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Adults Corner – Blog Story 2

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

Let’s do a little clarification first. This is a story about killers. I did no research; this is purely the shit straight out my head. The re-write I’m going to research it (it’s the way research with me will work).
It’s also that fucked up part of my mind that makes death, killing, destruction fun. And I was pulling back with this story.
This posting in particular—if you can’t handle it, don’t read any more!

Read: Chapter 1
Let them Hunt
(Human Monsters #1)
Contemporary Mystery

Sometimes what bad you did in the world suddenly catches up to you.
Meet the team, at least what’s left of them, since someone has decided the next fun sport would be offing them.
Will they be able to stop him before he stops them?

The dark room had dim lights. There was one on each of the walls, a large circler poker table, with wooden edge and red carpeted top. The wood was for your drinks. As we sat down, a topless lass came in and we all ordered our drinks.
    Hammer sighed, “To much meat.”
    “To tall,” Duster said.
    “I'll go with Ham, but then again I wouldn't kill her,” Death said.
    “Nah, you’re too soft for that,” Duster put in.
    “Not all of us are murderous bastards,” Death replied.
    “Yeah we are,” Hammer said with a laugh.
    “Okay, okay,” Death laughed, “But I don't kill the bitch's I fuck.”
    “Yeah, I wouldn't either, but once I've gotten it all in, most of them are begging for death,” Hammer said and we all laughed again.
    “What about you Grim?”
    I looked up at them all, “About what?”
    “The chick, what you think?” Death said. Like really what did he think of me?          
    “She's okay I guess, but I like my women opposite to my men.”
    “Yeah,” Death said. It really wasn't that hard to get all their attention was it, “How so?”
    “Oh come on, you think I spill that easily?” I smiled at him.
    “A man can always hope.”
    When the lass came back in, yes she is a lass, anyone that actually enjoys doing this job, and Phoebe actually enjoys this job. She loves the fact that she doesn't have to wear cloths and she gets money for fucking people. Yes, she's quite happy with the fact that Mr Marks let’s all his ladies do whatever they want when there in the room, as long as they get money for it. There was the, ‘no money, no nothing’, rule in this place, and Phoebe was loving the fact that her large breasts overrode the rest of her and males just seemed to wont to fuck her.
    She put our drinks down, rubbing her breasts into the faces of all the men, and up my arm. Yes, the girls here think I do both as well. But that's kind of how I wanted it. The more of these people that thought I only did woman the better. Because if it was men I did, then that's the only way I was ever getting higher, and that was adding the fact that I killed a few of them.
    I slapped her ass lightly as she left, not before she put a pack of cards down in front of me. “Thanks love,” I said as she walked out, with an extra twist, and a smile, that was all for me.
    “Making nice with the boss, eh,” Rosco said as he looked back at the lass walking down the hall. She must have said something back because he laughed as he walked into the room, closing the door behind him.
    “She's a little too big breasted for you, ain't she, love?” Rosco said to me as he walked into the room. He was tall, and like Hammer, being that they are brother (yeah, fucked up family, we all know), but skinner, his muscles. And being that I had a hand to skin knowledge of those said muscles I knew they were tight and so close to the bones that it's almost like he doesn't have them. But still there was that mouth-watering waists of his, everything sticking out were they should, Hair running down from navel into his pants.
    Snap out of it, right know, this second, watching him walk into the room this isn’t helping anything. He, like Hammer, was wearing a black suit, for me. With black tie and vest. His hair is a light brown, a little too long, sitting around his neck. And it's thick, lush. Absolutely beautiful to run your fingers through. God, it's only been a couple of weeks, stop it, he's not that good. Lair, you know he is, and being that he's nowhere near as big as Hammer but oh, so large himself.
    Rosco laughed deep, seductive. “You have to hold your face better, love.”
    I smiled, “What can I say, I'm horny.”
