Monday, 24 December 2012

Adults Corner #13

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

These are parts of stories that are still being written. And therefore haven’t had a BETA read, let alone a editing from me.

Okay, this is a shit ending, it’s a little rushed, and I’ve plans to make this story longer, by adding another characters voice between Matt and Jex.
Saying this, this is the last posting for this book, you have read their part. You will have to wait until I get to it for the rest of the story, but when it’s done I’ll be posting it up as a free read.
Thank you all for reading, happy Christmas!

Wish you a wolf Christmas
(Moonlit Wolves #4.5)
Gay Paranormal Erotica
Short shorty

“Ain’t it swell, that after so long alone, and shunned from our families that we can sit here now, with love and hope and a family we’ve chosen and who will except us no matter what?!”

Chapter Three

“Asshole,” Gene laughed as he shook off the water that was dumped over his head. Male laughter filled the backyard. As more water rained down on anyone in the firing line. Eamon’s gift: Water guns.
     The whole deal started innocently enough, as these things often do. You’re not sure who sent the first squirt, but you’ve already got the man of the man who will be blamed. But who reciprocated first. Who turned it into a full blown water fight, that had everyone in the backyard, the sun drying what’s on the skin but the shorts still dripped water down your legs.
     Laughter, water. Yelling. Abuse in the way of love. Tossed around the large land that Eamon owned. And they had landscaped. They knew every inch of the yard. It made it a shit load easier to navigate with water in his eyes or while you’re running and shooting behind you.
     “Fuck you James,” Kyle said with a smile on his face as he rubbed his eyes.
     James laughed out loud, “shoulda closed your eyes then, shouldn’t you?”
     “Good shot though,” Gene laughed.
     Matt started laughing right before he got smashed in the side of the face with enough force that it had him gasping, and blinking a moment before he realised that he had been hit with a hell of a lot more water than a pistol could manage.
     Whipping water out of his eyes, Matt looked around. Everyone was laughing at him chocking on the water. And then he noticed Jex, a smile wider than his face, backing up out of reach.
     “Bastard,” Matt said on a laugh as he took a step forward, his foot sinking into plastic, tripping him onto his hands and knees.
     Jex laughed harder. Before taking off across the lawn.
     Kicking aside the bucket Jex had used on him. Matt started running after his mate before he had risen to his feet. Running into laughter as he left it.
     Beside was Craig had been telling them about being werewolves, Jex was a fast fucker and his mate had reached a step outside the tree line. Even though thinner in numbers they were still the line they were cover. More so they were the edge line of Eamon’s property.
     Stepping up his pace Matt tackled Jex into the ground. Twisting him so his mate would land on his back. It wasn’t easy, but the added strength that Craig said they possessed helped out a lot. That too, and this was a pastime for them.
     Taking Jex’s mouth they rolled, fighting for position. Fighting for dominance, even though Jex didn’t want a bar of it. But there foreplay helped everything move up a degree, and got Matt to get a little rougher than he could without it.
     Deep in the kiss, hands moving to grope and protect as they rolled along the ground.
     “What the fuck?” Jex said as put his hands around Matt’s next as he sat up; trying to get as far away from whatever it was that was behind him.
     “What—” Matt started until he got saw over Jex’s shoulder which had shook moving him fast. Pulling Jex into him more, Matt scooted back as far as he could until his but hit the ground.  
     Swallowing hard, Matt felt his heart beating just under his ears. His hands trembled as they held Jex had to him, and he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off the dead body that lay, bloody, and animal mulled face up between the trees.

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