Wednesday, 15 January 2014

It Comes Out Today!

Okay, so, if you’re living in Australia, you’ll have to wait till, well I normally go on around 7:30pm, so for everyone else, it’s tomorrow.
So exciting I have to stop every few minutes, when thinking of it, to get my stomach to stop waning to vomit all over the place.
It’s super fun (sarcasm) but I can’t seem to stop myself from being so totally happy.
For the release day, I thought I’d share a final excerpt for you all (all others are on link above under Moonlit Wolves series)
Again: this comes from my finally editing, so there may be mistakes in this that will not be in the final addition.
“Let’s face it, you’re fucked anyway, why not hope for the best and get what you can out of the situation.”
Kidnapping the boy of one of the mob leaders isn’t easy, and when said boy happens to be a werewolf’s mate, it’s bound to get messy.
A high-pitched scream lit up the night behind Jex. He wondered briefly when a female had shown up before everything came back and his eyes blinked into the moon-drenched darkness where six men were scrambling around to face off with a…a—was that a werewolf?
It was odd-shaped, if so, like something crossed between the werewolf from The Wolfman and Lupin in Harry Potter 3, that half beast that stood on its hind legs and sloped slightly as if it wasn’t comfortable with its height or wasn’t used to his shape. It wasn’t awkward, though. Jex didn’t think it was new to him, just different feet than what he normally stood on.
The men around him shook. The shaking was so physical, it was evident to Jex. He could almost feel it in his own body—or was he the one who was actually shaking? One of the men was whimpering slightly as he held the gun up to his shoulder, pointing at the beast that just stood there on the opposite side of the clearing from him.
It’s thighs were thick, covered with hair. Jex could see the hair glitter in the night. He gulped down a thick lump in his throat and his mouth went dry, but his gaze couldn’t stop roaming over the beast. He was caught up in the lust that took his body away from the fear of what it was going to do to him, and the fascination of the fact that there was a fucking werewolf, just standing there, watching them. They were all waiting for something to happen.
Ripped bits of dark fabric hung between the werewolf’s thighs. The material guarded the cock that Jex knew he hid behind them. It was odd that the fabric was there at all. Jex shrugged it off with an odd twist of disappointment, but then moved his gaze further up the werewolf’s body.
Jex’s eyes seemed to caress the beast. It wasn’t conscious, and to be honest, he couldn’t seem to stop himself, but the waist of the werewolf came next. Its tight shape had long lines and hips that had something familiar to them, but he was more than sure that was because it looked human. No wonder the pants stayed on, though the button was popped and the zipper down, letting Jex see a darkness that tightened up his stomach. He licked his lips and sent another hateful word or two at the moon for not lighting up the ground as nicely as it was the sky. He’d love to have seen the depths of what was hidden.
The beast had ripped abs on his stomach, the muscles moving as he breathed heavily. They weren’t quite shaped the way of a man who had crunched too much, but more like the definition of polished muscles that seemed to tremble as they sat still, as if there was just too much energy running through the body to stop it.
Its chest was the same, oddly shaped, not quite like a male. Its lungs moved with its belly, and its nipples were tiny dots that stood out to Jex’s gaze. It had shoulders covered in fur that glittered, which Jex concluded made it blond. His best mate had blond hair. It was that golden white blond, and in certain lights, it would cause odd effects.
The werewolf’s neck also had hair covering it, except the soft line up the front where its Adams apple made shadows play. Again, like Matt. Odd how that happened —Matt was more a part of his world than Jex had first thought. Now, everyone he saw had a likeness that took Jex’s mind straight to him. Even this beast.
Jex swallowed. He was hard, and getting harder, and he really needed to readjust before he hurt himself because of the awful twist that was happening inside his pants. The only reason he hadn’t was because the pain was like a slow drug that added to the fear and numbed his body with a need for more.
The beast snorted softly and Jex’s mind shook itself. Still caught in a lustful inspection, his gaze rose to its face. It was a face that was more wolf than it was man. Its muzzle jutted out, hiding the close pattern of its mouth in the shadows from the moonlight. Jex really wanted it to open its mouth, show off the sharp teeth that lay in that depth. Thin hair covered the whole face, longer on the forehead and over what Jex would assume was the beast’s eyebrows, if it had any. Shadows hid its eyes from Jex. They were sunken in enough to hide everything of the chap
Jex’s breath shallowed out. It was that type of look that you had to be close to, to really see what the person was thinking. It was something Matt had, and the first thing about the guy Jex had noticed. And the one thing that kept him noticing.
“What the fuck is that?” A deep male voice, coming from Dark Average cut into Jex’s mind and his lingering look at the werewolf. He blinked back to himself and looked around at the men, all standing stock still with their weapons up and jaws dropped.
Apparently, the werewolf had forgotten them as well, because it shook its head and slowly took in the others.
Checking for weaknesses?
“It’s a werewolf, dumbarse,” Lamp Post said.
“Fuck off. Werewolves aren’t real,” Deep Voice snapped back.
“Not real! Then what the fuck it that?” Lamp Post replied, using his gun to emphasise his words.
“Who gives a fuck? Shoot the fucker and I’ll grab the kid, then we can get out of here and have some fun,” the leader sneered.
It was the wrong fucking thing to say.
Jex’s eyes went wide and his heart kicked up another notch, making his dick jerk, letting him know he was getting too hot. He was leaking. Not that he could move to check. The scene in front of him completely captivated him.
On a roar that sounded like a muffled version of the word mine—or was that Jex’s brain hearing things?—the beast leaped forward. The leader held his gun up and shot straight away. The shotgun pellets landed twice on the beast in the upper thigh, the other shots going wide. The weapon had more, or maybe a better person was handling the gun, and each shell hit the beast in its stomach, thigh, and a couple into his back as the beast opened his jaw and clamped those big teeth on the sides of the man’s face. The gun went off, but it went haywire, and it wasn’t long before the victim was one the ground, the beast on top of him, one of its legs crushing the gun into the dirt.
Jex felt heat shift into his own body. He felt a burning that hurt in a numb sort of way, as if he was in shock. It didn’t help at all, but it got his hands moving and his gaze shifted to himself. He didn’t see any blood, and his fingers didn’t brush anything wet, so he hadn’t been hit. Great, that was great. He took a huge breath, but the dull-heated pain was still there, and it was in places that the beast had gotten shot at. So, sympathy? Didn’t matter now, anyway. He’d think about it later. If there was a later.
On its own, and without Jex being able to stop it, his hand drifted down to his pants. He tried to move his cock through the fabric so he wasn’t in so much pain, but it didn’t want to budge. So, with quick moves, and while his head turned to see the scene playing out in front of him, he popped the button on his jeans and shoved his hand into his undies, moving his cock so it rested parallel to stomach. His hands stayed buried deep, his palm pushing into the base of his cock as his fingers wrapped around his balls, gathering them up and pulling them out of his body enough to still the need to spill slightly as he massaged his sack.
Man, it felt good. Jex groaned softly as his hips pushed forward, making him aware of the fact that his cock pressed nicely against his arm. It wasn’t perfect, but he could almost believe it was another cock rubbing up against his own.
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