Thursday 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

These are parts of stories that are still being written. And therefore haven’t had a BETA read, let alone a editing from me.

This set of stories was created around an author writing a post about the facts of romances. How they are all about those moments leading up to the kiss. Not about the day to day of afterwards.
This one is about Mike & Jacob as Mike comes out to the world, or more so, his family as being gay.
Alright, so this one is clearly an erotica. More sex then plot.

#1,  Being that for You

Chapter 1

“I miss you,” Mike’s voice was low, not whispering, but defiantly discreet. Though being that it was nearly midnight, Jacob wasn’t surprised.
     “I know, miss you too. Wish I was there.”
     “Me too,” Mike sighed, “but you have other people’s problems to deal with.”
     “You tell them?”
     A deep sigh, “No,” muttered, “I can’t seem to open my mouth. I’m so fucking nervous.”
     “You know you don’t have to do this, right?”
     “Yeah, I do. For you. for us. They need to know. Everyone needs to know. Or what’s the difference?”
     “The difference is that you told me that you loved me. You don’t hide me like I’m some dirty fucking secret anymore. That’s enough for me. I know you wouldn’t hide me from your family if they asked. I just don’t get why you need to put yourself through this.”
     Mike sighed. “I need to. I think the worst of it is I know how they are going to react.”
     Jake sighed. “They may surprise you.”
     Mike huffed a laugh; “Doubt it.” there was a long pause. “I feel like I’m fifteen again, trying to tell them that I don’t want to work for dad but for uncle Rog.”
     Jake laughed; he’d heard this story before.
     “Fucking plumpers,” Mike mimicked what Jake assumed was his dad’s tone, “nothing but gutter bums, don’t know why you’d want to work for that lot.”
     “But if it wasn’t for that we’d’ve never met.”
     “Yeah,” Mike sighed, it was different from all the other times Jake had said that. Instead of the setting regret that his whole life had been screwed over because of that point, it was one of wonder, awe.
     “Nothing like the ass crack of a hot guy as he tried to stop the toilet from vomiting shit.”
     Mike laughed, a little loud at first before he covered his mouth. “God I miss you. Wish you were here. Can’t seem to sleep without my arms around you.”
     ‘’aw babe, sorry. Ya sure you don’t want me to come down there?”
     “Nah, it’s okay, you have thing you need to do. I’ll get this done and be home a few hours later.”
     “They ain’t gonna throw you out babe, they may be shocked by they love you.”
     “Yeah, but we both know—hell, you work with the result of the opposite, so sorry if I’m not as optimist as you.”
     “Ah well, that’s true.”
     “More to the point, aren’t you a point of your statement being false?”
     “Yeah,” he whispered. “Wish I came with you.”
     “It would have been easier if you were with me. Probably quicker too. Seeing as they would ask and I’d tell as soon as we stepped in the door. It’s the whole bring it up that’s hard.”
     “Yeah, I remember,” Jake huffed a laugh, it was one of recognition and a way to make light. The only thing he could do now, with the memory.
     “It’s not like there’s ever an opportunity in normal conversation or anything.”
     “No, ‘oh Betsy did you see Donald’s son’s new boyfriend’.” Jake laughed
     “Hell, I’d even take them yelling at the TV screen, at this moment.”
     “What? ‘Don’t be a fag ref, that’s totally out’?”
     “Yeah, then I could just say, ‘speaking of faggots….” Mike laughed.
     Jake copied him, “You would too, wouldn’t ya?
     “Hell yeah, how else am I meant to tell‘em?”
     “I don’t know, like a normal person, I reckon.”
     “Who do you know that’s normal?” Mike chuckled.  Jake followed suit.
     “So what are you doing tomorrow?” Mike asked after a long comfortable pause between the two.
     Jake sighed, “Cleaning the house, I suppose. Tim’s coming to check out the new boy.” And they went on a while of Jake telling Mike what he was doing to get the kid off the streets. “…detoxing him will happen next week, I reckon, Monday probably as long as he wants to come down and doesn’t take anything till then.”
     “Fucking arses, though he must have done alright if his pimp was giving him the good shit.”
