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Adults Corner #20

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

These are parts of stories that are still being written. And therefore haven’t had a BETA read, let alone a editing from me.

Like always I’m sick. Again. On another public holiday.
Yeah, my luck is spectacular, I know. Just as I was starting to perk up mentally, my body fucks out. But it’s just a head cold, and to much chocolate may actually help.
But at least I’m wanting and enjoying books again. And my need to write something has doubled.
But you don’t give a shit ‘bout all this. So here’s what I’m giving you today!!!

Okay, so… this is a het story that I started writing a while back, and well, I thought I’d give you want to started with, if you like it, and want more….well, ask and I’ll finish it.
So, I wrote this…hell, I can’t remember, 2010, 2011 maybe.
So, sorry… but if you want me to finish I will fix it up, and finish it for you.

Raised in Hell


It’s always the males that get the good jobs, Lexei pouts as she sits back down folding her long arms over her chest. It was so unfair, they couldn’t even do half the things Lexei could, being that she was a mixed demon, born into the underworld when a succubus decided she wanted to try out a demon. She picked one of Spite’s and not realising she could fall pregnant because they were of the same. Yeah, demons aren’t the smartest of creatures; it’s a reason they still live on these plans, and why they will never get out of it.

  It was something, her being born, that made her different from the rest. Not only was she something created of lust and spite, but she was also herself, that what herself was something to be determined; no one would let her out to find out. Bastards. But then they were demons, High Lords (angles that lost with Lucifer) and Low Council (the demons that decide who can do what).

  Lexei should have been happy that no one noticed her, but huge parts of her wanted it. Needed to get out of the nothingness of hell. She longed to get pushed further into the pits, where the screams wail and spirits plead for forgiveness, for redemption, something that’s not going to happen, when you get thrown in hell, there isn’t anything you can do. No one is released, and no one is reborn.

  Or even more so Lexei would love to get a look inside the chamber of the stolen—not that anyone said they are real. You aren’t meant to be able to steal souls, but it happens. Lope holes pop up everywhere. Both in the people that are stolen, and the time they were taken. Lexei had heard that they were living in the chambers the High council meets in. so it’s a no go for anyone, and a bit of gossip that has spread they the rough grounds of hell faster than the plague would spread threw a group of mortals.

  It was a glee in the eyes of those who spread lies, more so because it wasn’t so much one. Information that if true would cause trouble from the Above and if not makes us have something to mull over, to want to know. Lies are the things that spread and spread and cause all so much beautiful trouble.

  The High Lord read a list of names off with where they had to be. Glee filled the smiles of all around them. There assigned spots for the next thousand year. And when it was done, the tall blonde babe of a High Lord walked off without a word. It wasn’t as if Demon’s were known for their politeness, the Truly Fallen were sour and filled with hatred and loathing looking down upon everyone as if they weren’t even worthy to be stepped upon.

  “I guess that’s it,” Lexei muttered to herself as she turns away. Another thousand years of nothing, because if she got no work in the pits, she would never get out onto the human world, and it’s somewhere she would love to visit. She wasn’t really sure why, Hell wasn’t all that bad a place to live, but she wanted... more, and it was a want she keep so close to her heart that no one could see it.

  Wishes like that got taken and used until a demon had nothing left in them to hope for. Anything, wishes, dream, was a way to punish and more so, if a demon had a wish, a dream, they weren’t considered demon enough and had to put into the gurgling punishment cycle which starts with the demon being shown how to punish other, only the trainer generally show the trainee how to do it on its own skin. And more time than not, it would take a thousand years or more before that demon would get to hold the wipe, or even tie a belt.

  The plans of hell were all rock bottomed, smooth, though rough, hard terrain. It’s heated absents of nothingness could pull at a spirit until it was beginning for release, but Lexei loved it. No matter what, the plans were her home, she had known nothing more, and though she wished for more, she was content with what she had.

  The outer skirts of the plans held houses, little box that a demon could live in. there wasn’t anything that really called the hole home, so they would have to fight for the space come every turning moon, when rest swept down on a demon and all they wanted to do was hide in a hole and sleep. There was no sleeping anywhere. That resulted in getting eaten or ripped apart. Some demon’s need more sleep than others.

  Around the poles of the nothing level of the housing blocks, Lexei called them, for that’s what they really where, towers and towers of concrete blocks piled onto of each other, each a place one could sleep. Lexei had managed to keep hers for longer than anyone else. Demon’s where scared of her, even if no one else saw it.

  A hump sounded as air was pushed out of two sets of lungs. Lexei seemed to have run into someone. The smell of flowers and...perfection? filled her lungs on her next breath and she took it in, letting it coat her insides without realising she was doing it. She seemed to be savouring the smell.