    He leaned in and kissed me, wet and fast, pulling back before the other men in this room gets to see the whole show.
    “It's what only been a month?” Reaper asked. He was actually Rosco's team mate, like I'm Hammers.
    “Something like that,” Rosco mumbled back as he straightened up, running his knuckles over the tops of my breasts. “Hope Mr Marks likes the view.”
    “Better, ‘coz that's all he's getting,” I said as Rosco sat down next to me. Running his hand up my leg, under the leather skirt and resting with his fingertips on the front of my undies, the rest on my thigh.
    “What's wrong with Mr Marks?” Reaper asked, actually seemed more alive since Rosco walked into the room.
    “Have you seen him?” I shivered, “fat ain't my thing.”
    “What?” Duster said, “Aren't you two married?”
    “Yeah. So?” I said looking at him over the table.
    “Well, shouldn't you be only fucking him? Ain't that the reason you get married for?”
    I shrugged, “For most I suppose.”
    “But we don't actually get to see that much of each other, and the only real reason we were married was ‘coz of the job we were on,” Rosco explained for reasons unknown to me.
    “Yeah, and then we just couldn't be bothers divorcing,” I put in.
    “Too much time and paper work,” Rosco ended.
    “Seems fair,” Death said with a shrug, as if he got that. “So are we gonna play or talk.”
    “Throw out some cards, Gem. And I'll show you what I've got.” Reaper said. And I did, though I thought, smugly as I flicked cards out to them all. Throwing a pile of chips into the middle of them and sitting back in the chair, crossing my legs so that Rosco's hand was pushed a little more into my hotness. He smiled, wriggled his fingers until a little shudder went down my back and then pulled his hand free.
    A soft slap, an intake of breath, “Shit!” praised. “Fuck,” a term of endearment.
    I opened my eyes, looking over the table. Hands were already grabbing photos but there were loads of glossy A4 pictures of nothing but blood, and chopped up body parts. Hot, was all I could think of. God, it was hot. All that blood. Another shudder worked its way up my body so shattering that I had to grab hold of the table. A pink haze covered my eyes, blood lust, stronger than anything else worked threw me.
    Rosco chuckled, his pleased chuckle and leant into kiss me on the neck, sucking slightly, a scrap of teeth, before leaning forward.
    “God, I love that about you?” Rosco said.
    I took in a deep breath, unfolded my legs and leant forward. “What?” I didn't look at him while I said that.
    “The way you react to this,” his hand fanned out in front of me showing off the table, or more importantly the photos. “You don't even give me that great a reaction. Not even the men that you turn the tables on get such a quick reaction.” he kissed me on the cheek and took one of the photos.
    “Not a great reaction, we could nearly see her ripping the cloths off you as you walked in, mate, that's a good reaction,” Duster said.
    “Yeah,” he laughed, “But she nearly came from just a quick look at this.” that got all the males eyes turned to me.
    I smiled, sweetly, silently thanking Rosco, with that deep core of sarcasm tied to the words.
    But my eyes were completely on the photos, the whole word slipped away as my hand shacked slightly before, I made myself straighten, made myself pick it up.
    There's no point in holding back, what good will it do to just have the slight show of all that blood, all that death. No looking at them close up, seeing the picture that's what you won’t isn't it sunshine. Yeah, yeah, my inner voice is like another person to me, and sometimes just pushes in there. It's a bitch, but what can I do, become sain, laughable.
    The first picture was like an explosion of body parts, and I know, how can you look at something and see that but I’ve seen what Duster finest work, knew the things he would still do and it was like that. A small room, since this picture was of the whole room. A larger view, then what most were, huh?
    “Hey Reaper,” (you want to know what's funny, he's real name is Dug, just thought of it them.)
    “Yeah,” he said, and when my eyes flicked up to him, he was watching me, a picture in each hand.
    “Who took these? They don't look like something a cop would take, to wide a shot.”