     “I think this is something altogether new. The cops pulled his name out of missing persons but Jeff claims he ain’t missing, the kicked him out. Which both Bobby and I are…anyway, lot’s off shit surrounding the guy. At the moment we put him in room C and he hasn’t wanted to come out of it.”
     Mike sighed, “babe, try not to get too attached to him, ‘kay, not a lot you can do if he doesn’t want to save himself.”
     “Yeah, I know, and I really think he does, but he’s fucked off his head, and afraid we’re gonna be just as bad. He’s already propositioned me twice now.”
     “Shit babe, you okay?”
     “Well….” Jacob laughed, they both new Jake didn’t see anything into the points. They were kids in need of help and he was more than happy to do that. It didn’t mean that they weren’t use to a different way, and they didn’t think they understood something that didn’t exist all because that’s what they had learnt.
     “Fuck I’m horny, it’s been nearly two days since I felt your ass squeeze me,” Mike muttered on a low groan as he stretched out on the bed he used us as a kid.
     “Yeah,” Jake mumbled right back. “I’m cravin’ that too. The sounds you make as I ram into you. Hard, fast.”
     Mike groaned, his hand going into his boxers to wrap around his cock. “I can’t help it, feels so fucking good.”
     Jake chuckled, “my fucking straight boy,” he mumbled, “love taking it no matter how I give it.”
     “mmmm” he shifted around, leaving his boxers as soon as they are far enough down to not be too much trouble.
     Jack chuckled again, “like that do you?”
     “Oh, yeah, always have.” Mike grip tightened. “ya can’t tell me it doesn’t feel good.”
     “Nope, I’m right there with you,” and Mike was sure he was, laying there naked in there bed, blankets out of the way. Legs spread, like he was whenever he was waiting for Mike to get with the program. One hand running slowly up and down his cock, his balls, shaved, goose-bumped in anticipation, his legs, and a light dust of blonde hair shinning in the overhead light. His other hand running up his tight belly, running over and over his nipple, tightening it up. A smile of his face that was all hot and filled with a ‘hurry the fuck up’ need.
     “God, babe your killing me,” Mike groaned as he gripped the base of his dick, rolling his fingers around. Holding on, speeding up.
     “All you babe,” Jack laughed again, “I’m sitting on the shitter.”
     “Are not,” Mike panted, “no echo.” His groan muffled up the words.
     “God I love the sounds you make,” Jake muttered. “Can always tell what you’re doing by the sounds you make.”
     “Yeah…” what?
     “Yeah. Oh yeah, you sound fucking good. Getting me all worked up. Fuck babe, you got lube? Babe?”
     “What? Um…yeah, maybe, round here somewhere…” at least he had at some point, “should be some in my bag.”
     “Get it babe, get it quick I wanna hear ya with your arse full.”
     Mike made a sound, Jack chuckled, “too late? Don’t worry babe, squeeze yourself tight. Let me hear it. Let me hear you letting go. Won’t be the same as what it’s like when you got two fingers working at your arse. Won’t be the same as when I fill you up, and pound at you hard. Making you push out those tiny little shouts when I hit home and push in deeper.”
     “erg, fuck!” the shout was muffled my a blanket as Mike shoved it into his mouth before he himself go, his phone lay close to his ear, but he wasn’t holding it, hadn’t been for a while now. Cum shot in thick gooey ropes across his chest and abdomen as he worked himself threw the orgasm.
     “Fuck babe, wish we video called,” Jake said into the silence of him coming down. His breath wasn’t quite right, and there was an edge of huskiness that he always had when he came.
     “Yeah, ‘cause I needed more visual stimulation,” Mike muttered as he lent over the bed for his old shirt to whip himself up with.
     “Yeah, but I love watching you come apart.”
     “And fuck can you make me do it,” he smiled, setting back into the pillow. “Fuck I wish you were here.”
     “Me to babe, me to, but I’ll be here when you get home.”
     “I know,” Mike yawned.    
     Jake chuckled, “go to sleep, babe, I’ll talk to ya tomorrow.”
     “’kay, call you in the morning. Love ya.” His eyes slide shit.
     “Love you too babe, sleep well.” And with a sigh that Mike couldn’t hear over his own breathing he hung up the phone and went to clean himself up.  He really should stop doing this in his office.

