Saturday 8 June 2013

Adults Corner #25

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

These are parts of stories that are still being written. And therefore haven’t had a BETA read, let alone a editing from me.
Something Wicked Cross His Back
Part 2 by Bronwyn Heeley
Contemporary BDSM erotica, m/m
A continue of Harley & Bead’s story @ 2,909 words

It had been three months since Bead had been in this club. The dank air seemed to put him back in a time when smoking indoor was a given and he wasn’t allowed to drink—at least not without his brothers ID which he stool before the bastard went off to Uni.
This wasn’t the place for him. It wasn’t a place he wanted to be. Not without pain and shows. Contests don’t run all that often. Yeah, if he wanted to become some big man’s slave thing would be different. However, he wasn’t into that sort of shit. He just wanted—fuck, yeah, okay, needed pain. Which is why he was now sitting in this shitty little leather club waiting for the man to break off from his pack and come out to play.
Yeah, he was being a little overdramatic, but he had been sitting here for an hour now and Harley—the guy he wanted a moment with—hadn’t been left alone once. No even his two trips to the toilet. And he itched. Bead itched like a bitch as he sat on the seat wanting something he could only get from this man.
Those nights they had spent together when Harley took him home and cleaned him up. They had fucked three times in that space. Each harder, dirtier than the last, and Bead hadn’t been able to get it off his mind. So, now he was itchy. He needed Harley’s hands on him. He needed that pain that only Harley seemed to be able to give him. He needed an orgasm he hadn’t been able to have in that time. Not from his own hands. Not from anyone else’s.
So here he sat. Stalking a man in a place he really wanted to leave. In addition, he knew he wouldn’t be able to until he spoke to the man, even if that meant gritting his teeth and dealing with the man in the face of his buddies, who don’t really seem the nicest of males. but then what did Bead know, maybe that boy on his knees consented fully and completely with everything that he is to being pissed on by four of the main guys mates.
Sigh, and yeah, it needed an actual wording, ‘cause he was still here, sipping at a beer and waiting for a man. Something he had never done before. And had hoped he’d never would do. But no, here he was. Waiting. Watching. Being the little bitch he always called the man and woman who had done this to him and his own set of mates.
Hating himself use a little bit Bead turned around, his elbows hit the sticky bar. Fingers wrapped around the room temp. Beer he had been drinking for the last half hour. He looked into the flat liquid, a small circle of head around the glass.
“Well look what the cat dragged in,” a deep voice that made Bead’s whole body stand up and pay attention, it wasn’t in a good way. No for him.
“Toby,” Bead acknowledged without looking over at the man. He didn’t want the man to think anything of it. “What can I do for you?” not that he cared, not that he would ever do it. ‘Cause whatever this man wanted Bead would rather cut off his own balls.
This wasn’t for the fact that the man had one of those faces that only a mother could love. A little robust, and something you would attribute to a hog. With a stubby noise and squinty eyes. Thinning hair that was tied at the nape of his neck as a few strands covered the balled spot. Bead honestly didn’t care what the person looked like. Most of the times he came here he wasn’t looking for sex. And if Toby would be happy with that then thing could more along but the man wanted more. He wanted Bead as his little bitch and no matter what he had told him otherwise, the man didn’t seem to want to let it go.
The said thing about it all was that Bead kinda feared for his own safety when it came to this man. He feared for his freedom, and his choice. Being as he wasn’t anything but average and Tody had on him at least a fifty kilos worth of flubber, and the power behind his swing indicated some heavy upper body lifting.
Bead wasn’t all that bad at defending himself. Hell, he knew a thing or two, and he’d lived a life that had hardened him a little. With more than a few broken, or dislocated knuckles. But this man. Freaked him out to a point that if it weren’t for his self-preservation he’s pride would probably have kicked in from how this man emasculated him.
“Come on, little bitch,” Toby mumbled in what Bead gathered was his come-hither voice. “Let’s get a room, have some fun.”
“no thinks, Toby, some other time maybe,” he mumbled back, which had him turning around and looking at the man, in his leather pants, and opened leather vest that showed that extra weight behind a layer of dark hair. The man was classic bear with a dash of daddy. Which Bead didn’t need.
“Oh, come on,” he purred, though it grated at Bead’s ears as good as the best bimbos whines. “Just a little scene. I’ll make it worth your while.”
“I said, no thanks,” Bead raised his voice just slightly, though he smiled at Toby that suggested something could happen another time. There was no way he was putting a flat out no to this man. Not when he didn’t know just how crazy the guy would get.