    He smiled, a real smile, which isn't something that happens often. To be honest there was a lot of emotions flying around this room. Maybe it was because we were all free of that world that made liking what we liked was a no no. but here, with us all. It was something to be shared.
    I shook my head, realising that I lost it for a bit and missed his words, I saw the mouth moving but didn't hear a thing that came out of it. “Sorry, what did you say?”
    “I took them. Went to ever scene, once I realised what was going on.”
    “And what's going on?” I asked, because honestly it had been driving me mad for a while now.
    “Look and you shall see,” he smiled and then it all dropped and he became serious. “Nar real, Gem, I want to make sure you can see it too. Maybe I'm wrong.”
    “It would be a first,” I smiled back. And he shrugged, as if he didn't know that. He knew. If there was one person in this room that wasn't full of themselves it was Hammer and that's about how big his dick is. And I've already told you about that. But what could I do about it. Not look? Probly, but man he flopped the thing out and I couldn’t look away. He was bigger than most men I had killed and that were him floppy.
    The photo in my hand, the one with a blown up person didn't really give me much, only that it look like it was a nice basted explosion.
    “Hey dust,” I said looking across the table at him.
    “Yeah?” he looked up at me, and I flipped the photo around.
    “Tread and tell us how much.”
    His eyes flashed down, heat filled them. So much that it seemed to make the room feel hotter. But we were killers, all the highest blood thirsty killers the world had and we were sitting in a room looking at pictures of something that, at least three of us get off on. And two can only get off on. And he did. Leaning over the table, he took the photo off me, and gave the other too. His one was of a man in a chair, one of those... “Shit, is that Tucker?”
    “Yep,” Reapers voice came slow, causal.
    Shit again, I laughed, “He should have taken more care in that Sharman, aye.”
    Reaper laughed with me, “That's what I thought.”
    “Great minds.” and that was the reason that Reaper and I didn't go together, our skills were too alike. the brothers skills were like that too, only Hammer was more blood trusty then Rosco, but that too could be my fault, being that I'm a more blood thirsty than Reaper. Since its one touch from the reaper and you’re dead. The Grim, you’re dead in 48hrs of seeing it, it’s not like we names ourselves.
    “Is he strapped to his karma chair?” I asked, taking a closer look at the surroundings of the whole thing. The chair was like all electric chairs, or at least what the very old ones looked like. His had long arm that let the holder strap you into it so that all your arm was at their dispersal. The back was littler thought, only coming to mid back, leaving a whole lot of room for you to work on a body's back. There was an IV stand next to him, a bag on the whole thing and a tub going into his left arm. His head had been left as was, the person didn't know him after the fun of just the body wore off Tucker, that would mean, “The person that done this,” I looked up to find that while I was looking Reaper sitting in Rosco's chair, everyone had done a little switching.
    “Yes,” he smiled, when he realised he had startled me a little.
    “Well, they hadn't seen his work for a while, had they, since they left his face and all.”
    “I thought that too, but it would go in line with what that gimp said in the desert, wouldn't it?” he was serious now.
    I thought on that, “Yeah,” I said slowly, “You don't think it's one of us do you?”
    “Not one of us in this room. But someone’s gunning for someone. Coz this could really just be a trail, crossing us off. But did we do anything that bad in our team?”
    I shrugged, “No worse than any other.”
    “My point, we killed all that needed killing, with all force that we could bring to the table.”
    “And too quick for anyone to notice who had actually done it.” we were both looking at the photo as we talked and then flashed eyes at each other, “Shit,” he nodded.
    “So who are they after?” Death said from across the room. “Coz I'm holding Marcy in this hand,” –it was his right, the he mentioned his left, “And Donis in this one.”
     “And this one must be Kev, coz he's the only one save me that's an explosive nutta,” Duster put in, finally putting the photo down.
