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Yep, Another Excerpt

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Déjá vú, but can Kyle change the way it all went down last time, so he can keep the only man he ever loved.
Standing over another mutilated person, Kyle knows the rogue werewolf is back. He’d seen this before, year ago, when everything turned to shit.
Brad was in two minds about coming back to his hometown after running away because of a kiss—that resulted in his best mates murder. When his mentor asks for his help, Brad agreed a little too easily.
An excuse to run into the one man he’d been pinning over for two long now. Why he can’t get Kyle out of his head Brad isn’t sure. However, as soon as he locks eyes with Kyle, the fresh wash of lust tells him he may never be able to.
Can a goal to hunt down the rogue that took their friends life—the reason they had been apart—be a reconnecting they both so desperately need?
Note: highly recommended to read this series in order
Cold sweat slid down Brad’s back as his fingers stung from the hold he had on the door frame. He wasn’t sure if it was from the angle or the death grip, but he couldn’t seem to get himself to let go.
Fuck him! Coming back here was a favour, something he was excited, if not a terrified of what’s to come. He didn’t want to run into anyone he knew, and he didn’t think he would have, being this early in the morning.
Yet, here he was, standing, staring at the very man he really didn’t want to see again. Even as he hoped this very thing would happen, it didn’t mean he was able or ready to deal with it. Just a back of the head hope.
He was a horrible person, still lusting over a man he could never have.
Kyle was still handsome as hell. So much so, that Brad had yet to look away from him to see Gene and James. Tall and broad, with sharp features that somehow was softened by the roughness of his beard. His eyes, Brad knew, were deep blue, almost black. It was a memory that was playing over what the real image that was just a foot too far away and the light just this side of too dark. That too, and the man’s eyes sank into his face a little, so maybe, you wouldn’t have been able to from this distance anyway.
Brad shook his head. Why he was thinking about such a mundane point when he should have been remembering the fuck up he created and the loss that happened after it.
Pete was his fault. It was entirely his fault, and was one of the real reasons he had no problem coming back home when Mick had told him the specifics about this case. Too much of it was like that night for Brad not to want to help, even if his help turned him into cannon fodder more than anything else.
Brad understood. He was a rookie through and through. There was no way he could help any, not really. Only learn, and this wasn’t on the books, so it became obvious what he was really needed for. It wouldn’t surprise him when he was asked to go to the pub for a few beers, and then told what happened on their drive back to the base.
“Brad?” Two voices asked him, both filled with concern. One was his boss, that deep tone of a man who had been through too much, and the other, a childhood friend, if you could call knowing someone for two years as such. Although these boys came into their group, and it felt, to Brad, like they had always been there like a brotherly family, from the get go. It disturbed him, then, more so because of what it really meant to him. What his own mind had been coming to terms with for years prior to them showing up. Accepting that came with more time, and a kiss that ruined everything.
Brad still couldn’t take his eyes of Kyle. It had always been like that. Turning his chin slightly, as if he was looking elsewhere, something he’d perfected, if he did say so himself, he replied, “Yeah?”
“You okay, mate?”
No. “‘Course.”
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the slight shake of Mick’s head as Gene laughed. “Fuck, man, some things really don’t change, huh? ‘Cause you’ve always been a shit arse liar.”
“Thanks, Gene,” Brad muttered with good-natured sarcasm as his mouth ran on pure instinct. “It’s good to see you, too.”
“Same, mate. Hasn’t been the same since you left.”
Was it Brad’s own hope that saw Gene looking at Kyle? Brad new better than to think Kyle wouldn’t tell Gene what happened between them, especially something so simply stupid. They were best mates. Brad had seen that connection. He envied it for so long that he understood most of the aspects. Still, was that look because he didn’t want Brad ever to show his face again? Or was it that it made an actually, honest to God, real life impact on the other man to have him gone?
