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Let’s Talk: BDB 10 & 11 by JR Ward

In the darkest corners of the night in Caldwell, New York, a conflict like no other rages. The city is home to a bank of brothers born to defend their race:
The warrior vampires of the Black Dagger Brotherhood


Lover Reborn, BDB #10

Tohrment & No’One

Published 2012 by Piatkus

Paperback; 572p w/ 77 chapters

Lover at Last, BDB #11

Qhuinn & Blaylock

Published in 2013 by Piatkus

Paperback; 591p w/ 84 chapters

Man, it’s been a long time since I have read a het book, nearly a fucking year. Shit.
Sigh…back into the Black Dagger Brotherhood world….

Okay, so I’m a little behind the time, mostly this is ‘cause I am not a fan of Tohrment. I wasn’t when we were first introduced to him. Even when he took John in. and I haven’t been since. To be honest I couldn’t even get any real feelings up for the wife he lost. Mostly I just felt that sadness for John. To me that whole relationship, all those people were just muttering around for John, to make John into what he is now.
Yeah, I’m a John fan, sue me. I have liked him since he first came onto the scene and that love hasn’t died. Shit I was disappointed that he wasn’t in the last one I rea—
Anyway, it’s not the point and if I start I probably won’t stop.

So I’m not a Tohr fan.
It’s the reason that I have taken so long to read this monster of a book.
That and I have to. Goddamn the bitch (said lovingly) for entwining all her books with about twelve different stories and characters that are to come, and information that’s needed. To a point that it starts to mess with the main story, it actually fucks around a bit with it.
Just about the drop trow, lots of tongue and teeth—bam! We are in a messed up hotel room with some other fucker being all serious (this isn’t what happens in this book, or any if I’m think hard, but it’s what happens)—bam! Back to a dick sliding in. it’s messed up, and it’s confusing and it takes away everything from the love making scene we were enjoying.
Really people, I’m sorry, but it’s my biggest compliant—if only one from her writing style.

So to be able to fully and completely enjoy Lover at Last, I had to read this beast of a book. Had to. But I managed to get to a point where I could always push it back.
I can’t now.
I want Lover at Last.
I want it in my head, filling it with all its cottony goodness.
I want to know how she dose with the whole m/m scene, though I’m a fan of the Fallen Angel series and so I know she’s got no problem with men holding another man’s dick, so my fear on that is more about other people’s thoughts banging in my head. But we’ll see.

So, this book, like I’m most likely do with the other is focus solely on the two main characters and their story lines. Though be warned, this is only a scratch of what the book is. The beast it may be, but it’s only really a normal sized romance if we take out everyone else’s shit and just have the happy couple.

Okay, I’m going to say this, just incase there’s someone out there whole is still hesitant about this book. I was, though (well, it’s listed above) but it is done in such a great way—why I thought it wouldn’t be—that I could see it. I could feel it. And though the story was heading in the way it ended up, and you could see that, the end. That moment, those last few couple of pages—what the fuck?!!!

Anyway, this whole book is set up over three months (?, sorry, maybe it’s a year) though honestly, even as you can see the whole change in him, and in the storyline, the words and the way things went felt run off to me… so yeah, a year would work, wouldn’t it?

Tohr is a broken warrior. It’s a fact. It’s was known back in book…. Who cares, back then when he came back that he was broken and there wasn’t anything that was gonna fix him. Until John’s book came round and we got a taste of the past. Mostly it was to show how fate works, you know, by showing us how Xhex was born and all that crap (if you aren’t following, you really need to go and read this series from the start, there’s not point coming in this late) and then she brings in her mother, No’One and there’s a past there, a point in Tohr that has him shocked to see her and all that.

And then and angel gets threw to him. And things start to change. Not only because they have to, but because life does that.