It didn’t matter though, not in places like this, which was a good thing, and made it seemingly one of the safest buildings in this town. There workers were there for more than just a pouring device. They were trained to notice and protect the patrons. Therefore, when Bead’s voice got higher, he inadvertally grabbed the attention of the nearest barkeep who was now standing on the other side of the bar from them, one hand out of sight, the other holding a near empty bottle of bourbon. He wasn’t there to stop anything, just make sure it was consensual and to make sure both of them understood that they were being watched and the rules they agreed to by crossing the threshold of club.
Toby looked at the man; Bead didn’t, though he felt him there like a wall of fire. Big, intimidating, and causing a scene without anyone noticing anything.
Toby hit his knuckles on the wooden top, a rap that was almost universal for bye, he smiled at Bead, “Maybe next time.” he brushed his lips against Beads cheek before walking off, as Bead did everything he could to push back the shiver of dread that came with those lips. He wasn’t a little bitch. He wasn’t scared of men, woman—anyone.
Sucking up everything he was, Bead nodded at the barkeep. Thanking him without words. Then looked around in a self-concuss way and let out a sigh of—
God yeah. Bead nearly screamed. Laughed out load. Threw all to the wind, ‘cause Harley was moving in the direction of the toilets and he was by his fucking self.
“Finally,” he muttered as he got off his stool and went in the same direction, his eyes never leaving the man even as he swayed, and manovered around all the puppies, and daddies, and bears, and twinks.
The hallway to the bathrooms was red walls and black floor and roof. It was odd and narrow, making it only a one person at a time sort of deal. It was also quite as hell back here considering the amount all noise in the main room. Though you could still hear the muffled screams of music threw the door as you moved down it.
There were four doorways, the first two where door less and dark. They lead up to the room over the bar. Playrooms, both private and showing littered the second and third floors. The next two where male and female bathrooms, which were nice, clean and sat there under the stair-wells, which was actually really cool, if you were going into them looking at the architect and not ‘cause you were about to end up on your needs with a cock down your throat. At least, the men’s room, god knows what the women were doing in there’s.
Harley was just entering the male’s room when Bead got halfway down the hall. It clicked shut just as Bead placed a hand on the flat metal ‘handle’ when a strong grip grabbed at the flesh just above his elbow.
“Now, you little cock tease, I’ve got you,” Toby sneered, and Bead realised he’d fucked up. Not in dismissing the guy. Not even if forgetting him the moment he had a chance, but for not realising just how fucked in the head the man was. or how much he wanted a piece of Bead’s arse.
“Fucking arse,” Bead growled as he was lifted off his feet. He let them swing out, hitting the door hard enough that they opened up long enough, “got off me wanker.”
“No,” Toby snarled. “For a year now I’ve been coming here watching as he get up on that stage and taking a whip as nicely as you do. You tease, and you play, and now it’s my turn.”
“Just great,” Bead antagonised. There was no fucking way he was going down this road like a good little boy. If the man was planning on raping him he was going to have to do it the old fashion way. Or but knocking him the fuck out. “Just what I need, and fuck I’m not gonna be able to feel.”
Toby kicked open fire door at the very end of the hall. “Oh, you’re gonna feel every minute of what I’ve got planned. Right up to the moment I pour by balls into your arse.”
Bead rolled his eyes. He didn’t know why, wasn’t like Toby could see his face, but he’d have to guess it was mostly ‘cause he didn’t want to have to feel what he was really feeling. Because whatever had his heart beating that fast, and his body shaking in a cold sweat, wasn’t anything good.
It didn’t take long for Bead to get slammed into the front of a car. Toby had really been planning his one out, if the muffled sound of clocks opening was anything to go by, or the slight clink of keys hitting keys. Shit, he was in trouble.
“Now, Bead, are you going to beh—”
“What the fuck!” a voice of an angle—again, he’s situation, anyone would be spilling the same shit. Lit up everything inside before he was slammed further into the bonnet of the car he was laying on as Toby went down on top of him. This resulted in him getting pulled off the car as Toby kept hold of him as he went down onto the ground.
“Shit, sorry,” Harley said with a slight as he lifted a metal pipe up over his head. Bead only had a moment to move as Harley let gravity, and he was guessing, a shit load of aggressive muscle mass into the downward swing that cracked the man in the lower rips.
A puff of air left Toby as Harley smiled wider, lifting it up again and letting it drop, the same pressure, slightly different place. This went on for a few moments, which felt like hours, and seconds all rolled into one.