  “What do you think you’re doing?” Lexei spat out as she straightened up. No one was going to let someone blindside her or touch her and get away without a beating.

  “Walking,” said a voice so smooth it could never come from here. It was so foreran in her ears, like his smell, that everything inside her stopped. This was no good. She really didn’t want this to be a good sign, but nothing in her was ready for what she was about to look at. And she knew it. But she couldn’t stop herself.

  Sky blue eyes locked hers into a start that was as quite as nothing she had ever heard before. Even though there was never any noise in the plans, there was always noise, like a whitewash, it was there, if only you listened to it. And more so it was peaceful. This quite came from two sets of eyes looking at something they never expected to see. And they were not likening the experience—at least that’s what they were telling themselves.

  “You’re an angel,” Lexei accused the man, for clearly that’s what he was. Broad across the shoulders, his black shirt hugged a chest and stomach that she was sure could wash cloths on. His legs were strong, powerful under their tight material. His hands held a bow, cocked but pointing at the ground. Fingers so noble they would have no problem killing her in a heartbeat.

  Lexei’s heart pounded in her throat, she had never seen anything like him. And his body was nothing like his face, it was strong, a warrior, his face angelic, smooth with lips that fit perfectly in a face that was handsome and made this demon weak at the knees. But then she was a demon born of lust, it’s a feeling she should know. But before this man she had never.

  “Well spotted, demon,” he spat looking around the plans, letting his powers feel the areas around the pillars. Lexei had a feeling it was more so that he wouldn’t be looking at her.

  “Why are you here? You’re not one of the Truly Fallen, you have too much power for that?” she spits out, without realising that she was confused about this than she ort to be.

  “I’m here to collect,” he said, and then scrolled, like he hadn’t meant to inform her of anything.

  “What? A soul?”

  “Yes,” he snaps, looking back at her, letting his eyes flicker across her demon features.

  “And why would you do that? You’re not pure enough to be a collector,” she heard herself saying, not really knowing where the words are coming from.

  “I’m one of the Fallen,” he said with a sigh, than he drops his hand off the bow, holding both bow and arrow with one hand, the other came up and rubbed at his dark hair. Lexei watched the move of his muscles as he did it, noting the strength in the quick flexes. “I use to be a Collector, until I fell. I’m here because it’s the last chance I have at getting back.”

  Lexei nodded. “So you know where you have to get it back from?” she asks out of curiosity.

  The male sighs deeply, “Not really, I’ve been down here. But I was told by....” his eyes flicker around, Lexei noted a stiffness in his shoulders, he mustn’t want anyone to know who sent him. But it has to be an archangel, doesn’t it? Who else would be able to give him such a reward? “...the soul I’m looking for was stolen and I have to get it back.”

  Lexei chocks on that, a sound came out of her mouth that wasn’t at all pleasant and filled with laughter than came from foolishness.

  “What?” he asked, his tone tuning sharp.

  “There are no stolen souls here, Demons can’t do that,” Lexei laughed at him, even though she was thinking of those souls moment again herself.

  He cross that free arm over his chest, “there is too, can’t you feel them.” like he was talking to a fellow Angel.

  “Ah, no, I’m a demon, all I feel is the damned, and you, apparently.” ‘Cause she could feel him, deep down inside, where her lust had been left dormant for so long.

  “Right,” he nods, like he just remembered that himself, “well, I feel the good, even though Above doesn’t seem to think I do.”

  “And what can you feel?” I ask, curiosity spiking back up again.

  “Soul that shouldn’t be,” he said with a shiver, “and... well,” he clears he throat, right before his eyes snap right back up to Lexei’s. “I need to go.”

  She shook her head, “I wouldn’t if I were you. This place is crawling. You should wait for the turn of the moon.”

  “And when’s that?” he snaps.

  “Um...” She looked back at the nothingness that was the plans sky, “a leap or two. Can’t you feel it,” she shivers, “the pull to sleep?”

  He frowns, “maybe, a little. How am I meant to walk along the plans if all I want to do is sleep?”

  Lexei smiled, “you prepare.” And she walked off. He could choose what he wanted to do. Follow her and she would help. She didn’t know why she would, and it pissed her off a little to feel this pull to help him. But it was there and so in demon fashion she walked away from it.

  She heard a large sigh, and then he was behind her, “How do I prepare?”

  “Is that you asking for my help?” she teased, liking the feel of the smile on her lips as she looked over her shoulder at him.         