            Chapter 2

Mike wasn’t sure if this was going to work.
     Setting his phone on its side on the sink edge, he made sure it wasn’t going to tip over and that the camera faced the shower, at least this new one had a front lens as well as back, so he’d be able to see when Jacob answered the call.
     With a smile he started up the shower. Now this was going to be the tricky part. As he recalled the bathroom steamed up nicely—if it’s that warm foggy look you were going for. Though Mike had the fan on, he was hoping it would work out the thickness. That this would work. ‘Cause Jakes bathroom aerated nicely, when he had done it to Mike back after their second time together. Mike had been lucky he hadn’t quite made it into work when the call came through, and that the freeway hadn’t been clogged up to realise he’d been wanking threw the whole call.
     Stripping off he tested the water, adjusted the taps, and made sure everything was there for perfectly fluffy bubbles. Smiling, he hit the right buttons to call threw a video call; he hit send and hoped into the show. Mike new it would take Jake awhile to answer. Especially if he wasn’t somewhere he could take the call, it wasn’t like the man wouldn’t know something was going on, they didn’t have a weird relationship that had them needing to see the other each day.
     Letting the water run across his neck and back before he got right under, wetting his hair, he grabbed the shampoo. Putting a little too much into his hair rubbing it around, making it bubble up, Mike could already feel it run threw into the small of his spin, running between his checks. He clenched them together, loving the feel on his heated skin. That slide, that added bonus of something that wasn’t actually there. Fingers, if he closed believed hard enough.
     But what was the point. This shower wasn’t about him. It was about the man he loved that the fact that he needed to prove it. No, more than that, he needed to make up for the way that things had gone. For the way he had treated Jacob right up to this point. No matter if the arse had forgiven him, and though that all was done and forgotten, Mike couldn’t.
     Running his fingers threw his hair, washing out the soap, trying to be sensual, making sure the soap stayed on a nice slop down his spin, probably wasn’t working as well as he hoped seeming as there was a soft laugh hovering just outside the sound of the fan and water.
     At least Jake had picked up. He really hoped that was Jake.
     There was no way he was brave enough to see. He may be a lot. But here, at his family home, with a confession running threw his head. He was anything but brave.
     Hair clean he grabbed at the soap. This was going to be the hard part, ‘cause there was no way he would be able to do this without looking at the screen. Without knowing if Jake was watching.
     There was something about Jacob that had caught Mike’s mind the moment he heard that deep low voice mumbling to one of the young men that had showed Mike into the—what Jake call it?—spewing bathroom. He didn’t know at the start that Jake was gay, honestly, it wasn’t like he was wearing a badge, and yet he should have maybe jumped to the conclusion being as he was in a shelter for throwaway gay teens. But it honestly hadn’t really mattered to him. Not in a way that he eminently jumped to the conclusion. He was happily heterosexual. Not even a wank job with mates to tarnish his record, until Jake. Maybe that’s why it hit him so fucking hard. Maybe that’s why his attitude, his assholiness—he’s making it a word—had focused on Jake and made Mike turn into someone else. 