When muscles tired and blood dripped onto the ground around them Harley stopped. A huge smile on his face as he looked up Bead. Who was also tied after getting in a few kicks of his own. He laughed. Then as their eyes and everything changed. That high was still running thick in his blood. Adrenalin he thought he was probably. His lust was shot to hell, which hadn’t been all that good to start with. His cock hadn’t been flaccid since he’d agreed this was the night to come clubbing, looking for a single, named—this—man.
Passion spark between them as their breath was heavy from exhaustion, and maybe something more, but Bead was only taken it as lust and an honest the god need to be fucked again by this man. The man that seemed to know exactly what he could take and when.
“Fuck,” Harley hissed as he dropped the pole at the fat lump bleeding on the ground. Bead’s feet had started moving too and before either of them seemed to realise how it happened, they were kissing. Teeth, tongues, chest, cocks, thigh, all rubbing, rolling, working against each other in a battle that didn’t seem to need a winner, or loser, but a place to lean up against as they worked off the extra aggression, while basking in the high.
“Shouldn’t be doing this,” Harley grunted as he pushed Bead up against the brick wall, his bruised face grinding into the rough surface adding an pinch of pain to ache his balls were already suffering though.
“We got time,” Bead muttered into the wall as he’s fingers undid his pants and helped Harley pushed them down past his knees. “Got lube.”
Harley laughed, “Maybe I wasn’t talking ‘bout being caught?” he said as he got busy getting himself ready, and Bead pushed one lubed finger into his hole, running the thick layer of liquid into the skin on the inside of the muscles.
“Like you don’t want this as much as I do,” Bead said as he passed back the lubed with the hand he wasn’t playing with himself with.
Harley laughed, “Ready?”
“Yep,” Bead said as he pulled his finger out, letting it run along the plump head of Harley’s latex covered cock as it lined up and pushed into his hole.
The burn was overwhelming, seeming to be splitting his arsehole in two as that thick head pushed into his slightly opened hole. It was utter fucking bliss as Harley pushed in, and he pushed back, getting them to a point where the pain of entry wasn’t there anymore, or wasn’t enough for him and the real work started. But at that moment, that pain, ripping along his backbone, gripping tight at the base of his head. Making his muscles scream as they moved through the torture of him opening up to Harley fat arsed cock.
Bliss. Utter fucking bliss. Bead wished it didn’t have to end. Wished that this sting wouldn’t disappear, as it was starting to know. But he knew, knew there was more, and it was going to be just as good—hell better, but in a moment of things, that ripping burn of a fat cock up his cold arsehole. Utter… fucking… bliss!
“grah, more,” he grunted, moaned as Harley bottomed out, his thighs hot and hairy against his own, a moments rest. Always for Harley, he needed a pause to stop himself from coming to soon. It was actually one of the nicer things about fucking someone you’ve been with enough to understand the littler things. “Fuck me already,” Bead nearly screamed.
“Alright,” Harley laughed fingers gripped at his hair on top and pulled his head back so that he could have a kiss as the man’s hips started moving.
It was fast and dirty, Harley moved in and out of him like a piston. Beads own hand curled around his own cock as he gript it tight and pulled it hard, fast. In a slightly different tune than his arse was getting played at but more pleasurable for it. His fingers focusing more on the head as pre-cum built up between his fingers.
“You don’t come to these places,” Harley panted as he shifted down slightly, thrusting with his thighs as well as his hips. Creating a deeper line. “Why’d you come here tonight?” fingers got tighter in his hair, showing him. Demanding him to answer.
“You know why,” Bead groaned out.
“For this? Me?”
“For this,” He laughed through the motions of the fucking. “For the same reason you’re fucking me like you’d never fucked before. For the same reason where here, blood at our feet, along with your pants. For you Harley, I’m here for fucking you!”
“Shut it,” his hand left Bead’s hair and sealed across his mouth, muffling the words, muffling everything. “Oh fuck man, you ride better than anyone I’ve ever had before.” he whispered into Beads hair. “Fuck yeah.”
In the end, though, what really did Bead in was the fingers that cupped the front of his neck, short nails dig into the flesh on either side of his jugular, cutting off his air just slightly enough that his heart jumped. His mind melted into the pleasure that rolled through his body, causing the best orgasm to push out of his cock and take him over.
Coming back to reality with the sound of the back door being opened.
“Shit,” Harley laughed as he grabbed Bead under the arms and dragged him off into the darkness. Bead stumbled for a few steps as he got his pants back in place and buttoned up.
When they made it on to a heavy traffic street they slowed down, laughed as they looked at each other, “ya wanna grab something to eat?” Bead asked as he noticed a Macca’s up ahead.
“Sure,” Harley nodded, his eyes dancing with something more than the words he was saying. But there stomach were rumbling and that was enough, for now.
Stayed turned for part three

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