  “I guess,” he didn’t sound happy about it. And that was more than fine with Lexei she didn’t need him to like it, actually that would make this experience a whole lot better. She did however need to help him. That pull became strong and stronger the longer she looked at him.

  “it would be a pleasure to help you,” she purred as she lead him up the steps to the seventh floor and right down the hall before pushing at her door and letting him into her private space. No one had ever been in her space before, at least no one she invited it. There had been time that the demons around had thought her easy prey, but she soon proved them wrong.



Sitting in a demon’s holding wasn’t something Alexander ever wanted to do, but for some reason he found himself enjoying sitting on a hard floor that held nothing more than a few scraps of material and a bag dumped in a way that made Alex think that this was the demon’s bed.

  “What’s your name?” she asked, her voice flowed threw him like water, soft and dull it had an edge of seduction to it. Alex had though she must be a succubus from the moment he saw her. She had more of a human body to her, though she was clearly demon.

  Her curves were something soft rounded, made a man think of holding on to those hips while rocking. Her breasts were large; they would overflow in his hands, just slightly, something supple enough to play with while sucking.  Her waist was thin, tightened muscles that she was in shape.

  Her skin was purple, something that was more blue than anything and reminded Alex a little of a dead mortal. But she was clearly alive. Her nakedness didn’t help any, but it wasn’t like demon’s new anything about modesty.

  It was more the thoughts that had been flowing through his mind from the moment he saw her that made him think of her with lust. He had almost forgotten that she was a demon with nothing more than a blink. It wasn’t as if it were her personality that pulled him to think that. He hadn’t known her all that long.

  He wanted to though, which was the reason he sat here on what must be her bed and watched as she clattered away at the side of the room, seeming to be collecting supplies, as if she was to come with him.

  He lightened slightly as he scowled at himself, he really didn’t need this. A fallen angel had only one chance to get back into the winds of the Above, and that chance for Alex was now. He must find this soul, freeing him from these depths as well as two other good deeds to be welcome. He also had to practice chastity for his fallen desire was lust, for him to be accepted. Alex thought it would be easy in all ways, what self-respecting angel would lust after a demon?

  Apparently me, he sighed.

  Though the demon in question was a nice of sorts and a test greater than any he had ever had to take, therefore, they would take him back instantly if he could withstand her beauty.

  “Angel?” she asked her voice a little sharp. Still it stilled everything inside him, making it all flush with a heat hotter than he had ever known before.

  Alex blinked as he looked up at her. His eyes followed the line of her body, taking in everything before he got to her face, which was simply the most beautiful face he had seen in all his years. What the hell was wrong with him, really, a demon? Beautiful?

  “Yes?” his eyebrows where high. He honestly couldn’t be sure if she had spoken or not.

  “Your name?” she snapped, but Alex saw a softness to her face that made his stomach tighten.

  “Alexander,” he spoke without a thought.

  Her smile was more a welcome than he had ever thought it’d be. “Figures that be it. You are a warrior after all.”

  Was he? He sure wanted to be one now. And how paratactic is that.

  “I’m Lexei, since you don’t seem to be bothering askin’.”

  Alex felt his lips curled, “wasn’t like you gave me any time.”

  “Sure I did, the pause was eternal.” She bit back, but the light in her eyes said something altogether different.

  Did she like bickering? If so, he was more screwed than he thought.

  “If you mean ‘not quite enough time to take in a breath’ as eternity, than your right and I apologise.”

  “You’re a little too smart mouthed to be an angel,” she smiled a smile that would get the pope of his knees and out of his robes.

  “There’s a reason I fell,” he replied.

  “Doubt it was because you wanted to be a smartass.”

  “True,” he sighed and sunk a little into his skin. He wasn’t all that sure why he felt the way he did. It hadn’t bothered him in centuries, upon centuries, that he had fallen. Than out of nowhere he wanted more. A life that he would never get in his fallen statues. And so here he sat waiting to be told what he needed to do to get him back into the Above.

  There was silence in the room as Lexei—just thinking her name made him turn a little soft in the brain, he wasn’t sure he could take saying it. Hell, he was not going to make this trip—sat down opposite him in the floor, letting her long legs cross over each other, showing him everything that got a man’s mouth-watering. She was—

  He cleared his throat to get rid of the thoughts, images—the need to jump across the space and devour her. He looked away, he couldn’t look without tasting, feeling and he wasn’t allowed to looking.

  “What are you doing?” he asked his voice a little deeper from the built up lust inside him. He couldn’t help his peripheral vision picking up her movement and then when he noticed her putting things into a pot curiosity got the better of him. Would it always?

  “Preparing,” her smile was secretive. “So... why’d you fall?”