    “Yes. There’s also one for Baker too, but I know she still lives.” he shifted threw the photo's until he found one. It was like a work of art. A skeleton hanging on off an underpass, somewhere in America, I think. It was hung with a rope, which wasn't what she done, and there were stains on the bones, chips too. This was not done by someone as skilled as Baker was.
    “I know it's not hers because the heads been bashed in, and hers are perfection. And it's rope, also there's no body pie.” yes, she did like her creations, and when she skinned the body she would fill a hug pie tin up with the bits. Use the back skin as its lid, even cut into it to make it look like an apple pie, and she would take the heart and skewer it onto, leaving it in front of a police station, or the family’s home, depending on what reaction she was looking for.
    “Is she coming here?” Hammer asked, his shoulders a little tense as he waited for the news.
    Backer was never really part of our team. She was the nurse that our unit was given. You know so someone would be there to drug up the people we were 'interrogating' only there was something off about her from the start, and the more blood that got shred the more coco she went, and that's coming from a sociopath. We all gather she had inhaled too much bone dust, or had a bite of two of human flesh. She was crazy, and dangerous, even for us. We all wanted to kill her off, collateral damage and all. But they split up our unit before we could all decide and so the problem wasn't ours anymore. Honestly we just didn't want her to mess up our show.
    “God no,” we all seemed to relax a little, “She's getting gassed in three days.” Reaper reported.
    “So she got caught?” Death asked.
    Reaper laughed, he was very full of info, “Yeah, she did a big one. Six bodies hanging off the Mackinac bridge, kind of like they did to pirates. And then another one further south, they caught her, realised she was very fucked up so decided that she needed killing.” he rubbed his face. “That and I think she confessed to a hell of a lot.”
    “’bout what she did with us?” Duster asked.
    “Nar, the cops didn't get her for long before the government took over. They knew what she was all along and all.”
    “Yeah I heard Tucker told them,” Rosco said.
    “Yeah something like that, the ass,” Reaper said.
    “He did seem to have some soft spot for the lass,” Hammer said. His idea of Baker was what he wanted for all chicks, but she was scared of his, what do you call it? Right, manhood, and that on its own gave us some good nights.
    “Gem, boss needs a word with you,” Patrick's voice came through the speakers in the room, it may not have camera's but it still had a two way.
    I sighed and got up, pulling at the skirt, so that it was covering all of my ass. I walked over to the wall unit, it was near where the 'air pocket' (aka reception) room was, but still it was in this room. “What he won’t?” I made sure my tone told him I wasn't impressed, there was nothing in me that didn't show that I wanted to be the boss, though I really didn't.
    Present company, me thinks,” he said partly welsh. Of course the boss wanted to know who I was talking to, especially since there were all clearly dangerous men.
    I sighed, with my finger on the button, so that he heard it, “When does he won’t me?”
    “Now, seriously, Gem. He’s shitting rabbits,” He ended in welsh.
    “Okay, two mins,” and I let go walking back into the room to stand behind Rosco's chair.
    “So I've gotta go talk to the boss. I want you guys to stay here, play a game, a real game, I'll send a lass in with drinks,” squeezing Rosco's shoulders I went for then door.
    “So your name is really Gem?” Death asked.
    “Yes, just like yours is really David,” I said as I opened the door.
    “When'd it change?” he asked, seeming actually interested.
    “When someone nicely called me it after I told them my real name, I liked it better and so it stuck, you okay with that?”
    “Yeah, I think it's nice,” he said, as if he was talking to a real girl and not one of his fellow killers.
    “Or shucks. I forgot what a pussy you could be,” and with a smile I left, followed by a ring of chuckles.
This was written from around ’09 to March 2011.
It has never been BETA read. Nor have I had a full read since I finished the book.
It’s currently sitting waiting for me to do a full re-write
As it is, this book sits at 54 pages, 10 chapters and 36,080 words.
It’s also heterosexual
By the by, this isn’t all that great, something I wrote when I was first starting. I hope it actually makes sense.

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