Brad didn’t think it would. He didn’t think the other man would ever want to see him again. He wasn’t sure if what he thought was true. He’d grown, and learnt, and saw thing in his first few years on the streets and his perceptions of what was real in his past, and what his juvenile thoughts created. At least, the man wasn’t yelling at him. His lips weren’t curled in disgust. He wasn’t seeing right through Brad. If anything, he seemed as stunned, shocked as Brad was for this encounter. Yeah, the man was on the quiet end of the talking meter, but having a guy like Gene as your best mate tends to make you more reserved in that aspect.
“Yeah,” he agreed. It hadn’t really been the same for him either, but for a different reason, and maybe the same, Brad wasn’t sure. More so, he wasn’t sure he wanted to know.
“Okay, gentleman.” A guy that was on the other team’s side said. Brad suspected he was thinking of Mick and himself as team number one. He was around the same height as Brad, which basically said average, though he was definitely more built than Brad. He also held that edge of danger around him, as if he’d seen too much, did too much. Kind of reminded Brad of that army dude they had arrested for B&E six months ago. “Michael and I go way back.”
“Damn, Craig, you’re not going to say it, are you?” Gene huffed.
Craig shrugged. “I don’t have to, but it’s gonna be true all the same.”
“I’m not like him,” Mick said as Gene threw up his hands. “But without the words, I can pretend we aren’t going to have more trouble thrown at us.”
“Like him, how?” Brad asked Mick as he looked back at his mentor, his boss for this quest, and the guy he wished he could walk away from, but didn’t think was going to happen that way.
Mick looked over at Brad as if he’d forgotten he was there. His mouth worked a little as if he wasn’t sure how to answer the question.
“He’s a hunter,” Kyle told him, that voice like thick whipped cream—smooth, solid, male.
Oh, God, just the sound of it cracked away at Brad’s insides and lazily pumped blood into his dick. He shifted his stance and looked at the man.
One didn’t say werewolf, not out load. That was rule number one in keeping secrets.
Yeah, that one meant, why’s he with you without sounding like he was calling them dickheads for putting themselves—Kyle—in that much unnecessary risk.
Fuck, man, but why did he care now after being away from the man for years? Why was it so important that his brain was starting to run a little faster at the news that Kyle could be in trouble. It could be allowing something this dangerous around him.
Kyle smiled and Gene laughed outright. “He’s Phil’s mate.”
“You know about werewolves?” Mick asked over the top of them.
Palms flat, pointing towards the sky, he directed them at team two, while he said, “Mate? As in, like, fiction mates? Hell, I didn’t know you guys got mates.”
“Neither did we until we meet this old geezer wolfy who told us ‘bout them. You see he was there waiting for his mate.”
Brad nodded slowly. “Cool.”
Gene’s smile became bigger. “For some. Colin’s mate is this little boy who came to town just after you left. And Phil’s is…well, him.”
“Cool. Except I don’t know who Phil is. That’s…cool.”
“You don’t…” Gene titled his head. “Oh, he’s—”
“Not that any of this matters at the moment,” Mick said in a hard tone that had them all looking at him. “Why didn’t you tell me you knew about werewolves, Brad?”
“Yeah, because it’s one of those things that’s real easy to discus in life,” Brad muttered forgetting for a moment who it was he was talking to. He hung his head without letting it drop. “Sorry. Why didn’t you tell me?”
“‘Cause I’m a Cleaner. It’s my job to make sure word doesn’t get out about them,” Mick replied.
“And I’m friends with a group of guys who turn feral when the moon is full and I didn’t need anyone telling me that I wouldn’t be able to be a cop if I let that one slip.” Brad wasn’t able to hide the sarcasm in his words.
Mick smiled. It was genuine, and something Brad hardly got to see. Hell, it was the first time it was ever directed at him.
“You see my point,” Brad said, his brow rose.
“Yeah, it also means that now your training can really begin.” Mick nodded.
“Training?” okay, that’s generally surprised Brad.
