Thursday 20 June 2013

Hadn’t the Pleasure # 57

The books that have been collecting dust for so long they have become stained from it

Everyone has defining moments in time.

A path chosen, a journey taken, a decision made. Jacob Riley, an actor with possession charges hanging over his head and an attitude that the world owes him a living, is facing such a moment.

It is only with the help of others can he ever hope to find his way. Could Mac's and its enigmatic boss, Ethan Myers, be the ones to give Jacob his defining moment?

Moments by RJ Scott
First published 23 October 2010 be Silver Publishing
Re-released 25 February 2013 by Totel-E-Bound
iBook, 194 pages
Contemporary Romance

“Shit, Sam. March? That’s four frigging months.”
Jacob Riley, all six-three of pissed-off male, slammed the door to the small conference room behind him and stamped to the window to stare moodily at the bright sunshine-filled day outside. He twisted both hands tight into his short chestnut brown hair in frustration wondering how the fuck this day had just all gone to hell. […]

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