  “Lust,” he muttered, “isn’t it always.”

  She shrugged her slender shoulders, making his eyes go there; making him wonder what part of her would be the tenderness. The spot that would get her soft in his arms from just a light brush.

  “In general or for someone specific?” she asked and there was a note in her voice that made his mind blink, was it anger?

  He swallowed not really wanting to tell her, but the words come out nonetheless. “Specific.”

  “Oh,” she said, than everything inside her changed, he felt it as if everything around them shifted, “what was it like?”

  “Loving someone?”

  “No,” she looked at him, her eyes made his chest tighten, “well yes, but what’s it like to fornicate?”

  He nearly chocked, “you haven’t had sex?”

  She shook her head, though her face just held open curiosity, she wanted to know and wasn’t the least bit embarrassed at finding out the answer.

  Alex cleared his throat, for as much as to think of an answer, as to the fact that she was a virgin. A virgin demon. Who had all the signs of being a succubus, it didn’t make any scene, unless she was lying to him. But why?

  “Well,” he began when her open curiosity got him thinking she was telling the truth. “It’s an amazing experience. Like nothing you could ever imagine, and much better with someone that matters, or that you find attractive than some random off the street.” He wasn’t sure why he told her that last part. Couldn’t find it in him at all to understand any of it. But the words came out and as she nodded and took his words in he couldn’t find himself regretting it.

  “My mum thinks there’s something wrong with me, because I’ve never laid with someone,” she spoke as if he were her confident.

  “And why’s—mum?”

  “Yeah,” she nodded and looked into the bowl, picking it up and sniffing before putting some more green power into it. “I was born, not created.”

  “Really,” didn’t that bit of information make him lighter, a born demon was like a mortal that lived forever, not even Alex was born, no angels were, and normally no demon. “How is that possible?” he couldn’t help but ask.

  She shrugged, “apparently it isn’t every day and demon lays with a demon. My mum is a succubus, and she found out the hard way that real sex has consequences.”

  “But...” he shook his head, letting the information settle and unwind in his head, “but a created being can’t reproduce,” because they can’t.

  “I don’t know how it happened or why, my mum hid and I was born but since my dad is a creator he just...lied, and so they think I was created, they think me a succubus, and it’s why my mum hates me, ‘cause I don’t fuck.”

  “What about your dad what’s he?”

  “A Truly Fallen, it’s why he’s a creator,” she said her eyes never once looking up at him.

  “And what are you?” he whispered leaning close, he actually found all this interesting, and all he wanted was to learn more.

  “I don’t know, they won’t let me do anything, and you can’t find that stuff by sittin’ in the plans.”

  “Unbelievable,” Alex muttered as he leant back on his elbows, looking up at her cracked roof. “It’s just... I wonder why it happened.”

  “Who knows, maybe it was to help a smart mouth angel make his way through hell without becoming a fixture.”

  Alex laughs, “It’s a start and not like I couldn’t use it.”

  “Yes, ‘cause you walking around the way you are, you’re going to get notice quickly.”

  “Like what,” he looked down at himself.

  “Clothed,” she said, only it sounded odd, not her usual self—or what he was coming to except as her usual self. When his eyes flashed to her face he noticed it was more a purple than the blue it had been before.

  “Are you blushing?” he asked without thought.

  She looked away, a sign that she had been, her face become purpler. “Yes,” she mutters, like she can’t lie to him.

  A smile stretches across his face; Alex seems to like the idea of her blushing while thinking of him naked. It was a good thing and one that he was going to have to be careful with. He couldn’t touch her. Not if he wanted back in the skies.


Lexei couldn’t get her eyes off the angel—Alexander—while he stood up and grab at the bottom of his shirt. her eyes followed the movement of his stomach muscles as his shirt lifted and his upper back bent back slightly as he pulled it over his chest.

  When he let his arms fall back to his sides, she was still looking, caressing the rippling muscle span on his stomach up his chest. His nipples were small, brown, pricked in a way that made her mouth water. She wanted a taste. His collar bones were a sharp line that sat below his neck.

  Her eyes roamed, taking in every detail. Not able to look away for any reason. She had never seen anything as beautiful as this man.

  When he reached for the buttons on his pants, Lexei found herself standing, her eyes latched to the movement, her lips dry, needing the quick moisture licks of her tongue.

  “This isn’t going to work,” Alexander said his voice a croak.

  “What isn’t?” she asked, her eyes still stayed on his fingers as they had paused in what he was doing. She wanted him to finish, she wanted to see it all.

