Saturday 11 May 2013

Adults Corner #23

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

These are parts of stories that are still being written. And therefore haven’t had a BETA read, let alone a editing from me.

 Okay, so this week I have been re-reading and fixing up a lot of my stories, ‘cause… I’m gonna submit something next week (and I’m batshit scared so there’s that as well) anyway, I came across this, it kinda works, though it may, or may not stay in the story
Anyway here’s the first scene from…

The Rub of my Werewolf
(Moonlit Wolves #5)
Gene (werewolf) & Daniels’ story

“Oh fuck yeah,” Gene groaned as Daniel sunk to his knees.
Daniel smiled up at him as he shifted Gene’s pants down lower on his arse. It was a little uncomfortable ‘cause he hadn’t quite hooked them under the flesh. But that uncomfort was quickly forgotten when Daniel took the head of his cock into his mouth with a sharp suck.
Gene lost his fucking mind. Daniel was great at head. Yeah, it what everyone thought, hell, a wet mouth was a wet mouth and all that shit. But Daniel…fuck man, Daniel just went at it with enthusiasm and technic. That was designed to work you up quickly and throw you down fast.
“Fuck man,” he muttered again, his hands running threw the other mans’ hands, tugging it slightly. Thrusting even more. He was ready. He needed it to end.
With a deep swallow Gene had it. Tapping Daniel on the head he pushed himself as far back into the wall as he could.
With a loud slurp, Daniel sat back on his heels, putting his hand back around Gene’s cock he started to jack him off.
“You really don’t stop talkin’ do ya?” Daniel smiled as he looked up at Gene while working him fast.
Gene puffed his fingers cawing at the wall behind him. “Already…. know tha—arg!”
Gene breathed threw the orgasm as he looked at Daniel. “Ya want me to turn ‘round?”
“Nar,” Daniel smiled as he got up, shifting Gene back together, before giving him a brief kiss. “I gotta go back. Thanks though.”
“Can I see ya later?” Gene asked he hated this; the need to beg at the end of each encounter, but Daniel….he never did more. Never did relationships. So Gene was left with getting what he could and praying he could get more at the end of it.
Daniel smiled that smile he always did, and Gene’s heart sank into the deep pits of his stomach. But he kept his face set. He’s learnt that, learnt it ‘cause of this very man.
“Cool then,” Gene said as he stood up. “See ya next time.” and he walked off. He had never done that before. But he was getting to a point that he just couldn’t do this anymore. Couldn’t deal with the words that left the other man’s mouth.
“You run and we’ll see how long you keep that body away from me. You stay here, with me, and I’ll protect you from everything.”
That is it

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