     Made Mike into a mean bastard, who hurt the man time and time again all because he couldn’t stomach? Handle? Deal with the fact that he was falling head over heels for a man. And loving the fact. Which was really the point right. That he had loved every moment of learning. Of falling for Jake.
     Jack had forgiven him every time, with a kiss and a night in bed. A fucking to die for. He had been, well, a rock, and probably what he was like with every kid that walked through his doors. Well, except that they had a leg up on him, hadn’t they? They’d known what they were, and accepted it. He hadn’t.
     Opening his eyes, Mike realised he had manually started washing himself. It took him a long moment to wonder, and then acknowledge the fact that he hadn’t been doing it for show, but on auto pilot. Which wasn’t the point of this shower.
     Cursing he looked at the screen, to see a slightly fogged up version of the man he loved. He was only on one half of the screen. His face red, and full of utter bliss. It was Jake’s sex face and it made him smile.
     Soap still in hand, Mike started washing his dick. This was the point, wasn’t it? And seeing that face, seeing that he had gotten the reaction he wanted without knowing it. Mike’s dick had started to fill, slow pulsing movements as he thickened. He’d already pissed away his morning wood before getting all this ready, so his dick wasn’t caring about being rushed. It wanted attention and he was happy to give it.
     With slow fingers and hands, he lifted himself up and washed his balls, making sure the soap was thick. Fingers running between his cheeks, washing his arse, pushing inside, he knew the drill, even if he didn’t really need it—even if he hadn’t done the rest. Then coming back up to his cock. The red swollen flesh that was ready for him to grip and pull. Ready for him to start. Anytime now.
     “Hurry up, babe,” Mike heard Jake say has he wrapped his fingers around his cock. With a quick nod he worked himself hard and fast, needing to do this for the man. Needing to get off.
     His hips started rocking as he gripped onto the edge of the glass wall around the shower and got some leverage. This wasn’t about anything now. Just fucking.
     Slick hand, run up and down, faster and faster, Mike’s hips worked, pushing some strength behind the thrusts, and he let it all wash over him. Let it build up until there wasn’t anything else to do but let it all go. Bitting down on his lip to keep in the cry of pleaser, Mike let himself fall into orgasm, watched as he worked the come out of his cock head and paint the glass wall. He wasn’t sure when he shifter so his cock faced that way, but he liked it. Like the streaks that hit and then slide down the fogged up wall. 
     Weak knees and a smile on his face Mike washed up. Cleaned up. And got himself out of the shower. Dried with the towel around his hips, Mike picked up his phone and walked out the door, already clicking open and read: Payback is always so sweet with you, my straight boy. Love ya.
     “What you smiling at little brother?” Amy’s voice cut threw him and surprised the hell out of him.
     “Nothing,” he smiled back at his sister. She was tall, like the rest of them, with a body of womanly curves; he thought she’d be described. But that was his sister, so a lot of other describing words would have entered that space, depending on the mood he was in, and age
     “Sure, sure,” she muttered, a little wave of her hand as she walked to the stairs, to the rest of the house. “But it looks a hell of a lot like love to Me.” she sang with her strut. 

