Friday 30 May 2014

Blog Story #6 – Gotta Start Somewhere

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers. 

This story has had some editing done to it, and it’s US English, though when I ebook publish it will go back to British.

You probably really need to read these in order

Gotta Start Somewhere

Sean hips started rocking, not getting enough from James’ hold on his cock, but unable to stop his hips from moving.
     His legs opened, sawing, wanting more. Wanting the other man to get over whatever he was doing and just fuck his ass. He wanted, want, want, want!
     James worked Sean over, loving on him like no one had before, licking, and nibbling his way across Sean’s chest and down his stomach, not shying away from the hair or odor that lingered against Sean’s skin. It wasn’t as if he could help it, not after being in a nightclub, but James didn’t seem to mind one bit and that small thing... That one simple thing that no one but James had ever done, made Sean want to cry a little.
     When James got to his cock, Sean was ready to beg. He tried his best to still his hips, he knew he wasn’t the largest man alive—thank God—but he could definitely cause damage if he wasn’t careful.
     It was here against his cock, with Sean’s leg’s open wide, his ass clenching and releasing trying to loosen the muscles without any help, but James didn’t pause a moment, he took his time, taking in each of Sean’s hairy balls, fondling the sensitive skin with his tongue before running his tongue lower. Right here where Sean realized this meant something more.
     Sean screamed into the wall he used as a headboard, when James’ tongue ran over the muscle of his asshole. The pleasure was too much, sensation after sensation he’d never had the pleasure of receiving, not all at once, ran along his spine, messing up his head, and if it wasn’t for the painful pull of his balls being removed from against his body, Sean was sure he would have shot. As it was, the half-assed pleasure of an attempted orgasms ran behind his eyes in short waves.
     Becoming needer than he’d ever felt in his life, Sean's mouth started. Abuse, praise, begging, fell from his lips, all mumbled together, emptying him of everything he was, even if he didn’t have a clue what he was actually saying.
     When fingers finally pushed in deep, Sean nearly lost his head. He didn’t want the prep, he didn’t want anything but a slicked cock sliding into his ass, making him feel every fucking inch as the burn settled into his skin and reminded him what he was here for. What was happening around him, to him.
     Instead, James took his time, running his tongue against Sean’s hips, nipping at the bones, making him feel more than he could handle, and yet he wasn’t ready to call uncle yet.
     James’ cock was hot as he slowly slid himself into Sean’s body. The added stretch seemed to disappear into every other overrode sensation, another first for Sean; he normally had to deal with his body accepting the intrusion every damn time. But not this one, slow and steady was fast enough, it was hard enough, it was fucking perfect. 
     Once settled in, James wrapped himself around Sean. Arms under his shoulders, he held on as his mouth found Sean’s in a clash of lust, need, and want, all the while his hips rocked.
     So this was making love. The thought comforted Sean, as it made him ponder the feeling. He wasn’t sure if he liked it or not, but on the other hand he definitely wouldn’t be turning it down any time soon.
     They rocked together, pace increasing as sweat stuck them together. Their mouths stayed gentle. Power. Fucking power in a simple action.     
     Sean’s heart pounded, his mind freaked and then worked itself down as James held him close and loved on him like no one ever had. Even Sean’s cock was getting in on the action, trapped between their bellies, the foreskin rocked against his leaky head while James pegged his prostate, building him up, until there wasn’t anything else to do but let it all go.
     Clutching James tightly against his chest he let the orgasm run free, spilling his seed between them, muscles clutched tight causing James to moan as he pushed into Sean tumbling through his own orgasms.
     “Come on babe,” James words woke Sean up from a nap he hadn’t realized he feel into, god, it had been a long time, if ever, since he’d fucked himself to sleep.
     Rolling out of bed, because James didn’t need to tell him what dried come would feel like being pulled off his stomach hair come morning, he followed the other man into the bathroom.
     Water warm, wet, beautiful over his lethargic muscle mass, Sean tilted his head back, shifted his legs apart and left James at it as the other man started soaping him up.
     “So have I?” he asked as he stood with Sean under the water, clean and free.
     “Huh?” Sean kissed James, just ‘cause he could.
     James smiled. “You believe me yet?”
     Sean felt a butterfly open its wings inside his stomach as his toes dances along the tiled floor and his fingers grabbed a little tighter on James hips.
     “That’s okay, you will.”
     James smile was a little watery as he leaned forward and took Sean’s mouth in a way that could only be described as a promise, which tasted of forever.
The End

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