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Cigar Time, Gentlemen #51

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.
These are parts of stories that are still being written, its coming right off the paper no re-read. No editing. No checking.
A peek at Gene and Dan because it’s not in the book anymore
[note: this part will help for next week’s corner]
Moonlit Wolves #6: The Rub of my Werewolf
Deleted scene
“Who the fuck is that?”
     “What the fuck are you doing here?”
     Both sentences were yelled across a room, even as both man stood near each other. Both of them said at the same time.
     Craig and Phil were in the middle of a domestic. It had been the first in there little group, and became even more amusing—um…disturbing? Troubling? Gene wasn’t sure which one it was meant to be—because they should be in marital bliss, but instead, on Phil first weekend home from Uni, he was here, fighting with Craig.
     Then came the silence.
     Gene chuckled as he walked back into the lounge room. He wanted to see what this was all about. He wanted to know what had been going on with them, because Phil had refused to say anything. Gene couldn’t even understand his rambles and rants, as he passed around, changing his mind as to how he should be seeing this.
     “So?” Phil asked, in a Prima Donna tone that so didn’t work with the male that was speaking it.
     Gene flicked his eyes up, he needed to see where he was going, even as he was texting Chris on his phone, keeping the man up to date on the who’s and what’s of this argument. They had bets. One for what it was about. Who was in the wrong and how long it would take for them to play hide the dick. And finally one for when they’d make up.
     It was hella fun knowing the mating rituals of the men he lived with. It made all this so much more fun. Along with the newness of others involved and the situation itself.
     Gene was in fucking bliss.
     His eyes only met a moment before he they went back down, but it was a voice, a greeting that had him stopped dead in his tracks.
     Everything was forgotten. It was only generational that had him still able to grip the phone and beer in his hands as he looked into the face of his own mate.
     Dan. Right here in his fucking living room.
     “What?” What!
     “Ah,” Dan looked good. It’s wasn’t really something he should have been taking note on, but the fact was the last time had been a month ago, and that was nearly enough time to change a man. Or was it, the time it took for a person to enhance parts of them that they were attractive to?
     Whatever it was, it hadn’t really worked with Gene, he say Dan in the same perfection he stood at the door in. though the uncertainty, shook, was something new. Normally he’d have been a lot more confident even as he hunched over. But then, Gene guessed, was because he’d know what was happening, what he wanted, and so found it easy for him to be aggressive.
     “Ah, Gene, hello,” wow, was that formal, or what?
     “Hey, whatcha doin’ here?” that’s it, Gene, don’t let him know your vibrating with need to have the other man in your arms. Don’t even let him get a sense that you’ve missed him in the time you haven’t seen him?
     “Ah, yeah,” his shoulders turned in a little more.
     Fucking brain, had been right, but the thing was, Gene had a thought that he was a little more pissed off at Dan than he thought he would be.
     Let’s face it, the man did fuck off and leave him, just like he promised, even if the words were never said. He’d blown Gene that last time, and as he walked away, he’d made perfectly sure that Gene wouldn’t feel too disappointed if he never showed up again. But he’d still felt like death every time he’d looked for him and not seen him. He still had that complete empty hole in his chest that caved in with each moment that he realised, no matter how much he’d told himself that Daniel wasn’t going to show up.
     He’d still felt it like that very first time. Like the only person he’d ever wanted, was walking out of his life without glancing back.
     “You two know each other,” Craig asked, in his no time to shit attitude.
     “Uh…” Dan said, looking at Craig as if he was meant to understand more than what was spoken. Like he was going to turn around and be abused because he didn’t have the answer.
     It was odd. Odd enough that it had Gene pausing in his own fury, and unreasoned grief. Why was Daniel here?
     “Yeah,’ Gene filled in, it couldn’t really help it. Not only because there was silence when words need to be. But clearly, Dan was having trouble with words at the moment and Gene couldn’t stand anyone struggling that way. He found it painful with a kick of opening his own mouth in Dan’s obvious discomfort. “We’ve hooked up a few times.”
     “Have you now,” Craig asked Dan in a tone and look that was clearly a mother being pissed—or was it more inquiry? Whatever it was, it hadn’t been a question.
     Dan had nodded slightly. his hair moving seemed the only thing that moved.
     “And…?” what the fuck was that question. Everything in it meant a shit load more than just the word that was used.
     “Nah, no one knew I met up with him.”
     “So what the fuck is this all about,” he waved his arm, clearly speaking of something more. Something… something…
     “What the fucks happening, Dan?” Gene asked, his tone softer than the words used, and before his sentences was out he was cupping the other man’s face. Feeling the solid jaw under his fingers. The body heat as it sunk into his skin. 
     This was not his Dan. He was a lot of things. And he curled himself away from the world like he was waiting for the punch line---or punch, if Gene really thought about it. But thinking about Dan getting beaten wasn’t going to put him in any better a mood.
     Dan smiled, it was sweet, and it was open and it was wholly and completely Gene’s. He sucked a breath back at the beauty of it before Dan’s hand came up and pulled Gene closer to him, so there lips met in a kiss both sweet, and hot in the same description.
     Like always, the word disappeared around them as Dan took Gene’s mouth in a way that belittled his small words and shadowy personality. Tongues and teeth, and lips and mouth, met and mated and created something so hot it curled Gene’s toe in the carpet and made him harder than steel. He was sure he leaked. His cock had jumped a few times when Dan had pulled them closer and rub against him slightly. He wasn’t really starting anything, but it was impossible for Gene not to want the sex that was promised in ever movement and caress he was given.
     That too, and it had been a fucking month since he’d seen the man, and gotten any sort of sex. He’d not even thought of sex with someone else outside of what he’d had with Dan, and there wasn’t any way he’d be able to step out on the man. Even if they’d never even spoke on seconds let along exclusive.
     When they parted, Gene rested his forehead against Dan’s. As they took in lung full after lung full. It didn’t take long before Gene’s was taking Dan’s mouth again. Walking him backwards, he managed to push him up against a wall.
     The hard surface stopped the progress, but it got Gene closer to the man he wanted to be with. Covered cocks rub against each other, a roll of sloppy worked well as his hands gript Dan’s hair, turning him slightly so he could get further into the man’s mouth.
     Dan’s hands went under his shirt. One picking at his nipple, making a ripple of sensation run down Gene’s body and into his balls. rolling them up sharply. The other pulled at the cord on his trackies and slide inside his boxer briefs.
     A hot, rough hand wrapped around his cock, as Gene rolled his hips into to movement. It was a bliss he’d come to expect whenever they’d been this close, along with the added surprise of it happening now.
     Gene loved the way Dan help him. He loved that sting of callouses, that made him remember he was fucking a man. Not that he’d ever forget. It wasn’t as if the body he was kissing could have been anything but a man.
     Needing more breath, Gene let go of Dan’s mouth, his head lifting back, showing his neck, to the only man he’d truly craved. Dan’s lips attacked, and Gene’s hands started roaming. Sliding down his back, before gripping his arse, pulling him closer, even as the hand was in the way.
     It didn’t matter. Nothing matter, but them getting closer and closer, and it wasn’t going to happen if they were still wearing clothes. Why were they anyway? Gene didn’t know the answer, so it obviously didn’t matter or he’d have remember the reason, right.
     Before Dan’s shirt was at his elbows, Eamon’s hard voice stopped him cold.
“No fucking in the living room,” he commanded and Gene couldn’t help but stop.

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