Tuesday 12 March 2013

Stuck in Your Head # 38

where I give give you the line from the books I've read that make my mind crave the rest like chocolate & Coke.

Okay, so this on isn’t really ‘bout the guys from said book, but in fact one of Johnnie/Tyler moments

‘Johnnie found them in no time, sauntering up to the table. Tyler’s eyes went wide when the singer pulled his chair out and sat on his lap, straddling him. Johnnie’s loose white shirt fluttered about him like wings as he cupped Tyler’s jaw in both hands and planted a kiss on his lips. the two of them, one in fluttering white and the other in lemon silk, looked like a piece of the heaven in Johnnie’s name. […]’
page 258, paperback

Purgatory by Jet Mykles
(Heaven Sent #2)
First Published July 2006 by Loose Id
Bind-up published 2007 by Loose Id
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Lucas Sloane defines beautiful for Reese. Tall and sleek with gorgeous red hair and deep, dark eyes to drown in, it's no wonder that the famous bass player is the hero of many a starry-eyed teenager's dreams.

Reese used to be one of those teens. Back when Heaven Sent was no more than the house band for the local club, Purgatory. Back then, it was easy to get to know Luc. To become friends with him. Somehow, Reese found the courage to take heart in hand and confess his love to Luc… only to be soundly rejected. Luc wasn’t gay. Not long after, Heaven Sent left town and skyrocketed into rock and roll stardom.

Now, six years later, Luc is back in town for a visit and more gorgeous than ever. Surprisingly, he not only apologizes for his treatment of Reese years ago, he comes onto him. Seems Luc's discovered the pleasures of being with a man and wants to know what it'd be like between the two of them.

But Reese can't. He just can’t. He lives the straight and narrow. He teaches high school. He's got a girlfriend. He has a normal life. He can't be gay.

Of course, it's really very hard to deny the man who's defined everything beautiful in Reese's artistic mind. Okay. No one has to know about it, right?

Series includes
Heaven, Pretty Red Ribbon, Sexy Spring Surprise, Hell, Feisty Little Firecracker, Faith, Sly Spectral Trick, Genesis & Revelations

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