Friday 15 February 2013

Ships in the Night by Ann T Ryan

Ships in the Night
Series: --
Pub: May 2011 by Silver Publishing
Author: Ann T. Ryan
Genre: Contemporary Romance, m/m
Format: iBook; 79p w/ 14 chapters
Whose: Ian & Logan

Ian Richards moved to LA with dreams of becoming a successful musician. That dream was shelved after years of struggling to make it in the music industry. While making ends meet at one of his jobs as a waiter, Ian met Logan Adams, Hollywood’s favourite movie star. More than he cared to admit, the handsome actor left a lasting impression on Ian. Three years after the intimate night they shared, memories of Logan still lingered on Ian’s mind. What happens when they meet again for the second chance encounter of their lives?

The Thoughts
I have many thoughts about this book, it’s short and yeah I’ve decided that this was a good one to end my week of romance (everything else, and large, I have to read tie too nicely with other plans so they weren’t going to happen).

This book had me intrigued, even when I read the first paragraph when I was thinking about reading it another time (the other book won out) I was still a little buzzed about reading it. though even then it held the start of a story (movie—TV show that I stumbled across) that I’ve read before, it was too familiar.
But reading it.
Did you know why I love reading off my iPad (and I’m sure kindle) you get to take notes and highlight as you go along. Its awesome. It’s great for stuff like this, make you able to remember what’s happening.
The only problem is when you end up commenting on all the problems rather than the things that you liked—saying this, there was many more that bothered me than I liked. Though overall, the story had so much parental that I would love to say only need a better editing job. Really the fuck up, the inconsistences, and the story line starting all over again.

Okay, and now I’m doing what I always seem to do and talk about the experience without giving an actually view of the book.

It starts out with Ian bitching about the snobbish people he is serving and Logan who ends up laughing at him, and sticking around longer than he would have (by the way Logan, big wing actor/ director) they hook up. And the misunderstanding is all on Ian’s ends in making what they had a one-night stand—I say this, because it’s mega clear that it’s all in Ian’s head.
But that kinda works, it’s his personality, you can understand his understanding in this point. There isn’t anything in what they shared, and they don’t share deep down feeling.

Then chapter 3 comes along, and the story starts again. Really. To a point that I thought it would have been much better if Ryan made the first two chapter’s prologue really the book had an epilogue.  

It’s been three years since they last saw each other and now Ian is a big wing (or starting out to be one) musical in a group. And after a little convincing Ian agrees to date Logan, and that goes well, except for the convert hints that there’s something horrid in Ian’s past and his need to not go into an open relationship, not if he wants to hide his past (can anyone else see what’s wrong with this? like it’s only the relationship between them that would dig up his past not the fact that he’s become famous too.
But this is the head space that Ian has, he is high maintained. Which is cool, we can deal with that. I can deal with that (I love Josh Lanyon’s work, really, he’s got some highly strung male POV’s, really when it’s done well, when you can love the character because of these flaws it’s even better. Ryan, just seemed to be writing a woman’s character with a dick, and that just annoyed the fuck out of me. and it wasn’t…no, really, I was reading it and I swear if the whole book wasn’t third party I would swear he was a chick, he was so emotionally over the place. Hard to get to a point that him and Logan rubbing cocks and he was still saying he wasn’t that easy…. That’s truly a woman’s line. Really people. We say that shit all the time.
Saying this, if you’re a fan of the likes of Joyee Flynn, than you’ll like this, it had that same emotional level as her books.
I’m just not a fan, and I’m sorry for that.

We end this book with a spewing of their pasts and telling off love. The Epilogue’s is meant to be about putting things to end, and I guess it was nice, but I have a feeling (though I can’t find it again) that it had been another three years since that time above, and they were just winning an award for their song they wrote for the movie that was made (it’s a long time, isn’t it?) I don’t know, but it ended with a nice speech, him all chocked up, chocking up Logan and finishing off nicely, I suppose, but still quite girly, to me.
It’s only to me, maybe more so because it had been that way the whole way through.

Still. I’m on the fence. I can’t say that I hated it, really I even teared up slightly at one point, but it defiantly needed something to clean it up. It would be so much better if you weren’t having to shake your head, or figure out why they were even saying that shit again, chapter after chapter.
Still, it’s short sweet, and if it’s something you could read, and are still interested in reading, then give it a shot, and tell us what you thought?

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