Saturday 25 October 2014

#MySexySaturday (16)

Because it’s getting closer and so for obvious reasons, this week we celebrate Halloween, you know, in the way of sexy.

Again, I’ve got nothing. So with that in mind, this one is from my next free read Hunted.
Again, nothing to do with love and romance or sexy times, but I do have running for your life, that’s interesting, right?! Right?!

You were lucky. Next time won’t be the same. Next time you will be used and buried in some ditch somewhere in these trees, somewhere where all the others are. Somewhere they will never find you.
You know this, you aren’t stupid. No matter how much you feel so.
You have to get moving, you can’t hear him, but then the cicadas are so loud you can’t hear anything. Nothing but your heart as it beats inside your ears, a thudding so fast and loud it’s little wonder it’s not vibrating the world around you.
The trees aren’t that hard to negotiate, holding on to one as you move around it. Man, you really wish you had shoes on. And when the wishing comes you guess things would help if you had on something other than your shorts and tee.
It was a hot day yesterday, today you feel is probably the same, but you feel nothing but the memory of his  ice cold breath as it licked down your spine, while he held you close, rubbing himself against your back as he started telling you what he was going to do. How much you were going to love it. How he was going to love giving you it.
You gag; vomit pushing at the back of your throat. You have to brace yourself against a tree, your feet hurt. The shrubbery isn’t that kind to them. Your knees buckled, kicking him hurt more than you thought it would. A cramp has set up at the top of your thigh.
There isn’t anything to do about it. You have to run. You have to get out of here. He could be right behind you!

And onto the pimping and other random fact linked to this hop


There’s only really one thing you can do when you escape from a madman, its run.
You just gotta hope he doesn’t catch up to you!

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  1. I'm rung out from that. Pretty good. Happy Halloween, indeed.

  2. Wow, that was intense. Perfect for Halloween season, I think.

    Linda aka Lyndi

  3. Yikes! That qualifies as Halloweeny, I think. Great snippet.

  4. Thanks guys :D is it bad that i have an evil smile on ny face right now, lol

  5. Interesting and intense. Gives me lots of visuals and makes me wonder if she makes it! Thanks for sharing.