“I’m gay,” Mike spat out as the last of the plates had been pushed away at dinner that night. He hadn’t really meant it. Well, he did, but it’s the timing, and he had been telling himself to spill it since he got out of his room that moment. It seemed dinner that night was the time for it.
     Dead silence had him hearing his own heart beats. The fact that they were in his ears was probably a bad thing, but hell, this was worse than that time in high school when Summer had caught him up before school and told him she thought she was pregnant. Those two hours of his life had been scary as hell. He had ran to the local supermarket to buy her a pregnancy test, which she had used between recess and lunch, she’d gone in, pissed on the stick as he waited in the hallway.
     She wasn’t, thank fuck and they had been fucking like rabbits by the end of the week. But just that one scare. Hell, he hadn’t walked out his door without at least one condom, and he wasn’t doing anything with any chick without one. No matter what the bitch said.
     “But… what? You’re gay? Since…when?” Amy asked shocked. “You have always been real into girls.”
     Mum was sitting next to her, a shocked look on her face. A shininess that ripped at his chest in her eyes. She was about to cry. He’d seen that look. A lot.
     Mike shrugged, “it doesn’t matter I’m in love with a dude, so gay I am.” He chuckled at the end, it totally fell flat, and that wasn’t really from the lameness, though it defiantly didn’t help any.
     A chair scrapped across the wooden floor turned the stunned silence into something tense. Mike looked at his dad; he didn’t particularly want to, but how could he not. He looked at Mike, for a long moment, his jaw hard. He was an older version of his older brother Ted, except grey. Weathered. With a slow shake of his head he walked out the room. The room lost all its air as Mike’s chest screamed at him to breathe.  
     He expected more. Yelling. Screaming. Abuse. This was worse. This was something he couldn’t understand.
     His mum sobbed.
     Right there at the table she sobbed like something in her died. His eyes pricked, but he refused to notice them, which just hurt more. His throat, his jaw. His heart. It all hurt.
     Clearing his throat, Mike got up from the table and walked out the back door. He really hoped it wasn’t a mistake. That his first steps should have been packing up his bags, but he didn’t think about it. Didn’t think about anything. He was fourteen again, and this reaction hurt. And he had nothing to deal with it, even though he knew it would work out this way.
     Hey, it went better than he thought it would. Didn’t it?
     His brother found him on the back steps. His arms leaning on his thighs, looking out into the darkness that was there back yard. There weren’t any lights on. It didn’t matter; he knew what was out there.
     “Here,” that voice, so like his own, so different, spoke as a cold bottle hits his shoulder.
     “Thanks,” he muttered after he cleared his throat. To clogged up with emotion. It was almost embarrassing, if it was anyone but his brother…
     They were silent to long. Mike couldn’t take it. “So…”
     “Where cool, little brother,” no bullshit, that was nice. Same old Ted.  
     He laughed. “Nothing I haven’t tried out before.”
     Mike chocked on his sip, his eyes wide as he looked at his brother.
     “Really Mike, you never had a wank circle with your mates? Tested the waters? Measured up? A threesome that went a little longer after the chick passed out?”
     “You think ‘cause of this ending was the reason?”
     Mike thought on that, “Nah, we never really…did that sorta shit. Never really had a place to, ya know. Never came up.” Another long pause. “So you’ve done a dude?”  
     “Yep.” Another pause. “You remember Ryan?”
     “Yeah, him. He’s gay. Been out—at least to us—since he was thirteen.”
     “Wow, never would have guessed that.”
     “Probably still wouldn’t,” Ted said. “Or maybe now you would.”
     Mike chuckled, “probably not.”
     “You alright with all this?” Ted asked after another long pause. “You didn’t really seem the most tolerant.”
     “Huh?” Mike was shocked. “I never had a problem with who anyone fucked. Never. But it was a shocked. I was an asshole. I don’t deserve him.”
     Ted laughed a little, “Tell me ‘bout him.”
     “Jacob,” he felt that sappy smile on his lips. It was something he couldn’t help. “He’s awesome. Hot as hell. And totally…” he cleared his throat, “…yeah. He got given a block of offices in the city from his aunt when she passed a couple of years back, and he turned them all into this killer housing complete for throwaway, mostly in the gay community. Ya know the kids who get kicked out for being gay.”
     “Yeah. Wow.”
     Mike nodded, “He’s amazing bro. one of those guys that just can’t do anything but help others.” And Mike went on, and on, about everything and nothing that was Jake.
     “Can’t wait to meet him.”
     “’Course,” he said as he got up, thumping him Mike on the back, “Gotta meet the man ya love, don’t I.”      
     “Guess.” But he was talking to his brothers back.
     Finishing off his beer, Mike got up. It was time. He needed to get inside and find out what was going on.
     “Baby boy,” mum wrapped her arms around him, her head resting in the hollow under his ribs. She still had tears in her voice.
     “Mum…” his heard that fourteen year old in his voice.
     “I love you, you know that right? No matter what, I love you.”
     “And dad?”
     “I’ll talk to him,” she whispered, but he heard it. There would be no family Christmas for him any time soon. It hurt, but he sucked it up. He wasn’t expecting any less.
     Kissing his mum on the top of her head, he untangled himself. He really needed to get out of here. Really needed to…get somewhere that wasn’t here. Wasn’t in his mum present with her tear stained cheeks, and cracking voice.
     The door clicked behind him and his breathed a sigh of relief. Whipping at the tears that feel down his cheeks. Man, he was a grown man, he really shouldn’t be crying like this. Not now, not after everything he had been through. This was nothing. But it ripped threw him like a chainsaw and all he wanted to do was crawl under the covers and wait for Jake to make it better. Jake made everything better.
     His phone in his hand Mike’s fingers had gotten to work before he had even thought it.
     “Babe…?” Jake’s voice comforted him as soon as he heard it. He felt the muscles in his shoulders relax, and his chest open up to a breath he hadn’t been able to take since he headed down here.