This is a sweet story, I found it boringly interesting. I could put it down, the whole time, until the last, maybe part.
Yeah, and that’s all I can actually think of to say about the book. Honestly, it was interesting while I was reading it, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I knew I needed things from this book to help with the next I’m not sure I would have finished the whole thing. Though I’m glad I did. Truly. It was up there with the best.
Okay, well, I would put it at more, like Phury’s book, and he’s bored me too. So…

…yeah, let’s more onto the next beast of a book. I will say this; she sure does fill her books. It makes it much easier for me to feel completely comfortable spending the $30 I have to get it when it first comes out.

So Qhuinn and By have been bouncing around this love affair they aren’t having for the last… again, I think it was in what, lover unbound—no, Enshrined? When they shared the first kiss in the locker-room, which was a simple fix-it room way back when Qhuinn was clearing up the deep cut on Blay’s back and telling him to be happy with someone else ‘cause Qhuinn just couldn’t give back the males love.
Well… forward to the now, and we’ve been through the slut Qhuinn that ended up coming to a stop with a red haired dude in a pub. With him sinking into despair as he tries to stay back when all he wants is to rip Blay from his cousin’s arms.

And Blay, poor bastard he is has been holding onto a broken heart since he was turned down all those books ago. And I feel a lot of people’s problem with Blay is that we—threw the series—have read more from Qhuinn head then Blay’s.
But think about it. If you didn’t know what was happening with Qhuinn and Layla, what would you think was going on? How would your heart fair even as you know, you understand your doing the same thing.
But wait, as far as Blay knows Qhuinn is fully into Layla and not at all into Blay.

So this tale seemed to swing more towards Qhuinn, everyone’s been saying it, and it’s true, but if you think about it, that’s how romances work, there’s one fucked up guy and one that’s there to save them. Only there was Blay, and he’s problems and all that—though the blow up at the end was a little weird, and I didn’t really get it, but hey, all roads lead to the end, and it made scenes, sorta…

I have two points about this book. One, it was a het romance in disguise of two males, and I’m not saying it was done back, but if this was all that going mainstream with gay then I kinda hope it doesn’t work, ‘cause it would not help anyone. Only hurt.
Two, Qhuinn turned very, um, un-Qhuinn as the book progressed. Though it was good and I liked it, I ended up missing the punk from the kid. I missed Qhuinn even though he was right there.
I liked that Blays problems with Qhuinn weren’t actually anything to do with him, his personality. Though why, in the last two books, I might add, there was no mention of the bonding scent threw them until the very end.
I love, and I mean loved the plain scene they had, that it entwined between Qhuinn and Layla and ended it with Blay, I thought that it was the best play on the story line that I have ever seen in this series. Keep the tension on both ends, holding so much information about the structure of the race. And the tension in the plan… it was just really well done and one of my favourite scene in the whole series.

And I think I’m done. Honestly, I know there’s heaps more to talk about. I know there’s a lot more I’d like to say, I’d like to go in on, but…well, I don’t think I should.

I went a little lazy on this one, since I was reading them back to back, and by then I was getting tired and all that shit. So I didn’t actually read the outta characters, and saying this, the Qhuinn and Blay part, much bigger than I actually thought.
Also, Ward has seemed to do a lot better when it comes to not fucking around with her sex scenes like I thought. So that was more enjoyable.

But as this is about the two books, I feel I need to add the other characters that had the heads in the game.
·         Layla, Chosen
·         Xcor, Band of Bastards
o   Throe & Zypher (if I remember correctly)
·         Saxton, Wraths lawyer
·         Wrath, King
·         Trez, Shadow & iAm (a little)
·         John Matthew & Xhex, newly mated
·         Lassiter, angel
·         Assail, aristocrat
·         Sola, ?? (sorry didn’t read it)
·         Mr. C, Lesser

I think that’s it.
I would like to put in that only, I think, three of them didn’t appear in both books. And four of the other had massive side stories, with two of them starting in the first.
It really is a lot of stories to remember.
But I enjoy it. I’ve enjoyed it right from the start. And I probably will continue to, no matter how much I tell myself I could stop. I won’t.

Dark Lover, Lover Eternal, Lover Awakened, Lover Revealed, Lover Unbound, Lover Enshrined, Father Mine, Lover Avenged, Lover Mine, Lover Unleashed,

to come: The King

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