Monday 10 February 2014

Promoting Starts Again!

Book 2 in my Moonlit Wolves series is set to release on the 15th of Feb (Sat) and so…well, here’s an excerpt for you

 But first up I’d like to have a little talk.
This book is honestly the actual start to the series. And though the characters from the last book come into this one, the series itself will be set with this one, and work off it.

Also said, as I write this book I try hard to make it not soaked in blood, and much more about the relationship around the characters in the series rather than anything else, which means that it’s only on a certain point in their lives (a month, a few weeks) and then we move onto two others. (You will get to see parts of others. Side stories, but they don’t start up until book 4).

It does mean that this series doesn’t have a strong paranormal pull even though they are werewolves and a lot of the time they are fighting hunters. It means that the world is the one we live in and that they are learning about themselves as the series goes on, as well as the fact that there just isn’t much different for them as it is for a contemporary (except the whole turning into werewolf thing)

anyway this book holds flashbacks and I hope that I have done them well and for you utmost enjoyment.

[cover NA]

Forever With My Werewolf by Bronwyn Heeley
(Moonlit Wolves #2)
Staring Colin and Tim

Love is never simple especially when you find out your lover is a werewolf.

Running away from his lover after he changed into a werewolf, Tim ended up kidnapped by a group of Hunters. Now it’s up to Colin to bring him back, and make it all up to him. But will Tim be able to forgive him when Colin finally gets him back into his arms?


Oh, fuck no…Tim thought as he watched the…the…
A scream filled the air, and consciously, he knew it was coming from him, but he couldn’t stop it.
The-th-werewolf? It was huge. Maybe that was because in his quick retreat from the animal, he’d ended up on his arse, but still, Tim wasn’t a big man, and the animal was huge.
A growl came out of the beast as Tim struggled to open his mind up and see past the panic that was consuming him. His heartbeat picked up as he tried his hardest to get his hands and feet moving, but the result was a horrible crap walk. Slowly, though, he was moving away.
Tim didn’t understand anything that was going on, even though he clearly saw it all with his own eyes. However, that didn’t seem to matter at this moment. All that was going through his mind was a panic and the need to flee.
At least this hadn’t been very surprising, despite the shock he had running through his veins. The evening had started as funny as this was. A secretive group of men, all sullen, a few grumbling nonsense under their breaths without a want to speak. Something fishy was up as they walked further and further into the darkness of the pine trees.
The mood had given him curiosity and a need to know what the hell they were hiding from him. It wasn’t the first time, and knowing that, getting closer to the big secret was nearly unbearable. Now, he wished he’d stayed in bed. Now he wished it had never happened.
The real shocker was when Colin started to strip. He wasn’t the only one, but Tim couldn’t have looked away from Colin to save his life, and that was long before Colin’s joints started popping and Tim started freaking.
A growl from the darkness raised the hair on the back of Tim’s neck, but it wasn’t from fear, though Tim’s heart went into a panic. He needed to get out of here, and he needed to do it now before that thing that Colin changed into came after him and…and…
Shit, Tim wasn’t even sure what would happen if the beast caught him. He didn’t want to know. All he wanted was to crawl back into bed and forget this ever happened. Hell, he wished he’d listened to it himself when it told him not to follow Colin, that he was going to see something he wouldn’t be able to take back.
Scrambling to his feet Tim started running, heartbeat in his ears, but he was still able to hear the paws in pine needles. He was still able to hear the soft growls of the beast that was on his tail.
He was scared of being caught, but it was completely a mind thing. A complete and utter panic that let him to believe things he knew weren’t true.
Tim didn’t feel anything bad from the animal chasing him. He knew he wouldn’t have been able to get away if the beast didn’t want him to. Still, that part of him had shut down to the panic that came with the fact  he’d just watched someone he loved turn into a fucking werewolf.
It seemed odd that he even had such a strong reaction. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t watched anything that had paranormal things in it. Supernatural was a religion to him, and he had all the werewolf movies that he could get his hands on.
In fact, Tim loved the concept of werewolf. Not that he truly understood where the fascination had come from, but ever since he could remember, he had liked the idea of them. So, why the fuck was it so hard for Tim to believe he was actually seeing one turn?
Still, it was, and he was freaking out, and more so, he needed to get out of these woods before something happened that he just wasn’t ready for.
The edge of the woods came up, the trees abruptly stopped, and a short stumble down a dirt hill had Tim landing on the main road with an ankle-hurting hit. Tim’s knees came down shortly after and then a burn-scrape of his palms, but he had his heart in his throat and all his attention on not letting his chin meet the same end, letting his body take damage he would feel tomorrow.
The squealing of tires made him jump back, trying as he might to get out of the way, but he was still in forward motion and all it did was make his arm slip and his cheek land on the road. It didn’t hurt, and he hoped that was because it hadn’t hit it hard.
“Dude, you okay?” a male voice said from a distance. Opening his eyes Tim noticed the men were still a fair distance away from him. There were three of them, outside the car, at least. He couldn’t really tell what they looked like, since there weren’t any streetlights in these parts. The moon shone, but made everything a little foggy, and his fall probably hadn’t helped.
“Yeah,” he called back at the men, as he sat up. He was lucky. And it seemed more so, because now he had a way home.
There were some muttered words from near the van and then two of them headed his way, both seeming light on their feet as they shot glances into the darkened trees. Tim wasn’t sure what they expected to see. The pines that grew here were tree farms, and they were thick. Even in the light of day, you couldn’t see past the first set.
As they neared him, Tim noticed that they weren’t that old. Maybe mid-twenties. One had dark hair and light skin, almost oddly so, as if he didn’t see sun all that much. The other was the same, but shorter, with a stockier frame.
“Grab him. We need to get out of here before…Shit! Teddy, pick’im up!” the taller, dark-haired one yelled out as he looked up into the trees.
Tim followed and nearly screamed. The beast, Colin, stood at the top of the hill he’d just fallen down from. Colin’s body seemed odd, not much taller than his usual self, Tim thought. His body was more wolf-like. On its hind legs, it naturally curled in on itself. His ribs showed through flesh, no hair on his belly. His thighs were huge and sat out, keeping him up. One arm leant up against the thick back of the pine tree as it watched and growled.
“Shit,” the stocky man cursed, shifting, leaning down to grab at Tim, to help him up. And the beast didn’t like that, which made both men freeze.
“Not shit—destiny. Teddy, knock ‘im out,” a third man said.
Tim looked at him. He was older, a lot, late fifties, Tim would guess. His complexion was much like the first man’s. Hell, he almost looked the same, only he was broader across the shoulders and in the waist than the first man…and older.
The words hit Tim’s mind and he panicked, a scream turned into terror as he looked back at Colin, calling for help, but it was too late. The first had opened fire, and Colin let them hit, but he couldn’t get closer, it was impossible.

Stay tune for the second excerpt on Wednesday

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