Wednesday 10 April 2013

Waiting in Wednesday #46

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I think I’m becoming a Total-e-bound adviser, or is it more that I’m being lazy…?

Home is sweetest when it’s the one person you can’t live without.

Yancey MacCafferty and Juan Romanos fell in love when they were in their teens, but their families convinced them both to follow their dreams and explore the world before committing to each other.

Their dreams take them in different directions. Yancey heads off to veterinarian school while Juan goes East to ride show horses. They stay in touch, and see each other as often as they can, but slowly they begin to drift apart.

Until Yancey graduates from college and decides it’s time to claim Juan as his. He gets a job working at a clinic near where Juan trains and rides. They spend as much time together as their work allows, finding out that while they may still love each other, meshing their lives together will take a lot more work.

Reader Advisory: This book is part of a series and is best read in sequence.

Home Sweet Home by T.A Chase
 (Home #5)
Expected publication 27th May 2013 by Total-e-Bound
Contemporary Romance
Series includes

No Going Home, Home of His Own, Wishing for a Home, Leaving Home


Jason is hiding and it is only when he meets Kieran that he finds home.

Jason McInnery, hounded by the paparazzi after his brother's death, runs to the one place where he hopes people will not sell him out. The place where he was born.

Hiding in the tourist cabins at Ellery Mountain Resort out of season he thinks he finally has room to breathe.

If only Kieran Dexter, a man ten years his junior, would stop fixing stuff and generally causing ripples in Jason's calm space.

The Carpenter and the Actor by RJ Scott
 (Ellery Mountain #3)
Expected publication 29th April 2013 by Total-e-Bound
Contemporary Romance
Series includes
The Fireman and the Cop, The Teacher and the Soldier, The Doctor and the Bad Boy


Making up his mind to get what he wants—who he wants—and going after it are two entirely different things.

Struggling with depression and adjusting to new meds, John finds his resolve to convince Benji of his sincerity. It’s hard enough to drag himself out of bed each day, and the medication makes him sluggish, which doesn’t help.

But it also begins to stabilise him, to ease back the depression and help John to see what he wants and what he’s been lying to himself about. The things people do and tell themselves to help them cope can also confine and constrain them. John wants no tethers save the love of one man.

He’ll need to come clean with himself, and with Benji. Talking is so much more difficult than fucking, but John will do whatever it takes to bring him and Benji together.

Yes, Forever Serial, Part Five by Bailey Bradford
Expected publication 27 May 2013 by Tatoal-e-Bound
Contemporary Comedy Romance
Series includes


When you come to the end of a ten year search, what comes next?

As an eight-year-old, Zeke Straus couldn’t help his big brother Kade when their father kicked him out, but he vowed to find him no matter what it took. At the age of eighteen, Zeke struck out on his own to fulfil that promise. Now, after ten years of fruitless searching and living in rundown motel rooms, he lands yet another bartender job. The last thing Zeke expects is the attraction he feels for the club’s owner.

When Fallon’s on Fifth closes after its owner’s conviction, Reid Jackson and his best friend Alec Demakis decide to buy the bar and turn it into Clean Slate. When a sexy as sin bartender walks through the door to apply for a position, Reid finds he has several in mind he’d like to try with Zeke.

Kade Straus overcame his past and found the love of his life in partner, Lark. Although he’s often thought of the brother he left behind, guilt has kept him from contacting his family for twenty years. When he hears that a Zeke Straus with a matching birthdate was hired to work at a friend’s bar, he has little choice but to leave Cattle Valley and come face to face with a past he’s never confessed to Lark.

Zeke is torn between his unexpected feelings for Reid and reconnecting with the brother he’s devoted his adult life to searching for. He’s never found a place he wanted to settle down before, so now that his journey’s at an end, how will he choose where to make his home?

Watch Me by Carol Lynne
 (Campus Cravings #17)
Expected publication 27 May 2013 by Total-e-Bound
Contemporary Romance
Series includes
Coach, side-Lined, Sacking the Quarterback, Off-Season, Forbidden Freshman, Broken Pottery, In Bear’s Bed, Office Advances, A Biker’s Vow, Hershie’s Kiss, Theron’s Return, Live for Today, Incoming Freshman, A Lesson Learned, Lucky in Love, the Injustice of Being

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