            Chapter 3

The door clicked shut behind him. He breathed deeply. Home.
     His sighed heavily as he dumped his hastily packed bag just inside the door. He hadn’t packed it, but then he hadn’t really pulled anything out either. He knew everything was in there because he hadn’t been able to stop himself from checking. But it was all there. Everything.
     After his phone call to Jake, Mike had gone to wash his face and get ready for bed. Though bed wasn’t waiting for him. Stepping out of the bathroom he had been stopped in his tracks by his bag being thrown at his feet. “Get out and don’t bother coming back.” and he’d walked away, closing the door to his parents’ bedroom with finality.
     His chest constructed, he couldn’t seem to get a breath. He didn’t remember anything else. Not his trip to his car. Anything. The trip out of town, which he knew took half an hour, had gone without a blink. It had been the big arsed sign for a garden show that was coming up that had clued him into the lake of memory on how he got there.
     Pulling over he’d taken his time, realised, fretted, nearly made himself sick before he’d given in to everything that he was and let himself what he was. Who he was now. A single man that loved Jacob McBride more than anything else in the world. That single person who was going to do anything he could to make the rest of his life easy and happy, just because that man was willing and able to love him back just as much.
     At least he still had Ted. There was no way that Ted would back down under dad. Really, they weren’t that kind of family. Hell, being back here, in his house, after an hour and a half drive had Mike wondering why he’d run out.
     His dad was going to get hell for what he did. If the rest of his family ever found out. But that didn’t really mean that he had to put up with his father while they did that. That he had to be there when clearly, at least one of them, didn’t want him there.
     He didn’t have to put up with any of that. With anyone that made him uncomfortable. That’s what Jake had been telling him from the beginning.
     The only one he had to please was Jake. The only one that had to love him. That he had to love was Jake. No one else matter but Jake. At least he got that now.   
     Walking into the dinning/kitchen doorway Mike’s breathe caught. A candle sat lit on the dining room table. Not very safe, but Mike doubted that was the point. And since the candle looked fresh, it hadn’t been lit for more than ten mins; only one bubble of wax had left tracks down its thin body.
     One red rose fell into the light from a thin stippled vase.
     A bottle of lube set the picture, a table card took up his view and Mike stepped forward. A smile already lifting his life. A weight already easing off his shoulders.
     Come be my Valentine.
     It was fucking Valentine’s Day? Shit. Why hadn’t the arse told him that before? Why hadn’t he looked at the god damned calendar? Really? He called himself straight? Shouldn’t he have been wearier of these kinds of lovey dovey things?
     Blinking over his own bullshit sappy happiness that was trying to eat at his heart.  Mike grabbed the bottle, blew out the candle and walked towards his bedroom.
     “How’d ya know?” Mike asked as he entered his room to find the lamp on dim and a sprawling naked man lying across the middle of his bed. Arms and legs spread. A smile on his face that was soft as all get out.
      “You sounded like you were about to run. Where else were you meant to go?” Jake said softly.
     With a laugh he threw the bottle onto the bed next to the man he loved before crawling up the bed and lying over the top of him. Clothes to skin. Mike’s fingers ran up Jack’s skin, wishing he had the patients to wait, to strip before he had climbed on up. But he didn’t. Mike was raw. He needed what only Jake could give him.
     “It’s okay,” Jake muttered fingers running threw his hair, soothing as Mike buried his face in his neck, taking the warmth, the comfort. The need to break down and come into himself again. But he’d already done that, hadn’t he?
     “Dad threw me out,” Mike muttered with a quick suck of skin. The taste of his lovers’ skin had Mike wanting more.
     “Oh babe,” Jake muttered on a moan, his fingers gripping deeper, his breath coming a little faster. “I’m so sorry.”
     Mike shrugged. “It was better than I thought it would be. Only dad had a problem. Mum cried, but she held me, told me she loved me. My brother…” he chuckled, coming up on his elbows so he could look at Jake. “My brother probably knows more than me about gay sex and Amy…well, she just seemed shocked.”
     Jack chuckled, “Ted knows what?”
     Mike smiled, he understood, new at the top of his head, and let it run, “Tell me ‘bout it.”
     Leaning down Mike kissed Jake, he put everything into it.
     Everything that was him went into Jake, everything that wasn’t, that didn’t matter to this point. This moment, he let fly into the wind.