  “Lexei,” he seemed to pant out, but it was more of a cry of help than anything she wanted to hear from him. Odd. It really shouldn’t have bothered her how she was getting what she wanted. She should be just taking it. But no matter what she was meant to do, to be. She just didn’t seem to like that tone in his voice. It made all that heat that had been rising up inside her, wither slightly.  

  Their eyes clashed and her breath stopped on the way out. His face was alight with want, a need running so deep that it was evident in the clench of his jaw and the light sweat on his forehead and upper lip. His eyes burnt into her as he looked down. Begging her to make him continue along, with the need to make this stop. He didn’t want this? Didn’t want to feel this about her?

  She swallowed and it was so painful she felt her eyes started to water from it.

  “Oh, no, Lexei,” Alexander said, his voice tight. “It’s not you. Really, it’s that...” his voice trailed off, Lexei got a feeling that it was because he wasn’t liking the excuse. She wasn’t either.

  “You don’t have to lie,” she spoke, her eyes never leaving his no matter what. She was not going to be considered weak in front of him. Not when she was going to be taking him into the Pits.

  Alexander went to open his month but Lexei cut him off, “If you’re not going to take them off,” she pointed at his pants, “than we are going to have to dirty them, make them look like you have prudish tendencies. Maybe been above for too long.”

  “Does that happen often?” he asked his voice sounded a little off, but Lexei didn’t seem to notice.

  “Not really, most of us can’t wait to take them off, but it’s known to happen,” she said as she started gathering up the things that they would need. And to distract herself from the hotness that was him, that mingled with disappointment that he didn’t want to be naked in front of her.

  “Have you been above?” he asked, like he couldn’t stop himself.

  She shook her head, “I haven’t even gotten work yet, and without work there’s no way to be noticed to be pushed up, to be rewarded.”

  “The human world is a reward?”

  “yes,” she sighed and looked at him, she wish she hadn’t, he was still in the same spot, his fingers on his pant button, his face moving from hot to cold, as if she was watching the inner workings of the fight he was having with himself.

  It made her feel better that he did want her. But she still couldn’t understand why he stopped.

  “Yes, you work and, points? that let you move up the chain and when you reach a certain point—well, you are able to visit topside.”

  “What do you have to do to get these points?”

  Lexei shrugged, “you know, torture, corrupt, lie, cheat. It’s pretty simple, and mostly you just work your way through the levels until your powerful enough to break the walls, or get summoned.”

  “So you have to sin, to get power?”


  “So why haven’t they let you?” he asked as she started heading back to him. There must have been something on her face because he swallowed loud enough for her to hear him and then he croaked, “What are you doing?”

  “Going to rip at your pants a little,” she paused, that little something in his voice stopping her dead. Was she scaring him? “And I don’t know why they won’t let me, it’s not like I can ask.”

  “Why not?”

  She sighed, the man did like to talk, if only he didn’t sound so interested, maybe then she wouldn’t feel this deep need to answer him. “Because the decision comes from the creators, and since we are so beneath them, they won’t ever consider talking to us. And even more so, what do you think would happen if I did? Do you think they would go down nicely, that they will listen, understand and then act on my problems?”

  A small smile played at the corners of Alexander’s lips, she liked it so much it nearly had her panting, “It doesn’t sound like a demon thing to me.”

  “See and they aren’t demon’s they are fallen angels.” Her tone was slightly breathy, and she was having a little trouble holding onto the conversation. Wasn’t sure at all how it started up.

  His smile lit up his face, and yet it wasn’t happy, just a laugh that wasn’t fully made, or deserved, “Yeah, I know us Fallen aren’t all that helpful, or nice, and the Truly Fallen, well... they were dicks to begin with.”

  “Dicks?” she couldn’t help it, she laughed.

  “Yeah, assholes, damned, you know, the attitude that demons inherited,” Alex went on his smile getting wider and wider.

  Lexi tilted her head slightly, “Yes, I suppose your right.” she went forward again. She had to make his pants not stand out and as it were they screamed what they were. But for some reason whenever she went near him, or even looked down at his pants, his body would tense up.

  “Why won’t you let me touch you?” she asked after a long pause where neither of them said anything. Her voice sounded weird, a tone in it that she had never heard from herself before. Pouty maybe?

  “Because I want to go home,” he replied.  

A short story, inspired by Lisa Descrochers’ Personal Demon series (I have read 1 & 2)
I did no real research—I haven’t gotten that far; and the stuff I had was regarded loosely. And I’m sorry but this story was meant to be YA, though I’m not real sure I did that will.

4,810 words
It’s meant to be about an Angel finding what he truly needed in life. and a demon who could never truly do her job.


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