGBTQ Paranormal Erotica
Short shorty

“Ain’t it swell, that after so long alone, and shunned from our families that we can sit here now, with love and hope and a family we’ve chosen and who will except us no matter what?!”
Chapter one
“I have you know, boy,” Matt growled as he slammed Jex against the back wall of Eamon and Chris’ house.
     Jex’s startled breath ended with a moan as he dilated against the wall.
     “Oh, no sir, what are you to do with me,” Jex said like some belle. The smart ass was asking for it. Even more so because he was about to make Matt laugh and that wasn’t the play they were heading here.
     Jex had been more and more snippy over the last couple of days. It had gotten to a point that Eamon had given Matt a heads up. Given that the man was a Dom, and could see a man in need of a throwdown quicker than anything. Which helped, since it wasn’t Matt’s thing, but for Jex he was learning.
     Though, thankfully, Jex only needed to be rough housed, and held down while fucking.
     “Too much?” he asked as he let himself drop onto Jex. Leaning down slightly at the knees, making sure one of them was pushed in between, sitting snugly against Jex’s thigh. The pleasure that shot up his cock as he pressed himself against Jex’s ass.
     “Bit…” Jex sighed as he pushed back. “Oh God fuck me!”
     “Planning on it,” Matt muttered into Jex’s neck as one of his hands went down to undo Jex’s pants and push them down thighs.
     Nipping at the flesh Matt released himself. Letting his hot flesh smack into Jex’s before he pulled his mates hips out from the wall.
     “Need more room,” Jex muttered, his legs moving, trying to get his pants further down.
     “You should have worn shorts then,” he replied, but pushed them with his knee until he stood there, shirt still on, the bottom pooling in the dip he’d made at the base of his spin, his ass bare, free.
     Matts fingers moved to the plug he’d put into Jex this morning. It was the game they played, it was a rule. He wanted a fucking; he had to suffer the day away.    
     Taking it out with a wiggle, Matt rolled the top over the head of his cock, trying transfer some moisture. He wouldn’t need much. The plug had only been in there for two hours at the most.
     “Hurry,” Jex said, pushing his ass out more. “Now Matt, need it now!”
     Holding in a shutter that threatened to move his whole body, and make him want to take his time, Matt sighed out a long breath before he lined himself up and pushed into Jex in one smooth stroke.
     Matt loved it when Jex wore a plug. Loved that it wasn’t quite large enough and Matt still had a tight squeeze before he bottomed out. But he was lose, and there wasn’t any need to hold back.
     Matt didn’t.
     The hand that held the plug rested on Jex’s hips, the foresight to hold it away from his mates body came only from the strumose practice they had at this. Jex might like it rough to a point of brutality at times. He might like to be forced. Held down. Made to take Matt’s cock even when he wasn’t quite ready. He might have liked the pain every now and then. But Matt liked the adventure.
     Matt liked public sex. He liked the fact that he could get caught. He liked the smell in the air. The quickness of the act, the fact that they had to be quite, that they couldn’t draw any attention to themselves, when all they wanted was to scream there pleasure out into the world.
     They hadn’t gone wild about either of these things. Fucking at the back of the house while all there mates, and mates of mates were sitting on the veranda less than a hundred meters from them. Especially when most of them wouldn’t have minded the show and more so wouldn’t have hesitated for a second to sit back and watch.
     “Harder,” Jex grunted as he pushed back, his teeth had already managed to sink into Matt’s free hand as had gripped his hand on the brick wall.
     Jex screamed that’s what he did and the pressure of his teeth sinking into Matt’s hand, along with the sun on his beared ass as he rocked his hips harder and harder into the tight hot tunnel of Jex’s ass, had him on the brink. All he needed—
     Blood had to have welled from Jex’s teeth impression on that one, as his body froze up under Matt, and his channel pulled him in deep with a pulsing rhyme that took Matt the rest of the way, and he came as light danced behind his lids.
     “Fuckin’ hell,” came a voice from there left as they rested against the wall, Matt’s forehead leant on the dip in Jex’s back under his neck where it hollowed as he leant forward. 
     “I’ll second that,” Jex laughed as he pushed back at Matt, getting him to move.
     “Third,” another voice from the same direction, letting Matt agreed with his assessment. They were noisy buggers who wouldn’t pass up and free show for anything.
     “Yeah, yeah,” he waved them off without looking, “shit…” what am I meant…? “Fuck it they already see it. Bend back a little Jex.”
     And he did, like a good mate, and one that really didn’t care about what other thought. Slowly pushing the plug back into place, Matt pulled his own shorts up over his ass and before crunching down, watching as the muscle secured the plastic and pulled his mates pants up over his ass, hiding perfection from view.
     Turning Jex around, shifting him over, Matt leant in; pushing his mate back against the wall he kissed him. Taking his time as they both thumbed their pants together, fingers brushing. Just another thing they were getting better at with all this practice.
     Turning in the direction of the voice, Matt wasn’t surprised to see no one there. It wasn’t like they were going to stick around for down play. What fun was that?
     “Shit, babe,” Jex said as he picked up Matt hand after he’d slung it across the man’s shoulders, needing him as close as he could get him at this moment. Jex had indeed bit threw the skin this time. It wasn’t much, just a bunch of quarter moon marks of red that were already starting to crust over in a cast of Jex’s teeth.
     Matt smiled, kissing Jex on his temple. And head on up to the veranda where the party was getting started.
     At the top of the stairs they were greeted by a bunch of immature smiling men. With that laughing caught-ya look in their eyes. And Eamon, who had his arms crossed over his chest looking sterner than Matt thought he was.
     “Turn back around and go clean off the side of my house,” he said which caused them all to piss themselves laughing.
     “But I didn’t make the mess,” he pouted.
     Eamon lifted one brow; he did it expertly, like he’d spent his whole life perfecting that one look just for this moment, or moments like it. Only one brow went up, his eye held the question he wasn’t going to say out loud and the rest of his face lay flat. Smooth as a baby’s bottom, so the saying goes. It was impressive and made Matt want to applaud his workmanship.
     Instead he pointed his finger at Jex who had long since walked off, getting out of the punishment zone Eamon put up. “You owe me.” and off he went to wash cum off the side of the house.
I should have started this earlier, it defiantly won’t be done before Christmas, unless I put in more postings, I’ll see how you’all enjoy it before I decide. But it will be at least 5-6 postings of this to get the word count up.

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