Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Pimping a Professional #5

This is fully and completely my own work.
I have not been asked by anyone to put in or say anything in this posting
All quote & pics come from author website and/or goodreads
Sara Alva
I have only read one of her books, which isn’t all that hard, since she hasn’t actually written all that many. She’s is, in fact, new—you know, not as new as me, but new all the same. Starting up in 2011 with


It’s a YA Contemporary Romance, short story

The in 2012 with No Strings

Another YA short story, though this one seems more hetro

Then two in 2013
Social Skills, which, I guess, I would put in as New Adult, if you didn’t want to call it YA
I’ve actually got this one, it’s a full novel about a socially awkward guy who falls for a jock, and there time with that.
It’s real sweet, and a great read, I recommend it.

And, Pura Vida

Which is a Love Has No Boundaries novella
It’s a new adult contemporary romance

And last is an upcoming novel Silent
this one will actually be put on my wish list

though I haven’t read more from the author, it isn’t that I wouldn’t, just not ever come across anything before this moment—really, I’m telling you about it, but I’m also learning about it all myself. Still, I didn’t find much, like I said, she’s new, and when your new there isn’t all that much around about you.

You can also find Alva @

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