Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Treats

So, tis the season, like I’ve said many times, only this week I’m feeling festive.
Maybe it’s because the parties have started (the defacto’s work Chrissy party was the best date we have ever been on, so fancy, and shit) and I’ve lived through the McGee KK which I always like to go to. But if you think about it, I have 58 family members, at last count, and only two have passed, one on the way. And just to let you know, 90% of that number comes from the McGee side of the family.
You have to love coming from an Irish family, it’s a perk I guess, lots and lots of people connecting you to the world.
Anyway, you don’t really care about my family. Or you could, but it’s not why you came here.
I also think, that my jolly’s have come from the fact that I have finally started writing again, I had a week of too much RL stress that was blocking my flow, and like a plug getting pulled—I’m not sure that’s the right metaphor?) I lost a lot of my stress, by finishing my Christmas shopping and learning I’d planned ahead a lot better than I realised.
So, deep breathe and let it out. And what did I find, voices screaming at me to get a move on before they forget what the hell there trying to tell me.
Anyway, since it’s something new, different, and everyone else is (and I won’t lose my GenY card by not being taken in by others whispers), I thought I would share a little from my current (and I mean, I’m writing it now) WIP
[Note: this is in its first draft. I haven’t read it threw more than to write it, so there are probably a shit load more mistake then your use to seeing with me. If not, disregard this note]
Something Said
     Hi. Seth nodded.
     Jason huffed a laugh, with a nod. Hi.
     They were being very, stereotypically, male. Embarrassed, shy, and nervous. Excited. And downright scared that what they wanted was opposite to the guy sitting next to them.
     “You get here all right?” Seth asked, looking out over the view.
     They’d chosen this spot because of the easy access. Along with the solitude—no one was sneaking up on them without them knowing, no matter what they were doing.
     “Yep,” Jase nodded, his head bobbing away on his neck.
     “Good,” Seth said, his head bobbing along with Jason’s. He leans forward; he’s elbows on his knees, his back arching slightly. His head cocks to the side, so he can look over his shoulder at the other guy.
     Their eyes lock. They share a laugh that was a little awkward.
     It’s always that way. Not the awkwardness, though I’m sure it seems that way. But it’s the inability to come up with anything to say to the other that doesn’t make them sound like a damn girl.
     It’s only hard with Jason. Seth has other male friends. One’s he’d even go as far as saying he loved. But none made him feel nervous, and giddy at the same time. Didn’t get his heat beating in his neck, and make him want to blush just ‘cause the other guy looked his way.
     He didn’t want to touch the other guys he hung with. Didn’t want to know what it felt like to have them touch him.
     Didn’t want anything from them than what they have already given, and he sure as hell didn’t want to ruin what he had. Didn’t want to out himself, because he couldn’t stop pulling them up close to him and sealing their lips together.
     It had never matter before. Not the point of having another guy there, right in front of him. He’d always been scared shitless of this happening. Of others finding out he wasn’t like them. Of them judging him for something he couldn’t seem to help.
     Not that he’d really hidden himself all that well. He wasn’t going to say that anyone knew he was gay, but it felt like, lately, that every time a chick walked past, they’d all look his way, just to see how he’d react.
     They were all dicks. He’d been at this game way too long. And his mates weren’t even the first he’d been fooling. No, that had been himself. It would honestly surprise most people—‘normal’ people—at how well he’d been able to fool himself about what he was.
     He’d hidden everything he felt in the back of the closest, that when he’d finally thought of looking at what was back there, he’d had to use heavy industrial cleaners to get the dust and cobwebs off he’s own sexuality.
     He sighed, leaning back on the rock seat they sat on. He’s shoulder brushed Jason’s, the heat sparked along under the soft fabric. His chest tightened slightly as his lungs hitched over that reaction.
     Jason jumped slightly like he felt the same thing.
Well, I hope you enjoyed, I’m hoping to submit this one to the Harmony Ink anthology, so it has to be completed by March, and it’s been a lot of hassle. Not only because I just can’t think of a story to write, but also because I wanted it very YA and all the ones I had already outlined, as well as thought up, weren’t very PG. or they weren’t anywhere near the write category for what Harmony Ink were looking for.
I really do hope this works out the way I planned, and that they like it. but as it is, I’m having fun and if it doesn’t I’ll try and get it published somewhere else.

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