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Story Corner #39: That’s Different…

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers

This post has not be edited, but hopefully it will all make sense

If you don’t know, I decided to write this ‘cause I wanted to learn about the BDSM world. I’m not real sure if I’m actually doing any good, but I’m giving it a shot.

So this set is because I promised a month of blog stories….

Oh, this is a blog story BDSM ménage romance
about a young man leaning the leather ropes from a couple and finding a little bit more.

This blog story miniseries needs to be read in order

                                PART FOUR
That’s Different…

It was a beauty of a chair, in Todd’s opinion of the thing; it seemed more like a throne.
     “Beauty ain’t she,” Jem’s scratchy voice came from the bed. Todd looked over as Jem’s massive body shifted around, coming to rest of his side, his oven cuffs in front of him as he looked out at Todd.
     Cass, tall and in charge, stood behind the throne, his hands caressing he sides of its high back.          
     Todd swallowed as he looked back at the chair. Red wood, metal, and leather, in all the places you’d expect to see them on any type of chair. It’s looked heavy. Adding the leather cuffs—at least that’s the only thing Todd could assume those flaps where—at two, three points.
     His body seemed to vibrate on his bones; it was that hard, the chain against his thighs rattled as he took in his fill. Every nook and cranny was caressed as Todd wondered what was about to happen on that chair.
     Was Cass going to sit there and have Todd worshiping him from ground up? 
     Walking around the throne, Cass’ fingers lingered against the wooden backing.
     “Jem?” the word seemed to be a sentence as Cass and Jem looked at each other. The interaction cooled Todd down a little as envy invaded his heart. He wanted that so fucking much.
     Todd’s eyes dropped to the ground, his heart squeezed tight behind his ribs as that one horrible emotion threatened to overrun everything.
     His wrists itched, and he felt the urge to cry. Just letting the big fugly sobs tear from his throat as he crumbled to the floor and begged for the humiliation to be over with.
     Another part of him soaked up the heat to his cheeks. He had this odd sensation that he could get use to this. That if his Masters wanted this from him, he’d be happy to beg at their feet to make him regret everything he ever wanted. To have them piss on him in public, because they would pet him and tell him what a good job he was doing.
     Todd knew this was the part of him that Cass didn’t like. And although Cass hadn’t said the words, Todd had heard the contempt in his voice as he talked about slaves and men who would happily do anything for a fat cock and some gentle words.
     Then there was the part of him that seemed to be at odds with everything else. That part of him wanted to demand his wrists be released so he could dress and leave. Because he didn’t deserve to be a little distraction in a couples rut. That he could do better than what was laying at his feet.
     This was that part of him that lived in happy bliss, and the one he’d been stupidly lessening to for his whole life. That part of him that thoughts everything he got off on was for losers who were played with by their uncles and didn’t know any better.
     Those people where nothing like him, and being that Todd hadn’t a clue what that was like, he had every right to look down upon those people or spit in their food.
     He was actually a bastard and he knew that. He’d like to think it was because of the people he hung around, or the words his family had said. But it would be a load of bullshit. It was simply that part of him that hated everything that he was. It was an added bonus of fuck-yous, to his mind that not only couldn’t he be like everyone else he knew, but he couldn’t even seem to get off on gay sex without thinking of the other guy tell him to what to do.
     It was almost harder for him to open up to this part of himself then it was for him to except that he was never going to be normal. Like the others. Instead, he had to be this fucked up person who liked dick rather than pussy.
     If it wasn’t for his sister, he was sure he’d still be in denial at being gay. That he’d have taken a poor woman who needed someone to ‘change’ in order to feel special. And he’d have probably stayed with her for a long and unhappy life, that involved kids and dogs, and maybe even a kitten.
     Or, worse, he wouldn’t have been able to deny this part of him and he’d turn into ever other guy who fucked, or was fucked, and then went home to a bleach bath and a razor. He’d have ended up an alcoholic, drugo, or worse, he’d gas himself in some parking lot when the men fucking him became too many to run away from.
     His sister, in all her weird ways, had been a support he’d never seen coming, and one that he’d never truly thanked before. But like all siblings, as age separated them, this part of him had brought them closer together, and made him realise that nothing he wanted was wrong, or different, or degrading. That it was something to hold onto and cherish like it was meant to be.