(This is where I’d have ended it, but, alas, this is an erotica,
 so, unfortunately, the show must go on)

     Legs wrapped around his a moment before Mike found himself on his back, looking up at Jake as he started moving down his body.
     Fingers gripped at the bottom of his shirt, pulling it over his head, before throwing it to the floor where he kissed, nipped and licked down Mike’s chest. Taking the time to drive him crazy with some deep nipple play as his fingers got to work on his pants.
     It didn’t take long before Mike was as naked as Jake, and said man was climbing back onto the bed between his legs. his eyes burning wickedness, his hands a soft touch as they guided his legs open, causing goosebumps to run up his hips, his back. Hitting him in the back of the neck, making him want more. He always wanted more.
     “Arh,” his point, his need to speak turned into a long grown as Jake took the tip of his cock into his mouth. His hips lifted, getting him in deeper. Loving that Jake took what he wanted, and teased the fuck out of him when he realised he’d moved.
     A tight suction teased the fuck out of him as he let his hips drop back onto the bed. Lips and tongue, fingers and teeth, teased the fuck out of Mike for a long while. It wasn’t until sloppy fingers pressed between his checks, searching out his hole that Mike finally able to speak words.
     “I haven’t…” his neck heated from the words, the acknowledgment. He couldn’t seem to get use to that.
     Jake smiled a movement away from his dick, cum and spit connecting them. Mike shuttered, fuck that was hot. “That’s okay. Was gonna ride ya anyway.”
     Mike smiled, he couldn’t help it. He loved being ridden. Had when he was straight to. The idea of laying back and letting the other person hold all the power, all the control was to appealing to him.
     Shifting himself, he let his smile turn smug as he fitted his arms behind his head, resting his head, shifting his legs a little wider. His eyebrow lifted—get on with it?
     Jake laughed, “Fucker,” he wasn’t fazed; there was no way he could have been. Jake’s biggest turn on was a cock down his throat. Yeah, Mike like the feeling too, the sense of pride as that first groan ripped from his lovers throat. The lake of oxygen to the brain as the thick fucker lodged down the throat. Fighting the need to let it go, but needing the extra second. one second to prolong the anticipation so that the next move becomes something more.
     Mike knew this. He felt it too. But Jake….Jake got off on all. He became an out of control man when he had a dick down his throat. Hell, he was that when his was down Mike’s. It was just his weakness, his point of no return. His slut button.
     But more so Jake hardly bottomed. It wasn’t that he didn’t like it. That he couldn’t deal with all that. He just liked to top. Mike wasn’t fooled even as he played that he was. It helped with the game. Jake could pretend he wasn’t craving the feeling of being filled to the brink. It was one of the reasons Mike got a little cocky from the proposal.
     Shifting himself around, Jake climbed on top of Mike, his legs opened up over his hips. One fist leaning into Mike’s breast, the other lifting Mike up, rubbing the mixture of cum and spit into the head and then lining up and settling down slightly on top of his cock before he sat up straighter and let gravity help him slide down.
     “I’m a fucker?” Mike managed to get out, though the words were a tight squeeze as pleasure wrapped around his dick in the form of Jake’s well lubed hole.
     Jake laughed as his arse cheeks settle against Mike’s thighs. His balls pulsed tight before his whole body wanted him to rut forward. To move. He needed to fucking move. Needed friction. Needed….
