Saturday 26 July 2014

My Sexy Saturday Week 52

I found that I might not have done this right the first time, so sorry, my excuse is that I just threw it together at the last minute when I put myself on the end of the list. Last Saturday was a busy time for me.
So here, I am again. I think I need to tell you what’s meant to happens, but if you need instructions click here to find them out, along with who else is participating
So, this week it’s there anniversary, a year since they started this lovely little time, once a week. So below is the quote from that, and here’s the link to the post
Wow! A whole year we’ve been entertaining people with our little bit of sexy. We say, let’s go for another one!!!
This is really all about the authors and readers this week. There’s no theme except to say that we are celebrating each and every one of you. And because this is in the middle of summer, we couldn’t decide on just what we wanted to do to celebrate, so we decided to hold off for you until Halloween or Christmas…decisions, decisions…we can’t decide which.
So…why don’t you all help us to decide…do you want our anniversary celebration to be held around Halloween or at Christmas? Either way, we’ll have fun and prizes galore…but you need to give us a hint here…and you can tell us by sending us an email at with a subject line of ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION and tell us what you want. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome!
All right, not onto the theme of this week is sharing a sexy titbit about anything your heart desires… which means something, though I’m not really clear, it seems the end is the same as last weeks (I really need to get some time to do a little research on this so I can actually get it right).
Anyway, I’m going to be taking my snippet from Moonlit Wolves 4: Taking Control of My Werewolf, this part is at the end when Eamon made his choice and he’s gone to tell Chris
Everything in Chris at that moment, screamed for him to stop the man from mulling over the situation. Not yet, not when he hadn’t given Eamon a reason to stay. And all Chris could think of to get Eamon on his side was through sex.
They had great sex. Passionate, to the point of frenzied. Lazy and sweet. Hard and easy. The two of them together, in the sack, were compatible. It was intense. It was everything you didn’t think you needed until it was working you over and under and fucking up your ideas of relationships and trust and forever—even when forever just wasn’t a realistic dream.
Crawling forward, Chris got up a step, snuggling up in between the older man’s legs. His hands ran up his man’s thighs, letting the inseam of his pants distract them as he ran his lips along Eamon’s jaw.
“Forever,” Eamon muttered, as his fingers carded through Chris’ hair, before gripping the strands and pulling Chris away from his neck so Eamon could look him in the eyes. “I reckon it means forever.”
Chris felt his eyes soften, though he wasn’t sure what emotion was winning out. Pity, because Eamon was able to believe what he was saying, or something softer, because looking at Eamon then made Chris want to believe the lie, too.
“I can’t promise forever.” Chris knew his smile was a touch sad—man he wished he could believe that one easy bullshit in the world. “But I can guarantee—with everything I am today—that I will do everything in my power to be what you need, so you never feel you have to leave me.”
“Oh, God,” Eamon muttered. He gave Chris a quick searching look that seemed to pull him completely apart. Then, a smile, so soft—heartbreakingly so, before it all fuzzed out as Eamon’s lips met his in a soft kiss that stole Chris’ breath, his heart. His very soul.
And that’s it, hope to see you all next week

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