     She’d taught him, not only to understand the fact of himself, but that he wasn’t alone, and not in the sense that there were other gay men out there. He’d known that, but that they had all felt the same at times in there live—hell, most of them had trudged through hell because of something they couldn’t help but be.
     Fingers pulled Todd into a different position and before he could blink, the last of the buckles on the chair had been locked around him.
     “You were warned,” Cass said, his voice a snap of barely held together control.
     Todd’s eyes closed from the disappointment he’d seen in the other man’s eyes. He couldn’t—no, that was defiantly one thing he’d agreed with as they talked about this day. He wasn’t going to make excuses, he was just going to tell the truth and take his punishment.
     “What were you thinking about?” Jem asked from his place on the bed. Todd looked up without thinking. Jem had managed to move while he’d been off in his own mind, and now the other man sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Todd with an odd expression of interest in his gaze.
     “Noth—” Todd looked down, swallowed hard, and then flicked his eyes back up, a breath tightening the leather that held him against the back of the throne. “I was pushing away the envy, Sir; it took longer than it should have.”
     “Envy?” Jem asked his eyes narrowed slightly.
     Todd’s face heated up, his skin tightened as embarrassment worked its way through his body, trying to get him to get up and run away. But he couldn’t. The leather was keeping him exactly where he was meant to be.
     “Yeah,” he chocked out, “I want what you guys have.”   
     “What we have or us?” Cass voice was still hard, but it had a softer edge Todd was more used to.
     “I don’t understand the question.”
     “Do you want what we have, with someone else? Or to belong to us the way we belong to each other?”
     Todd still wasn’t sure what Cass was going on about. Of course, he wanted that with someone else, because he couldn’t have what they had with either of them. That wouldn’t be far to them as a couple, and Todd defiantly wasn’t going to fit in-between them for the long hall.
     Cass smiled; it was like he understood something that even Todd didn’t know the answer too.
     “Your first lesson,” Cass’ voice had that hard edge to it again. Completely void of emotions that he held before. “Can you move?”
     Of Course… Todd shifted in the seat. His legs and arms lifted, trying to get themselves free. But apparently he couldn’t actually move. His muscles strained and they hurt slightly as panic lit up through Todd’s veins. His couldn’t get free. His was trapped here, and he didn’t want that. He tried to move but his arse wouldn’t shit, it was stuck to the leather, which meant that he’d started to sweat.
     Why was he here? He didn’t… he didn’t… letting his head rest on the back of the chair, Todd let everything wash over him. He had asked for this. He had been the one to walk in the door and give his body up for the men to do what they wanted with him. He’d been given orders before he’d come and one had not to get lost. He had to answer all there question whenever they asked them, and if he didn’t he wasn’t going to be allowed to come.
     He remembered asking about that. About how they were going to make sure that didn’t happen, and there answer had been this chair. He was going to get strapped to it. he was going to be left alone, untouched as the other man had their fun, and if he was honest and was able to rectify the situation by telling them what they wanted to know, as they played with each other, then maybe, just maybe they’d let him get off at the end of it all.
     He’d wondered about that. Wondered why they’d give him a second chance when he fucked up, and simply, they had said it wasn’t in their nature to leave a man wanting. But more so, he was new, and all this was even newer, and it wasn’t reasonable for him to get everything first time around. However, if he proved to change as the season went on, then he deserved a reward.
     His muscles loosened as the memories and excitement about this night came back to him. An ache ran up his legs and into his joints. It was nearly unbearable and he tried to shift his limbs in order to relieve the strain but there was no moving. That was the point.
     “That’s a good boy,” Cass’ voice came to him in waves. The older man was standing at his side, stroking his hair as Todd let himself get comfortable with being strapped down to a chair.
     The first sign of his awakening to the room was a lick of his dry lips. Fingers slowed down and then stepped back as he opened his eyes into the soft wash of light and a large bed that held, at least seemed, an even larger man, cuffs in his legs as he looked at Todd with an understanding type of concern.
     Blinking twice made the spots stop dancing in his vision and Cass was back again at Jem’s side, his arm around the bigger man’s waist, his chin on his shoulder.
     “Feeling better now?” Cass asked, a slight smile pulled at Todd’s mouth and a relieved sigh seemed to work it’s way through his body.
     They were pleased with him. He did something right. Yeah, everything was better now.

Well… that was a little fuller than I expected. I hope you enjoyed.
Stay tuned to next Saturday when the last part of this session is posted: Cuffed to a Chair

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