“Yeah,” Michael said as Craig butted in. “Guys, this really isn’t something we need to talk about around the woods, and since we’re all looking for the same thing, let’s say you give us a ride back to base.” He said it smoothly as he pulled a smart phone out of his pocket. “I’ll call Phil and tell him not to bother picking us up.”
It was directed to team B—um, two? Shit, Brad forgot.
“Get in,” Mick said to him as he lowered himself into the driver’s seat while watching Craig put his phone up to his ear.
Getting in was easy. His knees had craved the need to hold him up since he realised it was Kyle standing there in the dying light.
With practiced ease that came from a life of putting a seat belt on, Brad was buckled up without thought, along with the real need for him to be tucked in tight. He just wasn’t feeling all that strong.
“What do you mean by training?” Brad asked Michael, his eyes still on the other men—on Kyle. Craig seemed to be talking on the phone, and with the others. They were discussing something important, Brad could tell, and more from obvious reasons like Gene’s arms flailing around—he did that when he got agitated. Or for the fact that they were all looking at Craig, as if he was their leader, or the spokesman for the head honcho of this little group.
“You see, I kind of brought you here under false pretence,” Mick spoke into Brad’s musing.
“No, really?” Just a little sarcasm, maybe.
“I know, right, shocking.”
The smile in Mike’s voice made Brad smile. Fucker.
“I like you. You do a good job in the field, and your instincts are far above most officers.” He stocked his chin with thumb and forefinger as if he was about to twist a beard. “This sort of answers the question as why.”
“Why? ‘Cause I know about them? It was a mistake, which I luckily survived. I’m still, to this day, not sure why.”
“What?” Mike nearly screamed, making Brad jump.
“Um, yeah. I was out camping with my dad. It was late. I went to take a piss, and ended up surrounded by werewolves. I, um… well.” His face felt hot. Brad rubbed at the back of his neck, looking out of the car at Kyle. “When I woke up with my head on Kyle’s thigh, it was kinda hard for him to do anything but tell me what happened, since he was naked and all.”
He kissed Kyle that day. Not then, no, in the afternoon, long after he talked to the boys all in their little kitchen as they told him what he needed to know about it. Not that they seemed to know that much. Brad had been beside himself. Shocked. Confused. Everything was upside down and the right way up.
Kind of reminded him of being dunked by a wave. When everything stops spinning and you’re stuck not knowing which way was air and what was sand.
Kyle had walked him out to his car. He’d had looked at him, making sure he was really okay to drive home. That look…tender, worried. Those big hands on his shoulders, and Brad had leant into that warmth. He’d turned his hands, and kissed the man he had been thinking of as he fucked his hand most nights. He hadn’t meant to, and yet, he hadn’t wanted to stop himself.
The kiss had been a little messy. It had been awesome and still something he remembered of that night as he slept. Though now, going a little further, but always starting with that kiss—hot tongue, great pressure, prefect timing as if Kyle had known exactly how Brad liked to be kissed, though he hadn’t been before that moment. The taste was out of this world.
Kyle had his own smell, something that he gathered would hold a more salty flavour if tasted, say, from his balls with the added bonus of not holding the scent of shampoo or detergent. It was a tasty version of what Kyle was, and Brad had been hooked, his mouth still watering, thinking of the taste. However, he couldn’t remember exactly what it was like. Only that it was hot and heady and that he needed more.
Brad tried his hardest to suppress the shiver that rolled up his back and threatened to thicken his cock. He shifted slightly in his seat, and then jumped when the back door opened up. It also made him realise that he’d been lost in thought for a long time and that Mike had been uncharacteristically quiet from the end of his confession.
Mike shook his head, saying nothing with that look. He shifted in his own seat, pulling his seatbelt on. “Where we heading, boys?”
A Werewolf’s Howl by Bronwyn Heeley
Release date 15th of May 2014
Find it: Goodreads ǀ eXtasybooks


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