     “Yeah, yeah, just give us a minute. I may be ready but you’re a big fucker.” Jake panted he rested both his fist into Mike’s chest.
     Mike’s laugh surprised him. From the suddenness and the…maleness he heard layering the sound. No matter what, he just couldn’t get past it. He wasn’t particularly big, but he was thick and that mentioned, especially in a breathy tone of someone that clearly loved the fact, hit Mike’s pride a little too hard. He was old enough to be over the fact, right?
     Making himself stay still, Mike waited for Jake to start moving. A slow circle of his hips was always the start. It helped loosen him up slightly more. Helped it all settle in enough to have the takee want more. Need more. And Mike new; that simple move… fuck it was paradise.
     Breath hitched slight, Jake started rocking himself forward slightly. His hands moved, opened up. Roamed his chest. Rubbing against his nipples. The simple action got Mike moving. His own hands gripped Jake’s waist. His hips rocked up to meet Jake. They created their own rhythm that they had slowly been perfecting over time.
     There movements became erratic. Fast to a point that sweat built up across his skin. His muscles threatened to cramp. His breathing nearly stopped from the sear workout they created together. Then slow, taking in each other mouths. Fingers seeking, creating a whole different kind of pleasure. Fast, with one of Jake’s hands on his thigh as he lifted himself up and let himself slam back down.
     When Mike couldn’t take it anymore he rolled them over, lifting Jake’s legs high and wider as he let his hips rock. Hard and deep, he didn’t give time for rest, for breaks, for anything but the rapped movements purely designed for getting off and getting off fast.
     “More. need more...” Jake grunted, as he griped himself and started jacking off faster than Mike could thrust. Hell, he had trouble making out the complete movements.  
     Letting Jake’s hips sit down slightly, Mike started in again. Knowing, even more so when the first deep grunt left Jake, that he hit the angle right. It was the main reason that doggy worked better. But the solid slams into the prostate generated so much pleasure, and being as Jake wasn’t a usual bottom, it seemed to pulsed threw him as if he’d only just discovered this cool new pleasure. Which was good, ‘cause holding Jake in this position, with him kneeling the way he was, was played hell on his lower back.
     “Fuck!” Jake’s yell had Mike sighing with relief as he hit him one last time. Lifted him back up again slightly, Mike let his hips move as he watched cum fly out of the other man’s cock. Hitting his chest, his neck, a little on the pillow. He was really making a mess. Mike loved it. Wanted to do nothing else but lean down and chase those lines with his tongue.
     “Arug,” he slammed into orgasm with deep rolls of his hips into Jake. Letting his eyes close and his body hum in the flow of pleasure as it took his mind and body and threw it to the wind before slowly letting him come to.
     “Love you,” Mike muttered on a laugh as he let his body roll sideways, getting off the man he loved so that he wouldn’t hurt him.
     “Mmm,” Jake sighed, “Happy Valentines babe.”

Well, there you have it, a story after that fateful kiss that took them to their HEA. Where nothing else matters, and it’s actually done. Where love seems to be all there is, and that’s all they need.

Well, Christmas in July comes next. I’m not actually sure when this one will come up, I’ll have to have a chat to my family, see what they think, you know.
It will be, however, set 7 years after this moment and yet another point in a relationships life. The rut.

Love you all, have a romantic day
Be safe, be free, and enjoy your own life!

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